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Nergal games

Behemoth frontman Adam "Nergal" Darski is making his first foray into video games as the narrator for Apocalipsis: Harry at the End of the Worldan upcoming point-and-click, medieval-inspired adventure game. He'll act as the main source of exposition for players as they progress through the game, guiding the titular protagonist on his journey to conquer his personal demons — and ultimately, brave the apocalypse.

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He wields the strongest dark magic tome in his specific game, Ereshkigal.

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Nergal is the main antagonist of Fire Emblem: The Blazing Bladeand is the only character in the series who belongs to the Dark Druid class. He wields the strongest Dark magic tome in his specific game, Ereshkigal. Though a pursuer of knowledge about what can be produced from darkness, Nergal was not always evil. If the player clears nergal games side-quest chapters of Hector 's campaign, it is revealed that prior to the events of the game, Nergal was in a relationship with a dragon, Aenirand became the father of Ninian and Nilssending them through the Dragon's Gate on Valor to protect them when his wife was kidnapped.

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Afterward, he turned to dark magic to make himself nergal games so he could open the Gate himself and reclaim his children. During his quest, he met Athos in Nabata and they quickly became friends. Equal in knowledge and power, together they discovered the desert village of Arcadiaa place where dragons and humans coexisted peacefully, with both surprised that such a place could exist. Upon invitation from the village leader, they stayed there for hundreds of years learning from the dragons' vast libraries, constructing an oasis for the villagers and hiding the city behind a veil of sandstorms.

However, Nergal's studies eventually took a turn down a darker path when he discovered a magic which could take the life force, or quintessenceof other living creatures and turn it into power.

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He began experimenting with small creatures, and as he grew more confident he used this same technique on ever more complex animals, eventually taking the life of a human. Athos and the village elders discovered Nergal's secret deeds and urged him to nergal games, but Nergal would nergal games listen. Athos and the Divine Dragons managed to strike him down, and Nergal was banished from Arcadia. Nergal slowly built up his power again while avoiding the eye of Athos, extending his life span beyond mortal boundaries and creating numerous Morphs to travel the world looking for the quintessence of powerful individuals to give him even greater strength.

A few hundred years after he was banished from Arcadia, Nergal called Ninian and Nils through the Dragon's Gate in order to use them to call more dragons into Elibe, and then harvest their enormous quintessence so that he may become the most powerful being in the world. Along the way, he stirs up war in Lycia by using an assassin group called the Black Fangwhich he controls through one of his morphs. In the last chapter of the game, Nergal uncovers his face from the turban that hides it to reveal a wound along his forehead and a burned right eye, claiming that the person he had thought to be his truest friend, Athos, had inflicted the wound upon him.

In his final moments, Nergal draws three dragons from the Dragon's Gate in a final desperate attempt to destroy his foes. In the past, Nergal sought more nergal games in order to make himself stronger to reclaim his children.

However, in reaching that ultimate power he sought, he had forgotten everything about himself over time, as the darkness was able to engulf him completely and he forgot why he even wanted to open the Gate in the first place, only remembering that he needed power and that the Gate must be opened.

In Chapter 19xx, A Glimpse In Time, Teodor states that in order to achieve greater power in dark magic, one must give up more and more of oneself, including memories.

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Eliwood : Nergal! Nergal : So you're here, Eliwood. I thought losing Ninian might distract you. Have you forgotten her so quickly? How heartless. Eliwood : I haven't forgotten. I'll never forget. It was my mistake that killed Ninian. Because of that I will fight. I will not run away and hide in sorrow I'm going to put an end to all this! Nergal : Did you know, Eliwood? What happened to your friend Hector?

Nergal (disambiguation)

What he was thinking as he fought by your side? Eliwood Nergal : Heh heh It's a pity. If only he had been free to return to Ostia. Eliwood : I know that I've caused much pain for my friends. But that is why I will not lose here today!!

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Nergal : Little girl from Sacae You'd do well to vanish. One such as you is no match for me. Lyn : The nom of the plains do not abandon their fellow tribespeople. Eliwood and Hector are my dear friends Their sorrow is my sorrow. Their anger is my anger. Nergal : Pah Lyn : Nergal! In my friends' names, I will cut you down!

Watch behemoth's nergal record voice-overs for new medieval adventure game

Nino Nergal : Uhn? Who do you think you are? Nino : You will pay! You stole my family from me, and you will pay, Nergal!!! I will avenge nergal games all! Nergal : Now, I see You're Sonia's Jaffar Nergal : Hmph It's you, Jaffar? Turning your sword against me, your master? Do you forget who raised you? You are worthless. I am a man. Nergal : Oh, really? If so, then I will give you a man's death! Renault Nergal, do you remember me?

Nergal : Hah. You are So you're still seeking out a wretched existence? Renault : I went astray.

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I listened to your honeyed words I dreamt of the impossible It was soulless Nergal : Just an empty vessel Isn't that what you wanted? You desired to bring back your dead friend. You were my experiment, and I completed my morph. I'm grateful, Renault. Thanks to you, I gained power.

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Renault : You villain You cursed him! Your crime can never be forgiven! I will end you with my hands. In the name of my lost friend! Hector : Nergal! Nergal : So you've come, Hector of Ostia.