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My slutty teacher

Hi readers, this is Sarfaraz Khan back with another story.

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My name is Rohan.

I am Today I will be describing my experience of fucking my hot teacher Sabha, I live in India. Names and details have been changed due to security reasons. I study in a private school and fortunately, my parents are very rich.

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We had this teacher in our school, Sabha. She was hot as fuck. Let me describe her. She was 25 years old and had a slim body and normal round boobs as I discovered later. She had black her but it was dyed streaks of brown which made her sexier.

She was fair and wore sexy glasses. She taught us chemistry for over 2 years now and I was longing to somehow to get inside her and make her moan. I took frequent visits to the toilet during her period to relieve myself and I guess she understood it somehow because she banned me from going to the washroom during her period.

Only I was banned.

Because of her hotness, my grades in the subject went down to c. She made me sit in the class after school hours which made me only hornier.

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I always went to her with silly problems and she would laugh at my silly questions. Over time, I started talking to her after the school and frequently flirted with her. But God listened to me and my fantasy of fucking her came true in a few days after.

It was ruled to give your favorite teacher something or the other but I had bought nothing. When Sabha came to know about it, she called me to the chemistry lab to know the reason for my not coming to the school. This was the conversation.

S -okay. I hope you are fine now. She asked me with her sexy smile. I was fucked. God, Rohan you forget everything. You always get a c in physics. In fact, you are excellent in every other subject and were good in physics before I started teaching.

Tell me why are you so bad in physics and not in other subjects? She looked visibly annoyed with my performance. And then I said something I regretted at that time but not today. I blurted out.

Fuck I was damned I thought. What did you say?

She had heard it. I could see her surprised. But I had to tell her the truth. I told her everything.

She got up from the chair and she was slightly angry. Should I complain about you to your parents? I felt scared and wished that I had not said my feelings for her. I told you as I trust you and that you would understand. I begged her.

She was turning to go but I held her hand. She was about to shook her hand at me but before that, I did the unexpected. I pulled her towards me and held her near me. So near that we did not have enough space between us. I first held her near me for a few seconds to see if she was angry by the move. But she was not. This is how shit started. Our eyes met. She bit her lip purposefully to give me a positive .

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I pushed her towards the wall gently near to her and grabbed her ass and pulled her so close to me that there was literally no space left. Her boobs pressed towards my body and I french kissed her strawberry lips. We kissed for a while. And then I started kissing and slowly biting her neck and earlobe. She was moaning slightly. Now I felt tired of doing slow.

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I felt turned on I grabbed one of her boobs and started kissing her more intensely. She loved it. If you ever come with such incident it is important to know if your partner likes it rough or not. Now I held her from behind and grabbed both of her boobs and pressed them with my hands. She started moaning loudly. I was pressing my dick into her and was kissing her neck and backside.

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This had happened after the school and there were only she and me in the whole corridor. The lab was in a corner and only the chemistry teacher was allowed to get in. But we had only one chemistry teacher whom I was fucking as there were not many students. So the chances of someone catching us were pretty slim.

It was my luck. What did you think of this story??