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My little pony erotic

While AFF and its agents attempt to remove all illegal works from the site as quickly and thoroughly as possible, there is always the possibility that some submissions may be overlooked or dismissed in error.

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By Leora Rosenberg. He records himself reading My Little Pony erotic fan fiction. He adds musical accompaniment. He posts the recordings online.

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In the wilds of the sexual prairie that is Pornhub, a subset of porn caters to a very particular breed: people who are turned on by My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic -themed porn. This group is a much smaller part of a larger, Web-based community known as broniesa fandom devoted to the My Little Pony franchise.

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Although bronies are quick to note that their devotion to My Little Pony isn't inherently sexual, there's a small subset of the community known as cloppers who get off to the idea of seeing, say, Applejack get it on with Fluttershy. Pornhub has been tracking data on their behavior — and now the website is sharing it with the wider world.

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Those findings are fascinating. Overall, the data reveals a of characteristics of the My Little Pony porn-loving faction, including where they live, what they search for and how old they are.

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Much like the larger brony communitymany of the users searching for My Little Pony- themed content on Pornhub are male. The age breakdown is similar to that of the larger brony community, the majority of which also skews quite young.

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As for specific search terms, the are somewhat unsurprising. The findings also reveal that while bronies come from all over the world, a substantial contingent of them appear to live in Belarus, Russia, Ukraine and the Czech Republic.

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The brony community is more than just its porn habits. While the Internet rule "if it exists, there is a porn of it" certainly rings true for My Little Pony lovers, it's unfair to assume that all bronies watch the pornographic version of their favorite cartoon. As Mic 's EJ Dickson wrote for the Daily Dot in"[Brony porn lovers] are sort of the black sheep in the community; there's a fear that the small percentage of cloppers will give the rest of bronies a bad name by perpetuating the idea that the fandom totally derives from a sexual fetish.

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Though there's certainly a sizable contingent of the community that enjoys adding a sexual aspect to the fandom — Pornhub's findings clearly indicate as much — bronies are quick to point out that the community at large does not necessarily endorse these views. Still, they're not that unusual when it comes to cartoon porn in general.

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As Mic has noted beforemillennials love cartoon porn — and My Little Pony is yet another iteration of this trend. Young people love to trade on nostalgia, and that extends to our porn-watching habits, too. Anime, The SimpsonsFamily Guy and even Disney movies have all come to prominence in the millennial porn world.

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Think about how many "You know you were a '90s kid if Cartoon porn — My Little Pony included — is simply '90s nostalgia taking a different form. By Sophie Kleeman.