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My kingdom for the princess 3 walkthrough

Have you ever wondered what happens after a fairy tale ending?

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The My Kingdom for the Princess 3 Walkthrough provides detailed information so that you can complete all 50 levels in gold level time. Get all the trophies in the game using this guide. Included are hints, step-by-step instructions, and suggested build order.

Content s of this game guide may not be copied or published on any other site without permission from Casual Game Guides. The walkthrough below provides you with instructions for how to achieve gold level times for each level. A few hints: Keep collecting stuff at the end of the level even if your final worker is on his way back if you are going to records.

It won't affect your finishing time but will increase your score.

There is a new bonus in this game which adds one resource for your building production for 30 seconds, which means you will add 2 of each resource you are producing for each bonus. The here-and-now bonus will instantly finish your time cycle to quickly produce in your buildings. If you are producing more than 1 item at a time in your buildings, this is a better bonus than the higher production bonus. While it is a good idea to wait for additional resource bonuses or for a warehouse to be built or upgraded, it is best to quickly pick up any item that is renewable meaning it has a little clock under it.

Mini-games--once you lose a mini-game you can choose to not replay it and you will be allowed to move on.

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For the whack-a- insert-name-here mini-game once things get kind of crazy you can just wait at the last intersection before the cottage and whack like crazy. However, you do get more points by whacking them as far away as possible. Trophies--You can get all but 2 gold trophies by just getting gold on all levels.

To get the mini-games one, you can just keep replaying the games as best you can. It is the total of points scored on the games so pick your favorite mini-game and play the heck out of it. Once you get that one you will get the final gold trophy.

Each level of the walkthrough has the following circled: Renewable resources in blue Goal items in yellow Buildings that need to be built or repaired in orange Areas you do not need to go to in red The recommended build order for each level does NOT include the buildings that need to be repaired since they do not take resources to do so.

My kingdom for the princess iii

Build farm Upgrade shack to cottage One worker clears to the food and the other to the bridge and then up to the artifact Build the bridge as soon as you get the wood as you will go over your capacity if you do not.

Finish up Level 1. Build farm Upgrade shack to cottage Keep using additional worker bonus Build bridge to the exit first and start repairing the road Pick all the flowers while finishing up the repairs Level 1. Work evenly to finish. Level 1.

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Level 2. Use here and now bonus if you like near the end to increase your score a little Level 2. Upgrade shack to cottage Start clearing to the left fishing hut as you have the wood to build the bridge Build the bridges to the gold while working evenly and using the additional worker bonus Finish up with the hammer or boots as needed. Upgrade the shack to a cottage Build the bridge to the broken fishing hut and repair it Build the fishing hut Build the bridge to the right and chop wood and pick up gold Upgrade the fishing hut Build bridge to the north and then work over to the island with 4 gold Build the bridges to the left while still working toward the gold island Once the gold has been picked up start breaking rock on both paths to the left Finish up Level 2.

Work evenly Level 2. Build lodge Prioritize removing rocks and building bridges that have the most stuff behind it.

At the very end, while getting all the pearls, you might want to use the speed up resource bonus. Level 3. Pick up renewable resources and then work your way down to the 2 sawmills. Build the market and then upgrade the warehouse as you get the wood.

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Use the additional worker bonus and clear sandpile to the right Repair the sawmills Once the sawmills are repaired, work towards the well on the right. Use additional worker bonus again.

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Upgrade the shack to a cottage. Work way to the well on the left with second worker. Repair both wells. Use speed bonus from now until the end of the level. Upgrade Cottage to Lodge Finish off Level 3. Use the other 2 to get to and repair the second well and sawmill, plus get the wood on the right Build the well.

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Upgrade to cottage. Repair well. Keep working north. Build Snakecharmer. Remove the second from the top snake that is blocking the bridge to the broken sawmill. Work to the sawmill and repair it. Build the Market. Pick up resources. Upgrade the cottage to a lodge Clear the way to the bottom 2 bridges.

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Finish up level Level 3. Upgrade market Keep using speed up resource bonus. Work evenly to finish up. Upgrade sawmill Build fishing hut Clear first sandpile to the north Use second worker bonus and keep using it until you can upgrade to a cottage.

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Repair first well in the middle and pick up resources Upgrade fishing hut Work your way down to the wood at the bottom right and stop at the sandpiles Work way to food on the left and then throughout first sandpile at the bottom left Build market Clear your way to the first snakes on th right and left Build the snakecharmer hut Remove the snake on the right and then the left Repair the well on the right. Upgrade sawmill Use the extra worker bonus as it comes available After repairing the hut and sawmill, work over to the middle left path and repair sawmill there Build warehouse Start working down the bottom left path when you have a second worker or don't have enough wood.

Build market Work up to the well on the left and then up to the next sawmill Upgrade market Upgrade shack to cottage Start using the speed bonus when you don't need the additional worker Repair the second well Work down and across the bottom bridge and build and repair your way to the fishing huts. Upgrade warehouse Work to the north as you have free time while doing the above Upgrade cottage to lodge Work evenly Build workshop and finish up.

Repair the third well Work way to the fishing hut to the bottom left and repair it Use speed up renewable resource for the rest of the level Upgrade warehouse Build workshop Work to the gold in the upper left As you have free time work to the path to the right and take the left path to get to the renewable gold. Upgrade cottage to lodge Work in the 3 directions to the right, giving a little priority to the top 2 paths as they have renewable gold The top right path also has renewable gold and you can start repairing that road once you have built the lodge.

Consistently work your way out while clearing any remaining obstacles.

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Use the speed up renewable resource bonus Finish up Level 3. Upgrade sawmill Use additional resource bonus as it is available. Build the workshop as you have enough wood without stopping road repair progress.

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Level 4. Work to the mine to the middle right and repair it Upgrade farm Build bridge to the middle and keep clearing the road in any direction you have the resources for Remove rocks when you get close to 20 gold as you don't have a warehouse Upgrade shack to cottage Build mine Upgrade cottage to lodge Work evenly in all directions Build barracks Finish up Level 4.

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You do not need to work up the mine on the left You will be lacking food near the end so be good about picking it up with a bonus Work evenly and finish up Level 4. Start working to the top right area Upgrade cottage to warehouse Once you know you have enough wood to finish the bridges, start using the buildings generate more resources bonus Work evenly to finish.

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Level 5. You don't need the lodge to get the record on this level Work evenly to finish Use speed bonus once you know you have enough resources to finish Level 5. Upgrade cottage to lodge You do not need to to go to the far right and left see red circles Level 5. Build farm Use additional worker bonus Upgrade farm Upgrade shack to cottage After getting second worker, start using additional resource bonus Work to fishing hut on the right Use the second worker down the center to the first snow pile and then send him down the left side Keep track of your gold and don't pick up more than 20 Build hunting lodge Upgrade farm Prioritize working down to the fishing hut on the bottom left Upgrade to lodge If you find yourself waiting on food and you need to get through the rock to the fishing hut, use the here and now bonus to get food Work evenly to finish Build the workshop when you get enough wood Start using speed up renewable resource bonus near the end to get enough gold Level 5.

Work evenly to finish up and don't forget to repair the fishing hut at the exit Level 5.

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Clear the snowpile and then repair the other fishing hut Upgrade warehouse Build temple Start working up the middle Upgrade treasury Upgrade shack to cottage Build hunting lodge Upgrade treasury Upgrade warehouse Upgrade cottage to lodge Build farm and upgrade the farm. Upgrade cottage to lodge Start clearing south through the rocks Start using the here and now bonus unless you are needing gold and then use the renew resources faster bonus Work evenly to finish up Level 5.

Use speed boots to finish up at the end.