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My cute roommate derek

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To begin you have to unlock tasks, so go to every location available College, Library, Store. But take in mind that all the characters paths are related and you have to progress through all of them at the same time. One thing missed in here is the fact that you have to repeat scenes as the characters hearts increase.

My cute roommate walkthrough & guide

When given the option, try tapping or clicking various body parts. Another thing missing is the fact that despite doing scenes, you may have to wait for special ones to occur.

This is done by allowing both meters to max out during scenes, which may trigger a new scene. Typically you can just let the auto option play out scenes and avoid hitting the blue arrow or finishing before both meters are full. It can also help restore lost hearts. Librarian will get four stars allowing you to tap her front instead of back, this should put her at 5 stars.

For your stats, if you use cheats, you still have to successfully complete the final training levels to trigger some scenes i. Some required events are seemingly random, i. Save often, especially during choices, selecting the wrong option can lose you a lot of hearts or get you beat up.

Click everywhere so as not to miss anything. Buy everything available as soon as you can to prevent having to leave scenes to come back. I cannot get the Gym Trainer to trigger the teach me how to fight.

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Mp3 download walkthrough gameplay my cute roommate - blackmail to derek, sx pills, open map jamal location #2 kbps

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Tiene una historia interesante, pero el creador se tardaba mucho en actulizarlo xd. Estoy jugando al movil, como consegir dinero rapido y facil. El juego ya esta terminado en la version 1.

Make sure you are not impotent or un-showered when attempting scenes. You have to be inside the bathroom to oil that door. Do jobs at least a few times Gym, Store.

Walkthrough gameplay my cute roommate - blackmail to derek, sx pills, open map jamal location #2

You can lose your drone, you can buy another one from the store, same with sweets. Make sure you try to dream often as this unlocks some scenes too. You have to go to the college for example after the doctor, in evening.