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My candy love walkthrough episode 2

Episode 2 Castiel. Ken Nathaniel.

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Post a Comment. Episode 2. Ken, what did you tell those girls?! Ken, did those three girls come and bother you?

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Garden Club Option : affinity with Nathaniel will drop if you put the flowers in the student council room but it will rise when you place the fig tree in the student council room. Can you do me a favor? Well I have an absentee note that Castiel needs toand frankly the less I see of him, the better. Can you get him to it as bring it back to me please? If there was an award or being stuck up pains, they would win it.

Ha, wait! What do you mean with a bit of luck?

Are you trying to test my patience? He punches me and flashes me a smile.

My candy love - episode 2 guide

There you go. I think that Iris helps out over there sometimes. W…well not really, I told them that you were the love of my life. Then they took my pocket money too. Wh…why do you ask me that? You want to go out with me? Yes, they pushed me down on the ground and took my money, saying they wanted to go to eat lunch in a restaurant instead of the cafeteria. B…but they pushed me on the ground!

And there were three of them, what could I do?!!! Did they do something to you too? What did they do to you? The principal asked me to. Candy In Love. Currently I'm a student at Sweet Amoris High. There's a lot of things happening here, including dating the hot guys that also attend this school.

I've been keeping track of my experiences and I thought I would share it with others. This blog is dedicated to My Candy Love.

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So if you need help or have any questions about the boys just send me an ask. I'll guide you so the boys will end up falling in love with you too. June 16th, at PM. My Candy Love - Episode 2 Guide. Is everything working out for you? Could I ask you why my picture for my file is scribbled on and plastered all over the school. Dish out some punishment to those who did it!

Who are you talking about? In any case, they are real idiots the three of them. Those three girls, especially Amber…. Can you send someone please?

Insist - B. Yes, of course. What kind of favor? Ok, no problem. You talk of a favor…. Nothing much, what about you?

I was actually thinking about a guy I know who followed me here to this school. Maybe you had something to do with it? Go head, make fun of me! It was those three stupid girls! I see, just forget it. Go rough them up a bit? You would do that?

Haha, go for it, with a bit of luck you just might beat them in a fight. He punches me and flashes me a smile A. Could you give me a straight answer once in awhile? Please, can you show me where it is? Or maybe not? So what? What do I get out of showing you where it is? The pleasure of my company?

Something like mandatory participation in a school club, I think. The principal asked me to help out a club.

My candy !

Do you know? Why would I know where that is? Are you kidding me? You should know where it is, at least. Cool, you can be helpful when you put your mind to it. Do you know where she is? I have to put these plants in a classroom and the student council room. Well, I have to put them in a classroom and the student council room. Not really, any ideas? this please. So you cut class again? Nathaniel gave me an absentee note for you to please.

Look, this and we can forget about it. Well…he said if you were a man you would accept your responsibilities and it. Force Castiel to the absentee note - B. What, really? Ken, what did you tell those girls?! Ken, did those three girls come and bother you?

Stop telling people that nonsense! Especially to those three! Are you crazy? What do you mean they took your money? Do you have enough money left for me? Be a man! Did they take a lot?

Tell me how much and I can reimburse you if you want. Did they give you a photocopy? Yeah, they made fun of me! No, no nothing happened…. Forget about it. Um, well guess you guessed wrong. In fact, I prefer basketball.