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Mother fan games

Oddity, the new name for the project, is an urban role-playing game, like Mother, but it's set in the 70s and stars a baseball bat-wielding character called Travis Fields. We've reported on the unofficial spiritual successor to Shigesato Itoi's beloved RPG series for years.

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The video game EarthBound is known for its cult following and fan community.

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April 2nd, EarthBoundFan Games. The team is actually looking for help, so if you can assist, let them know! Again, check out this forum thread for more gameplay details and story info!

Special stuff:

I cannot wait to explore the worlds I see before me, and I really hope that soundtrack is up to par. There are definitely some very good fan games and I hate to call them that as they look just as good as official games coming our way these next few years. With Mother 4, Mother remake, Unearthed, and now Eagleland all mother like games this is an exciting time for mother fans.

If you are talking about Eagleland then from what I can tell the story is not related to mother just set in the mother 2 universe. RandomGuardian Great idea! We should mother fan games the first Japanese version provided there is one to him and see if he likes it or has any issues with it. I agree wahowaho the characters could use more colors. Definitely… Blue hoodie and brown panties is an insult to the interesting color patterns on all iterations of protagonists in Mother games.

Why are so many people making a big deal about the name Mother 4? Those screens are really sexy though. That eagle rock, the cavemen, the tornadoes, the malt shop…. More serious than Mother 4, but too serious to possess that quirkiness and very silent darkness as Earthbound or Mother? If this darkness is so pronounced, it may just seem like a cheap fan game. I have followed the project for a long time and I know that all of the people in that project are working very hard to try and make it live up to a true mother game.

Recent news:

Lets not judge the game before any of us plays it. I have great respect for anyone that makes a game because i understand how hard it is.

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The mother games leave very big shoes to fill and if they can successfully do it then that is just amazing. There is absolutely nothing wrong with Mother 4 calling itself Mother 4, and you should all be ashamed of your own selves for judging it for that. You can either take it, or leave it. When the Mother 4 team went on record saying they will not change the name. But names aside, this game looks a lot more interesting than Mother 4. Please everyone stop talking about Mother 4! Yeah, agreed. I love those cave guys, not to mention tornado alley.

Also, that food… In these pictures alone we have a restaurant, pizza place, malt shop, and saloon. And just get a load of those fantastic fruits. Both my interest and appetite have been aroused. Keep up the good work Roach!

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But I like Mother 4 better. The problem with a fangame calling itself Mother 4 has nothing to do with Itoi saying someone else could make Mother 4. That would be like me writing and publishing War and Peace 2.

The same applies to Mother. If you approve, fine. Hey, Oh My, there probably will be no Mother 4 at least not in the U. The reason I think that it is okay for Mother 4 to be called Mother 4, is because Itoi has stated that he does not want to make any more Mother sequels. He has stated both that 1. Animal Crossing is Mother 4, 2. He wants to be the player this time, and he wants Mother 4 to be fan-made.

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So fans started to make Mother 4. Itoi has basically Itoi HAS given approval for Mother 4, because he wants it to be fan-made, and fans are simply doing what Itoi has asked. Please, let this be the end of Mother 4 talk on this thread. I am, like others, excited for this game as much as I am for Mother 4. I agree with Mariotti. I have read that they are done with the franchise so fan made sequels are all we could get.

This looks amazing. I love how faithful the graphics are to EathBound, while making them look just the right bit more intricate. And that urban looking city — just wow. I really hope to see the day this game is finished and released.

Earthbound fans have come together to create amazing things

And about Mother 4… Wow. I figured everyone was as excited as I am. Those games already exist, and nothing can rewrite them. Because I have played Earthbound but not Earthbound Zero. Or Mother 3 and I would like to play Mother 4 when it releases but I really need to catch up! Mother 4 is not an official game of the series, and therefore should use a different name.

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Not even a little. Instead of trying to respect or understand our position, you and others have basically called our opinion stupid. What do you think will happen if Nintendo want to release a Mother 4? Also, what makes this fan game better than all the rest in that it deserves the title Mother 4? By calling it Mother 4, the makers are distinguishing their game over the rest of Mother fangames.

Also, the example of Halo 4 was made above. That is an officially d game. Nintendo is not publishing Mother 4, nor will it be available via any console. While I think someone could take over the series, someone with an established mother fan games in the industry would be preferable, and again, officially so.

Whether it deserves this attention is lost to that it gathered it for its name more than anything else the website barely featured anything beyond several screenshots and a few updates, and not just for months, but we were faced with these same images for YEARS.

Either way, I am excited for any decent-looking Mother fangame out there Mother 4. So let me ask you one question Oh My. What is your opinion on a non official Mother game in general? There were many reasons why I object to it being called Mother 4. Non-official Mother games are perfectly fine. Accepting it? Oh my, The entirety of that syntactic arrangement is rather silly. I am not as mouth-agape as some about the prospect of Mother 4, but beyond the name the game looks pretty solid.

On the same slippery slope upon which you ride, to write-off a game for its title is just as bad as embracing it for the same reason.

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I found into Mother 4 through the express way of the ubiquity of its name more-so than insert-other-fangame-title-hereno doubt, but I will determine its quality by playing it. It looks just as qualified as Mother 4, but I doubt it will experience the same popularity. I have no interest in playing most fan games. The only reason I gave Mother 4 the time of day was to elaborate on the ethical problems surrounding the use of that title.

FireFlyMelody, I respectfully suggest that you not take part in the discussion if you do not see the point.