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Mass effect sex

I've played the original trilogy more times than the average bear, with at least hours in each of the three games. Nasty, alien sex. Ah, but now, dear reader, things get interesting.

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Video games are prone to controversies.

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Rank the sex scenes in whatever overall order you like or rank them by each game. Cora's was really good. PeeBee was quite something.

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Mirandas is nice. A sex scene doesn't have to show everything but I won't complain if it does.

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I always imagine that gif of Jacob looking tight lipped as he watched Shep and Miranda do it in the engine room lol. In ME3, all of them are awesome.

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For women : I dont know to be honest Also i heard that the sex scenes for women players are all kinda lame. For men : 1.

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Jaal Yummy, hot gay alien x human sex, lol3. PeeBee Kinda weird at some parts, but it was great anyway and 4. Gil Yep, this one is great also For women : 1. Jaal I would say PeeBee, because hot lesbian sex, but since its just recycled male sex scene PeeBee As i said before There isnt much to say now Still no naked turian.

tight biatch Amelia

I've seen Cora's, and the other ones as well, but Cora's is best. First one you could actually really masturbate to lol.

Mass effect romance options: all male and female shepard romance options in the legendary edition explained

Not the best sex scene, but in ME3 Citadel, via a romanced Jack; the best sex line is the one Jack days to Cortez about eating at the table. Let's rank the sex scenes. Posted by Normandy.

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Sort by: best. Continue this thread.

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Also i heard that the sex scenes for women players are all kinda lame ME 3 : Liara for both again. Sniper Rifle. Speak for yourself my dude.

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