Make Your Own Knotted Fleece Pillow!

    diy knot pillow

    I love the unique pillow designs also I get fun to do them in the mini version too, you can make big versions with the same instruction.

    You can make one of them in your son’s or daughter’s bedroom and added a few more DIY projects, maybe include knot-type accent pillows to add texture.

    Diy Knot Pillow Instruction;


    The knot pillow is already very popular, so you have to go for it and undress the theme for the first part. Several people asked for a tutorial, and this idea has followed me for a long time. The material I bought some time ago but had to pile away. All in all, I now know that the choice of fabric is probably 80% of success. Knitwear is needed, but quite thick. More outfit on trousers than cotton on t-shirts. Sama bought the fabric too thin. Preparing a pillow is not so easy. I will not dim that I did two pillows in 5 minutes. I wore them for a few hours and wondered myself that I did not give up after an hour. However, I already have that as a resistance, the more I struggle to finish such DIY. To prepare pillow wicks in addition to obvious materials, you definitely need patience and strength in the hands to effectively squeeze it, and the next day you need to count on leave. But now I know that it is worth a bit of help.

    Knot Pillow DIY – Step by step

    I immediately warned that the tutorial is mega long. The first part is exactly what I describe, but the tie itself does not need descriptions. Just do exactly the same as in the pictures to create a knot pillow.

    My fabric turned out to be thin. Because of that, she stretched out and stuffed her wadding was difficult, but of course, she could do it. Certainly, such a detail will not stop me from doing what I have planned.

    Knot Pillow Materials:

    • knitwear
    • wadding
    • Sewing Machine
    • Paper tube, for example, from decorative paper
    • scissors
    • measure
    • pins
    • Slat or broom handle
    • thread and needle

    I cut a few strips with a width of 12 cm …

    And staple them to get one 6 meters long. I cut out unnecessary stock on the other side so that it was not too thick on the seam. Strip 12 cm, fold in half and staple along the length to form a long tunnel.

    Turning the 6-meter tunnel to the other side is a challenge. For this, we need a paper tube and we put our tunnel on the left side. We roll the right side of the tunnel onto the tube and pull the fabric onto the paper tube. It is best to pull all the fabric on the tube and leave it there.

    One of the tunnels should be pulled and stitched at the end. Here we can safely make this sewing machine. We pull back the stapled part of the tube and, on the other hand, we put the wadding.

    We patted the wadding (in my case it was a broom handle) to the end of our material tunnel. So we work until we stuff a 6-meter hose. Immediately I wish good luck and a lot of patience. This stage can finish.

    The 6 meters of the snake is thoroughly stuffed, and at the end of the day, I tied the tunnel with a thread so that my dog ​​would not run away.

    How to tie a knot pillow?

    Now without the description, you have to repeat the wrapping of the pillow.

    I show wrapping in loose form. It is best to work out a few times to get the cushion on the right away.

    The connection must fall out on the back of the cushion and then we can cut off the excess tunnel, sew it on the machine, and both ends to sew with each other manually.

    What is the cost of such a pillow?

    My 2 pillows measuring 45 × 35 cm cost me $10, but only because I had my wad. If you add to this, I recommend buying just cheap pillow 70x80cm for $10 on the popular network. Filling with such a pillow calmly enough for two knots.

    The cost one of this type of pillow (DIY size 45 x 35 cm) is the amount of $10, and in the store such pillow we buy for a minimum of $40-45. And let me tell someone now that doing it yourself is not cheaper. In fact, in many cases it is. You have to look for replacements and spend some time, but we have a nice, designer pillow made by hand for half the price of the shop.

    Step by Step Diy Knot Pillow Instruction;

    diy knot pillow instruction


    diy knot pillow 2 knot pillow 3 knot pillow 44. diy knot pillow 5 knot pillow 6 knot pillow 7 knot pillow 8

    After entering the 8th pin, pull the remaining pins and tighten to form a ball. Push the tips in and sew them inward

    8. diy knot pillow 9

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