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Majikoi visual novel

Posted by Lance August 11, Majikoi is an eroge visual novel released by Minatosoft back in It takes place in Kawakami City, a place deeply rooted in its samurai ancestry and strong respect for its code.

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Love Me Seriously! Released inMajiKoi tells the rather light-hearted tale of the adventures of seven Childhood Friendsthe self-styled Kazama Familyand the group's two newest additions as they run amok in their School of Hard Knocks. A Slice of Life work chock full of comedic tropes, MajiKoi nevertheless manages to drop a Drama Bomb here and there, and tackles some somewhat serious subjects like life goalsthe meaning of friendshipand redemption. Swas released in January The sequel adds more heroines, and more scenes to the already existing heroines.

A second fandisc sequel, Maji de Watashi ni Koi Shinasai! Awill be released in five parts featuring new heroines and after routes for Monshiro, Tsubame and Margit.

After the success of all three games the A fandisk being merged as a full game for packaged releaseTakahiro, the series creator, clarifies that while doing other projects, they are not quite yet finished with the series. There was once an English fanpatch in the works, and it was nearly complete before work on it unfortunately stopped.

It was then saved by these fine gentlemen and released in March of The same team would later complete an English patch for Majikoi Screate Maji Translationsand from there move on to making English patches for Majikoi A as well. US residents can view the anime legally at Crunchyroll. Community Showcase More. Follow TV Tropes. You need to to do this.

About this game

Get Known if you don't have an. Majikoi visual novel shown: Matsukaze. Accidental Pervert : Yamatoof course. Another incident happens in episode 4 of the anime, where Chris is stripping to use the bath right as Yamato walks out of it. Hilariously, it's Yamato who screams, covers himself and calls Chris a pervert.

The Ace : Momoyo and Cap. Yamato to a certain extent. Action Girl : Most of the girls, major and minor characters. Actor Allusion : Momoyo thinks she should be able to ride a white horse, Gen needs to practice his archery and Usami goes to prepare his mapo tofu. Gen makes note of his Archery skills in Momoyo's route as well, but never even gets close to a bow.

A notable one has the pervert Ikurou suddenly speaking in a monotone, turning serious, developing an incredible intellect, and introducing himself thus: Ikurou : '' I am There are no miracles or s.

Only the night extends before me. I feed on the unwavering spirit.

And forge my way through the dark journey. Push, foward! Earn Your Happy Ending : In every route, but particularly Agave, where even Invincible Hero Momoyo comes close to biting it at one point and the town might have been burned to the ground if preparations for Carnival hadn't been made. Easily Forgiven : Played with in Agave after. At first it seems that Angel and Ami just get sent off to some mountain training while Tatsuko can just hang around the temple, but the Afterstory shows that all three of them were basically conscripted into the Kawakami temple to forcibly reform them.

However, in the end it seems they majikoi visual novel do have a lot of freedom for people who were helping to run a drug empire. Averted in S when it's revealed that their mentor, Shakadou, had actually taken most of the blame to ensure they could continue with their lives after a enduring a much lighter sentence while he is closely supervised by Kuki corp. The Kawakami temple decides to supervise their rehab and ensure they avoid making similar mistakes.

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In Majikoi visual novel after, Yamato is asked to help after Lu sees how Tatsuko is attached to him and the player must decide whether to focus on them or focus on the Kazama family, basically choosing which harem he ends up with. Easter Egg : That "Minato Soft" call in random character's voice is not just some questionable attempt at enforcing catchiness. On May 4, Tadakatsu asks whether it's really Kumagai's birthday and tells him not to overeat. The temporary cooperation ends up leading to improved relations with Souichizoku as they hunt down their mutual enemy together, the first time the two groups have cooperated in a thousand years.

Ensemble Cast : Impressive for both an H-Game and a game with such a large cast, but practically every character gets a moment in the spotlight and some depth. Entendre Failure : Miyako's attempts at acting scared of the storm outside to get into Yamato's bed just inspire Chris to offer to sleep together with her. Miyako is actually happy enough with that outcome, so she might have been scared for real. Erotic Eating : The lollipops in episode 6. Momoyo evens lectures the other heroines on how to "eat" the lollipop, while lots of guys watch them as if they could actually feel it themselves.

Then she tells them to take a bite off. All the guys immediately collapse in pain. Kokoro does a similar thing, but without the lecture. Even the Girls Want Her : Momoyo has legions of fans of both genders. In fact, most of the other students at school 2-F notwithstanding naturally assumed that Yamato and Miyako were already dating, and even before the game starts Miyako has already earned a reputation as "Yamato's girl".

Subverted in one instance. It's noted at multiple points that Cap and Wanko would go well together and that people are kind of expecting it, but it never happens and they never show any interest in each other. Evil Cannot Comprehend Good : Touma respected his father for being a kind, respectful man, but as far as his father was concerned the only reason anyone would act like that is to make it easier majikoi visual novel get away with committing crimes.

Evolving Credits : In the opening, Momoyo is seen punching a silhouette. Starting with episode 8, the silhouette turns out to be Takae Majikoi visual novel, one of the original Big Four. The ending shows a different girl each episode, and the ending for episode 12 shows all five of them. Exact Words : The rules of the Kawakami war include not being allowed to torture or interrogate soldiers from the other army, but when Yamato uncovers a spy he declares that everyone at the gathering stated they were part of the F army and thus not enemy soldiers.

Excited Show Title! Excuse Plot : According to the summer poll, Rinchuu is the third most popular Majikoi girl and was the prime attraction for the A-4 fandisc. However, the Ryuuzanpaku dojo is in the mountains of China and has little reason to get involved with Kawakami unless hired, so a rival mercenary group is invented to try to kidnap Yamato but then barely appears throughout the route while Rinchuu "guards" Yamato. Expository Hairstyle Change : When Seiso and Haou switch placesher hairstyle changes between being very neat and tidy and being quite wild.

Expy : The Prime Minister possesses more than just a passing resemblance to Mr. Taro Aso. In Mayucchi's route it's revealed that in addition to being a badass, he's also a crack shot with a rifle, which just seals the deal. Tesshin Kawakami, the principal, is also a clear expy of Genryusai Yamamotoespecially in his de.

Eyes Always Shut Tatsuko is perpetually sleepy, and thus, her eyes are almost always shut. They occasionally open to show green eyes and if she happens to berserk, then they'll be glowing green.

One of Lee's former comrades, the Centipede, always keeps his eyes shut to look like a normal, harmless old man. When they open, turns out they're ridiculously evil looking. Given that Hideo is majikoi visual novel the protagonist, their efforts are doomed.

This also gives Ageha, Hideo, and Monshiro rather Fan Disservice : Some of the bonus sketches have the various cast members talking like cats, nya! Yamato approves until the huge, muscled guy who constantly oils himself is dragged out to participate. Fangirl : Chris is a huge Jidaigeki fan, and in particularly loves the Show Within A Game Yamato-maru Nikki series, an interest she bonds with Yamato, a casual watcher of the series, over.

Fanservice : The anime has more of this than the visual novel. Fantastic Drug : Utopia was a drug developed as an antidepressant and is quite effective. However, it also makes the person taking it feel fantastic. Unfortunately, the drug is legal with a prescription and appears to be quite cheap. Final Speech : Matsukaze "dies" in Mayucchi's route, though she uses the speech as an opportunity to finally accept another part of herself.

First Girl Wins : Momoyo is the first girl to appear in-game and takes front and center in most of the game's group shots and associated media, and is as close as the game gets to a "main" heroine. In the game's timeline, though, Wanko is the first girl, and Yamato mentions her having taken many of his "firsts" first Valentine's chocolate, first time seeing a girl "down there", first time sleeping together with a girl, etc.

The anime begins in the middle of Momoyo's route, making it true for the adaptation if nothing else. First-Name Basis : Like everybody else in the family, Yamato calls Kazuko "Wanko" and Yukie "Mayucchi", but in their respective paths he takes to calling them by their first name post- Relationship Upgrade.

Fishing for Sole : In Kazuko's route, as the flashback to Kazuko's adoption into Kawakami family comes to an end, a few main characters are river fishing. Chris "catches" a rainboot and gets teased about it, like she made a poor joke on purpose. Flashback : Interspersed between routes as necessary; no single path gives a complete background on the family, with each person's pertinent set of flashbacks happening in their own storyline.

In Yukie's route, when the group takes plane for a trip to Okinawa, a brief flashback introduces the chameleon sandwich that Yamato procured. What immediately follows is a choice, whether to go peeping armed with its concealing effect. Forceful Kiss : Shibunkyo gives up on recruiting Yamato, but then kisses him before leaving before Rinchuu can stop her. Foreshadowing Early in the Agave route, a first year beaten up by Wanko walks about how the Argentinian martial artist Messi was recently in town, entered into an underground fight and lost to a girl named Itagaki, after which he claimed she was on the same level as Momoyo.

The girl was only a year or two older than the first year. Angel is too young for majikoi visual novel. Ami is too old. Ignore Tatsuko's lackluster battle performance early in Agave: That's not how she fights normally.

During Wanko's route in a flashback, Yamato muses that it's good that her only living relative was obviously scum and therefore they knew not to trust him or let him get custody of her. What happens to kids who have parents who are secretly terrible?