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Mafia 3 take the throne or leave town

This contains information on the various endings to Mafia 3. There are several factors to consider for each ending, including what choice the player makes and how many underbosses remain alive at the end of the story.

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One of the last choices you have to make in Mafia 3 is whether you leave the city or take the city for yourself. This choice will change the outcome of the ending for you.

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Mafia III has three very distinct endings. The choice has to be made after you finish the last mission: Kill Sal Marcano. Attention - After you see the ending you've chosen plus end credits you will get back to the main menu.

You can the game then, and you will start in the place you were in before the choice. Use this opportunity to see the other endings or to continue any remaining side activities optional missions, secrets, etc. If you choose ending one, you'll have to reach the North-West corner of the map.

The cutscene will tell you that during Lincoln's absence, Cassandra took over New Bordeaux that is, if she's still alive - if she had betrayed you, you shot her. Get back to the mansion in the Bayou, where you used to as tasks to your associates.

The cutscene will tell you that Lincoln's influence slowly grew outside the city. During the meeting hold the contextual key to kill your associates on PC by default - R to kill your associates.

Exit the mansion and car. It will explode - from a cutscene you will learn that it was Father James who planted the bomb.

Attention - If any of the underbosses had been killed during the game, they will not be there during the final meeting, obviously. This will not change the endings in any way.

Mafia 3 all endings

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Mafia 3 guide: take the throne or leave the city

Mafia III Guide. Game Guide. Story missions. Table of Contents.

Mafia 3 take the throne or leave the city

Baby I'm gonna leave you. You can still use the help of your associates. After killing his subordinates, Lincoln himself will die in a booby-trapped car. Basic information.

Optional missions. Racket-related missions Favors.

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