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Lust for darkness walkthrough

This contains the description of another part of the game Lust for Darkness. This time you will explore the Lusst'ghaa dimensionyour goal is to find a way out.

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This game guide is a comprehensive walkthrough to the Lust for Darkness. This solution will help you to finish all chapters of the game and unravel all of its secrets and puzzles.

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The guide contains detailed descriptions of the most difficult parts of the game. Our guide contains a detailed walkthrough of the whole game and a list of all the puzzles, including a few basic tips and a chapter on the controls and system requirements. A few basic tips will help you understand the main mechanics of the game and minimize the probability of failure.

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Our tips are deed to introduce you to the game and get a grasp of the rules governing the gameworld. Thanks to this, you'll lose less time reloading the game and respawning at checkpoints. Our detailed walkthrough will help you complete the dark history of Jonathan and Amanda.

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You will learn how to solve puzzles or how to avoid enemies. Thanks to this guide you will easily move through the game-world.

Basic tips

You will learn how to deal with the dangers present at the Yelvertons' mansion and how to safely navigate the strange dimension crawling with mutants. The appendix is devoted to the technical aspects of the game, there, you will find some important information about the game.

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This includes the system requirements, so that you can check whether the game will run smoothly on your setup, and the controls will help you get the basic moveset in no time. Lust for Darkness is a psychological horror created by independent indie studio Movie Games.

Lust for darkness game guide

The main character of the game is Jonathan Moon, who receives a mysterious letter from his wife and sets out to search for her. Following her instructions, he is taken to the gloomy Yelverton estate, where he discovers an occult organization geared to bodily pleasures.

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The game is based on the journey through the dark place of worship and the dimension inhabited by mutant beings. All logos and images are copyrighted by their respective owners.

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Table of Contents. Lust for Darkness Game Guide Game guide.

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Puzzles Walkthrough. Controls System Requirements. You are not permitted to copy any image, text or info from this .