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Lost hotel walkthrough

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After going east through Brun Way, you can go down the stairs of the eastern ruins to reach the Lost Hotel. You'll learn some tricks from them, which unlocks a new trick that you can learn in the Lost Hotel. Also, only at nightthe green trash cans might shake. If the trash cans aren't shaking, come back when it's night time. Normally, a Trubbish or a Garbodor pops out, but on Tuesdays, you might encounter Rotom. If you catch Rotom, you can change its form by going to Professor Sycamore's Lab in Lumiose City and checking on the boxes in the corner.

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Matt Bird writes all sorts of nonsense, but he dedicates a large chunk of his time to writing game walkthroughs.

Lost hotel

Images used for educational purposes only. It's a shady place, well off the beaten path. It's inhabited by some questionable folk. But it's a place to explore, and, hey, we all know you're a glutton for exploration. To the Lost Hotel! Note: The Lost Hotel is a side section you aren't obligated to explore. Nevertheless, you can find some cool stuff within, as well as a lot of trainers eager to hand over experience points. Why not? Dark-types ahoy! These guys are fish bait to a Fighting-type.

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Alternatively, Flying- Fire- and Electric-type moves in that order. Thanks to the Pangoro, a Psychic-type is not recommended. That's all for the first section of Lost Hotel. To get at the second section, head onto Route 16 you'll need Strength to access it and enter the first set of ruins you see. Behind the extremely tall grass is an alternate entrance.

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Skuntank doesn't hit that hard but takes a beating. Crawdaunt is the opposite. Chip away at Skuntank with something that won't get poisoned; beat up Crawdaunt with a Fighting-type move.

Lost hotel

You can get Garbodors when clicking A on a shaking garbage can, not sure if it has anything to do with time but it's pm right now. You can get Rotom in the trash cans on a tuesday in the Lost Hotel and I think Bannette is from the trash cans on the thursday but at Pokemon Village.

To access the "boss", you need to speak to 4 skaters in Lumiose City that will teach you rollerskating tricks. Nah, you can't go through them at all. There are two entrances, one on Route 15 and one on Route I'll try the trash cans thing.

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Dunno how to, though, exactly - interacted with them before and I only found an item. I'm guessing you can only get at the boss if you know enough skate tricks, learned by talking to skaters. I'd found them all up to that point so I guess I didn't know there was a prerequisite.

"pokémon x and y" walkthrough: lost hotel

Going by what I've written already because I definitely don't remember 'em off the top of my head there's one on Estival Avenue, in a cafe, and another outside the hotel on the Northern Boulevard, both in Lumiose City. Hope that helps. How do I access the boss?

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The punk says I have no sense of style and wont let me pass. I cleared the area of trainers. Am I missing something?

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I was in there for quite a while and only found one Electrode. No of Magneton. Oh well. Thanks, guys.

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"pokémon x and y" walkthrough: lost hotel

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"pokémon x and y" walkthrough: lost hotel

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