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Among the outcomes of more than two decades of war and destruction in Afghanistan, especially in the last decade when the reign of terror of Jehadi fundamentalists and their brother-in-creed Taliban were prevailing over the sky of our country, prostitution among our widows is a tragedy that can never be forgotten. Unfortunately, as prostitution is illicit and secretive, there are no exact facts and figures to show the actual of prostitutes. However, in keeping with the reports of RAWA members who local whores in touch with some of them, the definitely exceeds thousands. One of the projects of RAWA inside Afghanistan is to help the hundreds of thousands of miserable widows, some of whom have turned to prostitution and to rescue them from this filthy occupation. Fortunately, our members have succeeded in getting in touch with many of them and enrolling them in literacy and tailoring courses. It is worth mentioning that in the past few months RAWA has distributed food to a of these women.

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KOB 4 discovered a website that allows people to leave reviews of people they met who offer sex acts. KOB 4 called a person who listed their on the website.

She offered her services and rates, which she described as a donation. One website user reached out to KOB 4 and said he believes the website does more good than harm. He claims the website creates a community.

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An easy outlet for law enforcement, a way to keep people — in his mind — safe. He also believes prostitution and human trafficking are very different.

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To learn more about what the Attorney General is doing to stop human trafficking. Brittany Costello.

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All rights reserved. Website allows people to find prostitutes, rate sex workers.

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Posts detail what the sex worker looks like, what they will do and how much it will cost. Sex trafficking is a problem widely known in Albuquerque.

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However, officials believe they are making strides in fighting sex trafficking. Form not loading? or us at webmaster kob.

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Most Read Stories. Tuesday's intense flooding leaves Albuquerque arroyo damaged.

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Downtown park continues to concern parents.