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Lily adams pornstar

Lily Adams — User rating.

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Years: 19
Ethnicity: Dutch
Eye tone: Misty hazel
I speak: Russian
My Sign of the zodiac: Sagittarius
Figure features: My body type is quite skinny
What is my favourite drink: My favourite drink lager
I like: Fishkeeping
Body piercings: None

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Lily is one of the top stars of the industry and has put together a fine career.

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Her accent will make you fall in love not to mention her body. She has some good stories and gave a very good interview! About 10, people, very redneck, very racist.

I remember in kindergarten, I got in trouble for kissing girls on the playground. They called my mom and wanted to send me to reform school because they thought I was gay. I remember one time, in 3 rd grade, I asked about the dinosaurs or something and they were talking about the bible.

They used the bible more than a text book. So I asked about the dinosaurs and they literally sent me to the office. Fuck this year. CJ: I just noticed a picture on your Twitter. Your tits seem to be getting bigger.

What size are they now? Lily: Oh God. I was I snuck him through the window. She came and knocked on the door and thank God it was locked.

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I shoved him in the closet and answered the door. Lily: I snuck around with a lot of girls. I was with 8 girls before I was Only 3 guys and they all sucked. I had no plans on doing this. I was going to UC-Santa Cruz, as an astrophysics major.

I did one year there and then I had to come home for the summer. Back to Redneck, Mississippi. So I went on Seeking Arrangements and I had never been on there before. A bunch of guys kept messaging me and this one weird guy wanted to get me pregnant. But he was weird about it. He sent s about how he would pay me but he would have to monitor my diet and he also wanted to drink my breast milk.

And you pay for all my expenses?

I felt more comfortable with that. He asked if I would be into being a second girlfriend and have a threeway relationship.

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He literally flew me out there 2 days later. I told my grandma that I was going to the lake with my friends. They were cool at first but it got weird quickly. The next day, he had to drive another girl to a shoot and we fucked outside. They heard us because I was pretty loud. Eventually, me and Taylor got pretty close and the guy went downhill. He was so fucked up and I got a restraining order and Taylor pressed charges.

Whenever I was a waitress, people used to always say I looked like her. That might not have been the best decision but people said I looked like her. CJ: You touched on your first scene a bit. So how did it go? Were you intimidated? Turned on? Lily: Actually, my first scene with just me in POV with the director.

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He had a camera strapped to his head. I was nervous at first but since it was just me and him, I got into it and I enjoyed it. Lily: I would have to say my favorite position would either be missionary with my legs on his shoulders or lazy doggie where I can lift my ass up.

CJ: For fans that are new to you, what are some of your favorite scenes that you could recommend? Lily: I really like to get sloppy. I really like to get messy. I love Swallowed and True Anal. I did a blowbang and it was really nice. That was with HardX. Also, my Bryan Gozzling scenes. I love him, I love my outfits, I love everything about it. CJ: You brought up True Anal.

You just started doing anal on-camera. How is that? Lily: I did it one-time before with my college boyfriend but he had a tiny peepee. And he just shoved it in there and it still hurt.

Porn dicks are a lot bigger so I was nervous. It was a little rough, my first time, but I enjoyed it a lot, actually. CJ: A lot of the guys in porn are older. Does it ever bother you to work with older men?

Lily: Definitely. Then I want to be the dominant one. Lily: Shit, it ranges from 3 to 5 times to 10 times a day. It happens when you orgasm, you just want more. My Hitachi? Oh my God, I love that thing! Lily: Yes I did watch porn. Lily: I love creampies! I hate it on my face, honestly. All-day long. CJ: You were with more girls than guys before porn so what do you look for in a girl off-camera? I like tinier girls, more petite girls, a little younger than me, cute little girls…. We do! I was the first one to come out.

Lily adams

Bree Mills runs Gamma and nobody believed me. I got a ton of text messages from people all over the industry. I got threatened and everyone called me names. I said something to my agent Shy Love and she was on my side. They did it well. Now they believe me and it really hurts. It hurts! I just wish people had believed me when I came out with it.

No other girl would have been victimized! And now they want my help. I want to give them help but these are the same people who criticized me left and right! CJ: What are you like off-camera?

When you have free time, what do you do for fun? Lily: I have my two pugs and we play around. I need a space for them to run around because I live in an apartment.