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Kill la Kill takes fanservice to a whole new level with bombastic costumes for both the boys and girls!

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I love Kill La Kill. I think it's one of the only consistently good uses of fanservice mostly because it barely actually tries to be sexyits visuals are creative, its characters are charming, and it feels like something Adult Swim would make with good writers and a large budget. That being said Fuck the Ragyo hot spring rape scene. It's the one thing keeping me from casually recommending the show.

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It's the one thing that throws the show's strengths out the window. I mean, I've seen worse specifically the entirety of Citrus and Elfen Liedbut still I think this is it.

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But the way the camera presents it, it's almost enticing and thats just Even then, I feel they took it a little too far. Ragyo was already a plenty threatening video. It's kind of like if Darth Vader's backstory was that he murdered a million babies with a butter knife and raped his children.

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But that scene is what really show what kind of shit Satsuki has been dealing all his life I think the naturally of the acts told us that this was normal, a routine. It's the ultimate proof of what kind of psyko is Raygo and how much Satsuki really is strong, not breaking down over her mother.

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I suppose I never chose to view it as more than a one-off thing. That's an interesting enough perspective Still forces me to view it as a niche thing that I can't recommend to anyone who hasn't put up with enough anime bullshit though. Ragyou does it to torture and weaken Satsuki. As it is to make her feel less accepting of her body and supposed to weaken her comfort with herself which would kill her sync.

That one scene

But after all that harassment, Satsuki never wavers in who she is as a person. She never let's it grind at her self image. She knows and accepts who she is and knows nothing like that could destroy the tower in her mind. She is strong and she won't let violation take away anything from her.

Honestly it's empowering. I guess that makes sense. It kinda hits both marks unfortunately. I guess I can tolerate it upon future rewatches, but it does still make the show less recommendable. I can also see why you would say it was in poor taste. I've seen the show like 4 times and wrote a massive review over it but I could argue both sides. I think one of the reasons Ragyo did that was to make Satsuki uncomfortable with being naked and this more susceptible to wearing clothes and being part of REVOCS.

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Also I think that not recommending one of the best anime series out there because of a single scene is a bit silly. Yeah, I definitely disliked the Yuri aspects of the show as I'm not interested in that genre at all. I'm actually quite interested in it I say as the massive Ryuko x Mako shipper Is what I would say if they didn't keep fucking it up like yaoi.

Seriously, at least ONE gay romance anime with characters that have chemistry and completely consensual use of sexuality is something I freaking need in my life that will never happen. That One Scene.

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Continue this thread. That was still fucked, but it was a hell of a lot shorter.

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In a way it's very empowering? What an icon. To more casual audiences specifically.

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