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Jasmine sex story

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Note: You can change font size, font face, and turn on dark mode by clicking the "A" icon tab in the Story Info Box. Please consider leaving feedback on issues you experience or suggest improvements. Princess Jasmine sat on her palace bed in her usual emerald blue belly shirt and baggy translucent pants waiting for Aladdin. Like always. He spent so much time in Agrabah Market, trying to please the kingdom as their Sultan that he often left Jasmine alone in the palace bored. Sure, they had traveled to Wonderland and Neverland on vacation this year, but she felt the connection between the two of them waning, like he was more interested in his work than his beautiful princess of a wife.

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‘jasmine’ stories

I was trying hard to be polite, but I was seething. The four men had come to see my mother, Pearl, on church business. But I had been promised by my Mom that she was going to take me to the observatory tonight. I knew Mom would be caught up for a few hours and by then it would be far too late to go out.

Tonight was the first fine Friday night in over a month and I really wanted to go. Mom usually did not have meetings for the church on Friday nights, this had been a last minute affair.

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Mom had become involved with the church soon after my father had been killed in a car smash four years ago. I knew one of the men as the local pastor, and then as he introduced the others to mom, I heard their names. Mr Humes, from the neighbouring area, Mr Johnson, from the ministry, and Mr Dimmock from the youth league. I knew not to say anymore. Perhaps if there is jasmine sex story park or reserve nearby where I could show you what is in the night sky.

Are you sure about this? It would be nice to take her there. I met Mr Dimmock at the front door and we began to walk towards the reserve. For the next half an hour we looked up at the sky as Mr Dimmock pointed out stars and constellations, along with Jupiter and Saturn. Mr Dimmock stayed very close to me, sometimes bumping into me, touching me, and holding my arm up as a pointer. I gasped. I gave a small whimper but stayed still while his hand circled a few more times. Then he swapped his hand over to my left breast and began to circle on that one.

Keep still and just relax. I whimpered.

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Then he pinched my nipple, making me gasp out loud. Now Jasmine, it time to see what else you have for me. I gasped and froze for a moment. You promised to be a good girl.

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His hand then began to roam about and rub over my legs and my belly. Then brought his hand up along the inside of my thighs and up over my panties.

I squirmed. This is what I have been wanting to have. I squirmed as his hand ran right down then hooked my panties off over my sneakers. You need to be a really good girl now. I felt scared now, I wanted to go back home. I quivered.

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His hand returned back up my thighs and then ran over my slit, making me cringe. I felt his finger come back to my slit, and he stroked up and down against it a few times, I began to tremble, unsure what he was intending to do. His other hand snaked down between us and into the space between my legs. I realized I could not move. Then he shifted slightly and I felt something firm push up against my slit close to where my entrance was. I felt him push in against my slit, whatever it was going directly to where my entrance was, jamming into place.

Jafar fucks princess jasmine (disney) part 2

He pushed again. His hand then clamped over my mouth again, holding in the cloth he used.

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A moment later I realized much to my horror and dismay exactly what he had just stuffed into my mouth, it was my panties. He pushed in harder and I felt an awful tightness and pain, his shaft head began to squeeze past my entrance. Tears well up in my eyes as I quivered and trembled. I let out a muffled cry but he ignored it. Again he pushed, his shaft slipped in a bit more. Tears tumbled down the sides of my face. It really hurt like hell.

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He eased back for a moment, giving me half a second of unexpected relief, but then he pushed in again, his shaft slipping deeper, I was to scream, but my mouth was full and his hand kept my mouth closed. Yes, you are just so tight Jasmine, really tight, this is so good. I felt the awkward tightness as he moved back inside me, making me quiver.

He followed the same sequence a few more times, easing out then pushing back inside. Then he stopped for a moment inside me, he then pushed in further, making me gasp and try to cringe away. More tears rolled down the sides of my face. He eased back only a small distance and then pushed slowly in until the tightness made his stop. Again and again, he repeated the short probing thrusts, but his shaft got no further. He eased right back to be just out then he pushed in as far as he could, the tightness restricting his movement. It hurt more each time jasmine sex story hit the tightness, but he tried again, going right back then going in as far as he could.

I cringed and tried to gasp, but each time it got muffled and he ignored my sobbing pleas. You are doing so well. I was very confused by his comments, but I just wanted him to get off me. He then eased back and shifted his weight slightly.

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Again he pushed in, his shaft sliding in past my entrance, probing the depths of my body. While not quite so tight, it was still very uncomfortable for me. His shaft moved a little further inside me. Another push and his shaft slipped in a little bit more. That seemed to delight him. Another much more firm push and I cringed and whimpered, His shaft sliding in, going noticeably deeper. Again he pushed in, his shaft worming its way further inside me. Another couple of thrusts and I felt this shaft begin to push my insides about, and his lower belly press against mine. It was still tight and uncomfortable, but it no longer hurt.

He repeated that action a few more times, then he paused.

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He removed his hand and eased out my panties, I gulped a few times now, relieved to use my mouth and not gag. He started the long, slow deep pushes again, his shaft still tight but able to slide through my entrance. I wanted to ask him what he was doing, I wanted him to stop I wanted him to take me back home. I had so many questions about what he was doing but I kept my silence.

‘jasmine’ stories

Slide in and hold, then ease out, again and again, he pushed his shaft deep inside me. His shaft kept on moving, sliding in and then back. He seemed to breathe harder faster, but he also seemed to be getting excited as well. The next couple of pushes were quite short but finished deep, only withdrawing a small amount. His shaft seemed to quiver and I felt a sudden warm rush inside me, a moment later his shaft quivered again, along with another rush. A shot hard push and jasmine sex story shaft quivered more, and I felt a series of pulses along with more rushes inside me. You have been such a good girl, you really have.

His shaft then slowly slid back out from inside me. I felt relief at not having his shaft inside me but then I began to feel a kind of sticky wetness between my legs.

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