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J girl figh

The pay for the servers. Vizzed has 3 TB worth of games and 1 TB worth of music.

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Choose a language: or. The party has 2 chars on front and 2 on rear, and could have more 2 on support. Each person has a WT timer that is related to the frequency of attacks. In other words, low s are better. She is weak but has the lowest cost, so you will use her sometimes. From anime One Piece Nico Robin. From anime One Piece, her normal attack is not good but she has some interesting special powers. Ps: once per battle.

Someone knows her name??? Very useful! The disadvantage is that she could use only twice per battle. From anime Bleach, very useful. Second attempt to same target makes high damage useful. From anime Bleach, very useful, her super special power is amazing! Tsunade — HP wow! From anime Naruto, very useful! Only once per battle.

The only valid target is Tsunade herself. From anime D-gray Man. From anime Bleach Rangiku Matsumotouseful. From anime Bleach she helps the crazy cientist captain. From anime Bleach, weak attack but useful. Very useful. Also called Lala from anime To Love Ru. Resurrected char will have HP depending of the level. Super Special Power : Attack all enemies. From anime Bleach also called Momo.

From anime Naruto Hinata Hyuugauseful. Special Power 1 : unknown, something related to WT. From anime Bleach Kuchiki Rukia. Support Nagisa cost 1 helps attacking uses a bit of Special Bar — attack.

Support Rina cost 2 helps starting battle with half level of Special Bar charged good! Support Tokiko cost 2 helps attacking use Special Bar with double attack.

Support Kuja cost 2 helps with start all allies WT decreased by Support Itsuna helps attacking use some special bar and increase 10 WT on enemy. Support Rukia cost 3 helps attacking and make target reset WT to max. Support Nagi cost 1 helps changing all party to chars. Support Haruna cost 5 helps with decreasing WT by 10 for all allies during all battle!

From anime To Love Ru. Support Ryu cost 2 helps attacking use 1 level special bar all enemies good. Support Thia cost 3 helps resurrecting the first ally who dies. The ally returns with HP. Support Mis cost 1 helps attacking use some special bar.

Support Nase cost 2 helps with unknown influence. Someone knows? Support Hinamori cost 6 helps attacking target enemy, damaging zero but double her WT good. Support Unknown3 cost 1 helps attacking using some special bar.

Support Yui cost 2 helps increasing 50 HP on all allies good. Support Mamori cost 1 helps changing all party to chars. The problem is that HP is reduced by half. Support Kyoko cost 2 helps attacking use some special bar. Support Tomoe cost 4 helps starting battle with 1 level of Special Bar charged good! Support Hinata cost 3 helps uses 1 level of special bar creating a reflect shield on char. From anime Naruto Hyuuga Hinata. Support Iyo cost 6 helps starting battle with 1 level and half of Special Bar charged good! Suport Kozi cost 1 helps changing all party to chars.

Using Eve on front and Rinsu on Rear, first attack Robin black hair. Eve uses special Continuous again, and Rinsu uses Gun fourth menu, then first option. After Robin dies, then use same strategy to Nami. First attack Nagisa blue hair because she has a super special power.

Then attack the other girl on front, using same strategy. Support chars Nagisa, Satsuki and Rina also available. Robin uses Clutch and Rinsu uses Frozen Bullet on Unknown 2 up rearbecause she attacks only twice, but her attack is very powerful.

Eve uses normal attack on Tokiko bottom front. Nami attacks Unknown 2 or Tokiko, who has more HP. If Unknown 2 is alive, kill her before her second attack. Continue until kill Mamu. If Yoruichi top rear uses her Special power a thunder appearLeona must quickly use Dispel on Yoruichi.

Rinsu attacks Soi Fong with Frozen Bullet. Attack Tsunade top front with Soi Fong VespidSakura normal attackNami thunder bolt and Rinsu Frozen Bullet — so Tsunade will attack less and enemy special bar will increase less too. He will resurrect! Then continue attacking Tsunade, except that Nami attack slime once eventually Tsunade or Leona will stop to heal him.

Tsunade will use her special power when her life become lower than … Continue attacking until kill her. Mamu always attacks when special bar is charged, use her special Shining ; Nami or Unknown 1 uses normal attack; Eve always use special Shield she will survive! In the end, Rinari will use her special power, and Mamu and Eve will survive. Mamu will be resurrected by Thia and Eve because of the shield.

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Unknown 2 must do: when special bar have at least 1, use support attack for Itsuna on Rangiku too. Otherwise, just charge…. If Soi Fong has less than HP, put her on rear, because eventually support attack Rukia from enemy appear and attack one girl from front. Heal Soi Fong…. Kurumu is not necessary probably she will be already killed.

Sakura attacks first Kurumu, after kill then Rinari, after kill then Dakki. Eventually, use Dispel if Leona becomes paralyzed with an arc over head. Eventually, with special bar on level 3, use special Tornado level 3 on Orihime, she will die!