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Please send a to tumbex. Obviously, they decided that my site was no longer acceptable and they set up specific rules so that tumbex users no longer have access to the contents of tumblr. It's unfortunate, I loved tumblr, that's why I created tumbex.

Years old: I'm 42 years old
Ethnic: I was born in The United Arab Emirates
Hair: Brunet
I prefer to drink: My favourite drink ale
What is my favourite music: Rap
Smoker: No

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With the feeling of his cum still in my throat we walked down the road away from the massage parlour. I was so turned on it was all a blur, the bright headlights of cars, the street lights and bright s, I was holding on to this hunk of a man following wherever he lead me. He called a taxi over from the side of the street and he gave the name of the hotel he was staying at, though I would have gone anywhere I was further thrilled to hear it was a nice expensive hotel by the river.

Upon arriving at the hotel the doorman gave me a look, even hookers turn up to hotels dressed a little better than the state I was in, 20 minutes ago I had been rubbing and sucking his cock with oil flying everywhere, being fondled in the back seat of the car now standing outside a fancy hotel looking very dishevelled. We went over to the elevator, as it arrived we got in, this time he lightly held my throat as Italian ass tumblr looked up and he passionately kissed me on the lips, spinning me around he pulled up my skirt and slapped my ass before taking it in a firm grip.

I could see his arousal in his pants, showing the first s of the dominant man he was, I was concerned for what was about to happen, but wanting every bit as much. In the room he went to shower without saying a word, I sat waiting for him, soon he emerged toned and strong body dripping with water droplets, I wanted him so bad, and he clicked his fingers to get my attention from his body and told me italian ass tumblr shower. Feeling my body in the shower my nipples were so hard, my pussy was dying for some attention and I was delighted I had shaved that morning.

He sat in his seat inspecting my body, while I stood in front of him doing what he told me to do, begging for his approval. He rubbed my ass with his hands before I felt pain and heat from my right butt cheek as he slapped it hard. I knelt on the floor between his legs, he held me by the hair, as I took his big thick cock in my mouth, as I felt it grow I could take less and less of it in my mouth, he at first gave me encouragement to suck his cock before pulling his cock out of my mouth slapping his big cock in my face, my saliva dripping off his cock against my face before he thrust it back in my face.

He stood up, being on my knees I looked up at him, standing so strong and impressive, his hard cock standing proud, he grabbed me and picked me up in his arms, carrying me over to the bed where he threw me down. I landed on the bed on my back and he climbed on top of me, he pulled my legs apart, rubbing and teasing my pussy with the head of his cock, it was wet and open and I knew despite his big cock that he would have no problems entering me.

He put all his weight on top of me reaching round holding the back of my neck, he trust is cock in and out of me rapidly with powerful deep strokes. I groaned and moaned like the whore he wanted as he fucked me hard, his big cock filling and stretching my pussy.

He raised himself up and looked down at his cock, admiring himself fucking my pussy. I was so turned on I told him to fuck me harder, he was groaning and panting so much, fucking me with his huge cock so fast and hard I thought he would cum at any moment, eventually he stopped, his grip on my hair released and he pulled his italian ass tumblr out of me, I looked round at him expecting he had cum, instead he told me to put my head down into the bed and raises my ass up to the ceiling.

He began to fuck strong, next thing I know his phone starts to ring, swearing in Italian he climbs off me and answers his phone, he walks around the room with his huge hard cock still strong, talking in Italian to someone, after a minute he clicks his fingers to me and points to his cock. I crawl over to him standing there, is big cock still standing rigid, I obey and on my knees I start again sucking his big cock, I lick my lips around the head or his cock, kiss and slurping on his cock, taking it all in my mouth to the back of my throat. With one hand still showing the events that have taken place to his wife, the other he has firmly placed gripping my hair at the back of my head, I can only describe it as face fucking as I struggle not to choke completely italian ass tumblr his cock.

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He groaned which I sucked his cock, sometimes laying his head back in ecstasy, it was hard to follow any of his conversation but which sucking his cock he sounded to be enjoying himself. He returned to me, I looked up at him with blurry italian ass tumblr, just regaining my vision. He pulled me again by the tie, I could see the bed was wet from where I squirted and I looked at it in wonder as he italian ass tumblr me over to the counter.

He told me to get on all fours in the middle of the bed, my knees were in the wet puddle I had created just before. He got behind me and not for the first time that evening he grabbed my hips and fucked me hard from behind, as he got more and more into it he would grab the makeshift leash and pull on it to force my head back and choke me, all the while he would grab at my body, squeezing, pulling or slapping, as he fucked me he reached some oil from next to the bed, spraying it generously over my ass I could feel the warm oil spray against my ass cheeks and asshole and run down my ass to my pussy making it more and more lubricated for him to fuck my pussy hard.

I rose weakly to my feet, I looked at myself in the mirror, my face was dripping with his cum, I could see it in my hair, the word whore slightly smudged but still clear. Only then realising how visible my breast were through my top, a few of the word written on me were visible, my throat was red raw from the tie that had been tight around it, as well as various marks and bruises.

I took a deep breath and made my way out of the hotel, there was no hiding what I looked like but I had little choice, fortunately it was quiet in the middle of the night and the taxi dark. I have been working in an average to small massage parlour in Bangkok for a of months now, and what I plan to do is explain and share some of the wild experiences that have come about.

This however is more of an introductory piece to give you an idea of the inner workings of it and to help your imagination. The one I am at is very average and a common sight in Bangkok, a small shop that opens to the road, full floor to ceiling windows and often a few girls sit outside and entice men nearly all the time men, but not always into the shop to have a massage. Some places have set uniforms to wear, this is not often erotic more just practical. Where I work there is no set uniform, but often work in shorts and a t shirt to help with movement. The massage parlour opens around midday, and will run officially until midnight when it is supposedly closed but ill get back to that part shortly.

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An average day for me I arrive at around 6pm and will work through until midnight, it is very hit and miss with customers, as you may only get one customer the entire evening, in some cases you might get no one especially if there italian ass tumblr only one or two but multiple girls working. The guy depending on the massage he wants will have stripped to a towel and normally be lying face down with the hand towel covering his bottom and upper thigh, if it is a oil massage for example I will massage his back, thighs, lower legs, feet, then the other side including chest and arms, often finishing off with a head run or neck.

So probably from the first line you have been waiting for me to get onto this part, but probably from the price you can see the slight incentive to give a happy ending. When he has cum the massage is over and it may have been only 20 to 30 minutes instead of the hour he paid for. I will then clean with wipes, he may dress or go shower, then he pays and leaves.

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Where I work you are allowed to give a happy ending but no more. Not something to make a career from but while im studying all day it works for me. At midnight a couple of girls still sit outside, there is a light on inside but one rather than many, when a customer comes in he will say he wants a massage some at that time of night are a bit more bluntthe area downstairs is not used this time of night as we are closed, instead customers are lead upstairs, we have 2 floors of rooms upstairs, the rooms are wooden walls instead of curtains but the segregated walls do not reach the ceiling.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

Though the rooms might be private and safe to not be seen, the noise carries easily, mostly is just voices of conversation, but other noises are often heard. I know this has been brief but is to introduce you to a bit what its like. Every day is a different tale and I will share different stand out moments with you all shortly. Every day or should I say evening that I work there is a tale to tell, I try to recount the ones I think the majority of my followers would like to hear about.

I have massaged men of all different ages, nationalities and sizes interpret that as you will. I remember this evening so vividly, I remember it so well as the evening started in such a wonderful way, I was sitting with a couple of other girls by the entrance to the massage parlour, my nipples wear standing hard and erect as the cool air from the aircon flowed over me. I was messaging on Tumblr with a few of my followers when I got a message from Lisa lisa-i-amwe message often but this time she asked to call me with some news.

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I was sitting on a stool looking at my phone when I heard a man with italian ass tumblr accent say hello, I looked up and there was one of the most handsome men I think I have ever seen, tall, fit, dazzling eyes, strong jaw, and a captivating smile. A few moments later the girl that I had passed came to get me, she did not look happy, I looked around at her slightly surprised, though I managed to click what had happened, he had requested me and refused the masseuse allocated to him.

I had a wonderful feeling from being picked by this handsome guy over her, from getting to see this handsome guy again and my news from Lisa that I almost skipped as I made my way to where he was. I stood there when I got to his curtain, took a deep breath to calm myself and checked over my outfit, I was wearing a tight white tshirt that covered a lot but my nipples were still rock hard poking through like two bullets, I was also wearing a black skirt, quite loose to allow me to move around easily when massaging.

Happy enough with how I looked and with my composure in check I entered. He was laying on the mattress already, with a towel covering his butt, the rest of his muscled body completely naked, I am happy to massage anyone, but he was a particular italian ass tumblr.

I began to massage his back, running my hands all over his firm body, as I did this we made small conversation, his English was quite good, turned out he was an Italian businessman, late 30s, here in Thailand for only a couple of nights, though he had visited a fair few times. After a couple of times I could feel he was aroused and it was waking up.

I made my way down to the lower legs and feet. It was now the time, I asked if he would mind turning over, with no towel covering him he turned over onto his back.

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I felt such pleasure having his huge cock in my mouth, my pussy was screaming out in jealousy, wanting some attention, I could feel it so wet now, it had soaked my thong completely. I ran my tongue up every italian ass tumblr of his shaft, when reaching the top, I took the whole head in my mouth, allowing his cock further and further into my mouth and down my throat. I wanted him side my pussy so bad, but just as I was thinking, I felt his warm cum filling my mouth and firing down my throat, I had no choice but to take his huge load in my mouth and swallow it all, it kept cumming, his big balls well and truly being emptied.

His huge cock started to relax, I still sucked his semi italian ass tumblr for every last drop of his cum. He started to dress, I did too, the oil from him fucking my tits now making my white top fairly transparent. He asked if I would come to his hotel with him, I wanted to play it cool but had answered yes before I even got the chance to consider. Also this guy was really big, im not exaggerating. I actually dont work there anymore, it was a short time solution to my financial issues, and while I still might have those issues, I am very soon to graduate and need time to concentrate to get me over the finish line.

Dont worry though, I still have many tales from the parlour to share. So if you are only just reading this, a couple of years ago, I was separated from my husband and still studying at university. To be able to get by I started working at a massage parlour in Bangkok for a couple of months, during that time I did and saw plenty that I could write a whole book about, though this is about a regular customer I had, and his indecent proposal.

There are some however who might have a certain girl massage them and they like that girl and come back to be massaged by them. To put a little more context to where I worked, it was a massage place like many others around the Sukhumvit area of Bangkok, it is open most of the day and evening and was common to still see some girls sit outside at italian ass tumblr or 11pm.

After around 9pm everything would be upstairs, upstairs they had two more floors each with little rooms, very thing walls and some bathroom with shower. Getting taken upstairs did mean anything different was going to happen, could still just have a massage and leave, it was more to give the appearance downstairs of being closed or winding down. I would say normally from around 11pm — 2am, most girls who worked at that time would be happy to do more than a massage for you.

So as for this regular customer, his name was Steve, he was in his late 30s and admitted to being married and working in Bangkok, he would come to my massage place almost religiously twice a week, always on a Friday after a couple of after work beers and on a Tuesday straight from work, he would want an oil massage which I would do, and then would like a handjob, I would be doing a few of these a day so other than my write aching a little I was or maybe am very good, with all the oil, it was rare a guy was lasting more than a couple of minutes I have a video to prove it on my onlyfans, posted free can see anytime.

I guessed he had given up on getting massages or was trying somewhere else. I just finished with a guy and went downstairs for him to pay the cashier, when I say Steve sitting and waiting, one girl who I was friendly with smiled and said look who is back and he has asked for you. Mostly the massage with Steve went normal as it did on his visits. I remarked that he was already hard, and he just said its because he was thinking of something. He then said to go over to his pants that were hanging up, there was an envelope in the pocket.

I looked at him but was like ok, and went over to his pants, I reached in one pocked and pulled out a rather thick envelope. On the back on the envelope was just the word ANAL? You little bitch, u dont tell me what to do, u disgust me with ur pathetic weak little message, but i guess its the best I can expect from a worthless little sub like you.

What kind italian ass tumblr man begs a woman to dom him, you should u have any balls between ur legs. Now get to ur knees and show u at least have some worth in this world and lick my asshole like a good little boy. Today I wanted to share with you all my experience of public nudity and sex.

This story however is slightly different, it all began back in September while I and my husband were looking for a place to go on holiday.

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We wanted somewhere fairly local, but living near some of the best beaches anyway, we wanted to go somewhere with something a bit different. The idea of finding a nudist beach came up, nothing sexual, just would be fun to go from a hotel and walk and lay on the beach naked, fun to show or can be seen, but always relax in the sun. In Thailand and most of South East Asia, despite what some might think, they are very conservative countries when it comes to public nudity. We did however find a few resorts that have large areas of grounds including a fairly long stretch of beach available for customers to be nude.

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We decided to book and try it out. We went for a long weekend in November, though there are a few stories I could tell, it was one last afternoon on the beach that I think was most fun.

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It did seem that around the resort people practiced different levels for nudity from little shorts and a bikini top, topless or full nude. My husband wore a little pair of swim shorts, and I a bikini at first, but the beach people seemed to strip off more, so we did too.

Looked around a bit and both stripped naked, was really fun to be completely naked in public, feeling the sea breeze making my nipples poke hard, and past my freshly completely shaved pussy. During the early afternoon, we mostly just laid on our towels, had a drink, read a book or listen to music, some men would walk past and you can always catch them having a glance at you when they are exactly in line to look between your legs, some would have walked past a fair few times throughout the afternoon.