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    Interior Design Story with Great Details

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    Each new interior story or process of making the same, for me is a privilege. Not only was I able to peek into another lovingly decorated home, but I have the opportunity to meet some great and inspiring people. I found interesting and sure to emotionally colored stories. Unconditional experiences that make this box among my favorites. Meeting with our today’s hostess, Christine and a tour of the home where she lives with her husband Branko, once it is confirmed.

    This is probably one of the most recent well-kept homes in which we stopped by when the interior of the story exists yet. Christine and Branko are in it just four months.

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    Moving in the preceding few months complete and thorough renovation. How are both architects, wholly conceived project that involved a lot of demolition and expansion? From two small rooms were given a large living room which is connected with a dining room and a large kitchen.

    When I asked Christine whether to re-engage in the adventure complete restructuring of the old apartment, she said yes without hesitation remotely. He says that as an architect and itself advises its customers that when buying an apartment always opt for the option which will have the freedom and space that things are changing for their ideas and concepts.

    A Comfortable Home Design Which You will Feel Most Relaxed

    The idea of our hosts was a comfortable home that they will feel most relaxed and where they can surround the crowd, lots of memories. As an objective observer can tell that they have succeeded. The cozy and tucked away, their living room as it calls for here, a film marathon and enjoying good bench. The only large desk with one of the walls reminds and recalls the work.

    At the same table, I notice interesting decoration – rosette of stone. Christine, we explained that it is a hand-made rosette which is a gift received from his parents when he mastered. Made by the artist from Trstenik, where he and Christine, and on it, you can see the ornaments similar to those from the Ljubostinja Monastery. “So with you and I have a part of their homeland,” she explained.

    Furniture and Decorative Details in Interior Design

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    This is just one in a multitude of memories which are Christine and Branko find places in his little flat ground. The most striking are certainly hammock, chaise lounge dominating. They got it from a friend from Colombia and that as a wedding gift. Interestingly, this version hammock called “matrimonial” and is devoted to just newlyweds.

    Colorful is phenomenally fit with bricks on one of the walls and carpets, old five decades, which is Christine, inherited from her grandmother, and she once received as a gift from a friend. The story of this part of the apartment is completed with a large picture of Mise Filipovic. Another wedding gift and another important memory.

    As Christine and Branko lived three years in Milan, there finishing master studies, many details in the apartment is directly or indirectly associated with Italy. A variety of books, ornaments, as well as a great view of the famous photo “Kissing the War Goodbye” that they received from their professors from Milan. Next, to it, there are framed photos of Cristina’s and Branko wedding.

    Decorate the Walls | Photo Wall Decor

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    The dining area is particularly interesting. It is dominated by a large, wooden table. It is no accident because in addition to brick Christine loves wood and precisely these two elements have constituted the basis of which they begin the process of decorating the apartment. What usually handmade and by carpenters and locksmiths from Trstenik.

    The inspiration for the table created after Christine saw similar actions in one of the designer furniture. Unfortunately, its price was 3,000 euro. Resolved to find a cheaper alternative, contacted the man from Trstenik, which also called the carpenters and artists. He had at his disposal only three boards ash wood that was full of knots and holes.

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    Christine did not give up their ideas and solve that holes be filled with lead. At the same time, a locksmith was making a design for a hundred. A few weeks later what’s been done and cost them a total of 150 Euros. This is a small lesson on how to for an acceptable amount of money you get to the modern pieces of furniture, which prices in salons and to know how to be in dispute.

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    Wood dominates and in the sleeping area, where all the pieces of furniture made to order. Just like the shelf that separates the living from the dining room. Beyond all the conceivable solutions are Christine and Branko, a realization of the masters in charge of Trstenik and Belgrade.

    Bedroom Details in Interior Design

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    From details in the bedroom is a particularly interesting map of the world on which scratches are drawing the locations you have visited. The map has hooked another gift from Colombia, the so-called “dream catcher”. Chandeliers are identical to those of the dining room and living room.

    In the hallway, four extremely interesting pieces, stylistically very different, yet very nicely blended. Suitcase Kristin’s grandmother who was married when brought in dowry, crystal chandelier, also very old, the figure of the green pig, purchased in the store Eglo, a wall painting whose author Kristina’s friend from high school. Everything together makes it extremely interesting corner that you cannot help but notice and besides that, you need to pause.

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    This is actually a complete home of the young couple. And while Kristina was in charge of the aesthetic moment as long Branko was in charge and responsible for the constructive side of the planning process.

    In the end, they got exactly what they wanted: tucked away and a comfortable home full of memories and pieces that remind them of nice people and expensive destinations that are jointly met or visited. Neither did we remain empty-handed: get another beautiful interior story to which I am eternally grateful to their and your name.

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    While we hear the last sounds of “Leon on me” you are our hosts selected for the musical background of this post. I sincerely hope that you are preceded by rows brought plenty of ideas and inspiration.

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