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A woman tormented by ghostly apparitions and a professor of psychic phenomena investigate other-worldly disturbances and unlock the secret of a malevolent force reaching out for vengeance from beyond the grave.

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However, Kadijevic uses it only as a starting point for his own explorations into the dark side of eroticism. On the surface Henrik and Nina Christofferson are an ordinary family living happily. But they have a problem. Their daughter, Stine, a difficult 14 year old, has a habit of telling lies in class. When Stine accuses her f Kika, a young cosmetologist, is called to the mansion of Nicolas, an American writer to make-up the corpse of his stepson, Ramon.

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Ramon, who is not dead, is revived by Kika's attentions and she then moves in with him. Rosario Palma becomes a prostitute after losing her father and discovering her boyfriend had a liaison with another woman. In Veracruz, Rosario lives above a sordid cabaret "selling her love to the men coming from the Lynn Hart is a disturbed young woman who escapes from a mental hospital where she was committed for killing her abusive father who raped her.

Stealing a nurse's uniform and car, Lynn ends up in a small California town wh A young model and her petty thief boyfriend find their way through the English fog to a backwoods manor in hopes of looting it. What they find instead is murder, and when the model attempts to find the house again, her e On the stage of her high school drama class year-old Sarah gives it all.

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When she performs, there is an instant of suspense in which she appears to transform completely into her character. But what lies behind Sarah's The true story of the beautiful and charismatic but mentally unstable Barbara Daly, who married above her class to Brooks Baekeland, heir to the Bakelite plastics fortune. Their only child is a failure in his father's ey An artist, John Jaspers sells his soul to the mysterious "M" in order to get revenge on the people who killed his girlfriend.

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Soon, he realizes everything has a price, and he is transformed into a horned demon with a pas The young beautiful sisters Lilly and Ragni are motherless. They live with their father, a horse dealer. During a horseback ride, Lilly and Ragni come to a pond of water lilies. They undress and swim naked.

A local watch In the 70's, the boy Billy is born with yellow skin due to a liver disease and his dysfunctional mother rejects him. Later he witnesses his mother and her lover killing his beloved father and burying him in the basement Inin Red River, Tennessee, a teenager has frequent nightmares.

Her mother re an old letter from written by her ancestor, Lucy Bell.

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After a dispute of lands judged by the church, her husband John Bell is c Brantley Foster, a well-educated kid from Kansas, has always dreamed of making it big in New York. On his first work day in New York, he is fired in a hostile take-over and learns that jobs - and girls - are hard to get Spain, s. Montse's agoraphobia keeps her locked in a sinister apartment in Madrid and her only link to reality is the little sister she lost her youth raising.

But one day, a reckless young neighbor, Carlos, falls do Parma, Balancing between his Marxist ideology and his forced integration into the system, the twenty-year-old student, Fabrizio, is both repelled and attracted by his parents' bourgeois way of life. Still unable to Picking up lesbian soldier Connie and murdering her is the first step in the payback plan of Kay.

Posing as the dead Connie, she next ingratiates herself into the Reeves family, which is mourning the loss in the Gulf War Loosely based on serial killer Henry Lee Lucas, the film follows Henry and his roommate Otis who Henry introduces to murdering randomly selected people. The killing spree depicted in the film starts after Otis' sister Be Hunsecker, the most powerful newspaper columnist in New York, is determined to prevent his sister from marrying Steve Dallas, a jazz musician.

He therefore covertly employs Sidney Falco, a sleazy and unscrupulous pr Complications ensue w After some years of tension, Richard begins a sexual relationship with his sister Natalie, who incest movie site now married. The relationship between Richard and Natalie proves dangerously obsessional.

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Surprised and confused, When Bo wasa mysterious stranger sadistically murdered his parents. Only Bo and his sister, Ingrid survived the bloodshed. Now, twenty years later Bo and his sister are grown up. They are now employees at a A loan shark is forced to reconsider his violent lifestyle after the arrival of a mysterious woman claiming to be his long-lost mother. Kaisu, an office employee, who was raped-by-mother's-boyfriend many times and "S" a boy, who is sexually abused by his young mother meet in a chat room on the internet.

It starts with some innocent flirting, but soon the Carla is interrogated when a student is killed at a party.

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In the past, she faces Polo in court, Ander has a health worry, and Nadia meets a new suitor They're known for their outrageous YouTube videos where they take the party game Truth or Dare? A thief awakens Valerie, just 13, taking earrings left to her by her mother. By morning, the earrings have been returned, Valerie's first period has begun, and a troupe and a missionary have arrived in her 19th century t Nestled in the mountains of Germany, a grim and secluded castle stands - the haunted legacy of the beautiful medieval vampire Baroness Varga. Put to death for her ravenous hunger for female blood, the Baroness uttered a Ator battles giant spiders, swordsmen cloaked in Lucia and Daniel have three children: Ezequiel, who has gone to live incest movie site Spain, Jeremias and, their youngest, Meme.

Lucia, a pretentious woman, believes she can control everything according to the criteria and habits of a Michael is a successful actor, but he has a scandal in his past: at a tender age he knifed his father to death.

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He and his girlfriend Deborah go to his mother's for the weekend, and are ed by the director and others Stranded deep in the woods, a young married couple is taken in by an isolationist family, one that lives off the blood and plunder from lost hikers, and they want the couple to stay for the rest of their lives. A writer, Ned Kendall, is asked to return to the family home by his sister Sally, to say goodbye to his father who is dying.

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The family home is in a very remote and isolated area. While back home, Ned starts having memor The story about a man who's trying to get rid of his memories from his past.

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He grew up in an upperclass-family in a castle and now revisits the castle with his fioncee. Amanda Millard, desperate for a job, takes a maid position at the Oregon Hotel in the creepy, back country town of Mitchell, Oregon. Owners Mildred Colvin and her son Billy seem nice enough at first. But once Amanda disc When novelist Paula Martin retreats to the seclusion of her family home Crows Hall she hopes to clear her mind and focus on her new book.

The arrival of an assistant, Linda, should take the pressure off After an unknown assailant spikes the punch of a pharmaceutical family Christmas with a military grade version of sodium pentothal during Secret Santa, members of the family must survive the night from the victims of the Grace arrives in the town of Bedford to marry Henry whom she has met over the internet.

He lives in a big old house with his sister Catherine. He tries to have sex with Grace but cannot and kills her instead.

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He and Cath John Sayles' murder-mystery explores interpersonal and interracial tensions in Rio County, Texas. Sam Deeds is the local sheriff who is called to investigate a year-old skeleton found in the desert As Sam delves de This isn't an opinion dude, this is a crime ; lot worst than stealing a bike Hi man, I know this is internet full of whiny bitch, racist, who does't apprecia Tag: incest.