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Htc vive sex games

The porn industry is known for adapting to new technologies very fast, and it has even become a deciding factor in technological trends.

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You already watch porn — a lot of it, lol. Do we have your attention yet?

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Because this guide is going to introduce you to a newer and just as if not more exciting category in porn: VR Sex Games. In we have a lot of options already in the VR Sex Game world and as technology steamrolls forward so do our options.

Us either. But the time is here and we are ready!

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Now, inthe concept of cyber dildonics has come full swing and sextech is flourishing. Perhaps the best example of this is the newly released Virtual Mate porn game, a visual and sensory experience that fully captures the essence of dildonics. So what is Virtual Mate and how does this unique porn game actually work?

Porn games are not new. In fact, they have been around since when the aptly named Softporn, a text-based game, hit the burgeoning floppy disk scene.

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Since then, erotic games have exploded and run the gamut from hastily produced efforts with poor graphics to hyper-realistic blockbusters with equally impressive production budgets. Enter Virtual Matea porn game with a difference. Here, your actual physical actions mirror and dictate the events unfolding on your screen in real-time. You play as yourself and interact with your virtual mate, Sheila, a lusty-looking brunette who looks incredibly real no approximations here.

The result is a sex game that fully links a fantasy with physical touch. So if you decide to virtually pound Shiela, pick up the pace and the video will react accordingly. Virtual Mate offers three distinct playing modes:.

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Here, Virtual Mate is a hark to the teledildonic past as you and Sheila flirt your way to eventual nudity. And glory is the right descriptor because interacting with this virtual friend is unlike anything else. Virtual Mate truly is the porn game of the future. Taking things in a different direction, this VR comic is fully animated, and best of all can be played right from your browser desktop OR mobile.

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Get ready to enter a forbidden worldfull of sultry vixens, sexy cosplayers, fantasy models, and even a few furries. This game is one heck of a mash upbringing together dungeons, vampires, the undead, and more, along with timeless classic characters embodying your every sexual fantasy.

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Sin VR is a world of sin, taking place in settings deed to bring out your inner desires and allowing you to bring your wildest fantasies to life … all within the safe and non-judgmental space of VR. This game has a lot of underlying BDSM features, allowing you to take the role of master or slave. The storyline is simple but effective.

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Master of the forbidden domain of SinVR. Meaning, you can collect your characters and have permanent ownership over them in the game.

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This game is as intense and satisfying as its name would have you believe. Captain Hardcore is heralded as one of the top VR Porn games to date.

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Explore a new and exhilarating spaceship with multiple floors, set up the environment and create your own scenes in the masterbatoriumand make all of your wild desires come to life right in front of you. Complete with new and updated toys, leave no hole unexplored or spend time chilling in the bar to all new tracks.

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Have a little fun with Faye and her sultry sister. This game puts you in a hotel elevator together where you can get wild.

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Notable features of this game include a unique hand-tracking experience that will put your skills to the test. Hop in a time machine and head back to ancient Rome in this intense and exciting game.

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As the largest lave capital of the world at the time, Rome was ripe with debauchery, sex slaves and sexual indulgences. With men and women alike being captive to their masters, available as a tool for pleasure and pain. Play as a proud Roman slave trader returning from war and set on rebuilding his fame and fortune. Buy, trade, and train slaves to fuck like a true Roman and deliver unfathomable pleasure. Featuring highly customizable body types, de your sex slaves using the wildest corners of your imagination, and profiteer off of them in the online public square.

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A new entry in the world of VR, Holodexxx takes the traditional XXX photo gallery to a whole new level, taking Real World models courtesy of Naughty America and scanning them to create a tantalizingly real hologram. This game offers unprecedented realism and HD visuals that are nothing short of stunning. As you get off, so does she, reacting to your every hand gesture and move. Set to the backdrop of the Erotes Nightclub, this establishment is all about luxury and comfort.

You see, this nightclub is outfitted with a state of the art humanoid robot named Erika, a strikingly real looking robot there to fulfill your every desire. You awake to find yourself in a dungeon. Strapped in suspension, a mistress appears from the dark. She pegs you relentlessly, taunting you as she goes to work on your ass. Are you brave enough to venture to Spanking and Pegging Prison?

Do you have what it takes? Find out in this anime-inspired lightly BDSM themed masterpiece. Play with a sex-addicted girl who is all about pleasing her master. Use butt plugs, whips, dildos, ball gags and more. Push her limits and make her beg for it while delivering multiple orgasms with this very hands-on gameplay in Nympho Trainer.