How to Visually Enlarge the Room with Wallpapers

    How to Visually Enlarge the Room with Wallpapers

    Visual increase in a smaller space – secret designers

    If you own a small apartment, the question is how to make it more spacious and pleasant. This article will help you understand how to visually expand the space and make it unique. Decide how your room would look. Create a modern interior 2018, based on fashion trends.

    Colors that expand the space

    Choose a wall color. If you are a bright girl, you will need sunny bright colors or creamy white. If you are convinced of yourself, then light green or blue. If you are a creative person, then it is pink or purple. Think about the overall picture of your room. Do not forget, the colors that spread the space – beige, cream, pudding shades.

    Think about your interests. Here are some examples: music, art, movies, animals, etc. Write this list. This is useful for choosing the design of your room. How to visually expand a tight room – stop in bright colors!

    Start by moving the furniture. Find new good positions and ensure that all your favorite furniture fits. Move only empty tables and drawers and temporarily move the items to the bed. Give or discard all unnecessary things to clean the space and leave the boxes.

    A color solution for space expansion

    Who would not want a big house with spacious rooms? But often a person can not afford such a pleasure as buying a large living space, so you have to lubricate in small rooms.

    But if you look at the situation from another angle, then you can understand that not all is so bad, and the small room has its advantages. First, they are easier to clean, second, they are cheaper in terms of heating, and thirdly, if you properly approach the design of the room, then you can create a really comfortable and visually spacious room.

    To create a visual space, you can use a simple “scam”, the possibility of optical illusions. In order to restore the visual space, it is necessary to:

    *Background lamps, cold or pastel colors.
    *Photo walls.
    *Mirrors and bulbs.
    *Curtains and furniture.

    Which wallpapers extend the room

    For a small room, priority should be given to the tones of light, because it is recommended to “play” on contrasts. For example, if space is separated and narrow, the perfect option is to make long walls in bright colors to remove them from each other and visually expand space.

    And those who are smaller, on the contrary, are darkened in order to approach each other. Or create a contrast – on one wall to stack the background with small patterns, and on the opposite side with the big one. A great sample on the wallpaper makes a visually larger room.

    Which wallpapers extend the room to the low ceilings? You can have a background with vertical lines. This method visually increases the ceiling. Or paint the ceiling a few tones easier. If you run the entire room in monochrome colors of light, it will create an unusual, airy atmosphere.

    Forest Photo as a Wall-Mural

    It will perfectly fit into the interior of a small room with wallpapers with a view of the forest, the sea with small ships in the distance, mountain landscapes, etc. In general, everything that represents the future.
    As a smart solution, there will be a selection of wallpapers with an enlarged image of something, for example, shells, some plants, birds, and so on. The most important thing is that the wall adheres to the wall, which is not covered with furniture, especially high because it would ruin the whole effect.

    A personal territory is important for every living being, and for the person – especially. Modern man’s apartment is not enough square square meters, but modern designers have come up with a lot of tricks that can visually increase the room’s surface. If the repair has already been completed, but suddenly it was thought that it would be nice to increase the living space, this problem will be solved by using wallpaper that will expand the space.

    These images attached to the wall visually increase even the smallest room, making it easier and more comfortable. Make such a finishing material using modern technology. They are resistant to wear, decorate the room and become unique. Advantages in their use:

    *easy of maintenance;
    *not burning;
    *perfectly fit the style of the room and visually increase space.

    Photo-walls extend the space – a long hallway with columns

    Photographs of the dock, inside the dining room.

    The city streets wallpaper design.

    Color is the most important

    In order to visually enlarge the space, consider the colors that prevail in it. Shadows should be light and light.

    The choice of panoramic wallpapers responds seriously because they have a psychological effect on tenants. It is suggested that this or that picture affects the mood of people. Take note of the location of the adhesive wallpaper.

    It is important to consider how much the daylight falls into this room. If it is sufficiently illuminated by the sunlight, photo-walls expanding the space, which consist of warm colors. The room looks comfortable, but will not significantly expand the room. The brightness of the sun will act as a deterrent.

    If the room is small, it is better to choose the picture of the horizontal line, the seacoast or the picture of the open door, from which you can see the river or the forest.

    3D wallpapers – interior

    Walls – an idea of ​​the interior

    The walls expand the kitchen space

    In this case, you can still fantasize about colors: pay attention to where is something nice and deter you from what you do not need to emphasize. For this purpose, choose bright, attractive background photos.

    If the finishing material dominates with pastel shades, expanding the space and bringing the atmosphere into the room. A positive result is a striped background: horizontal and vertical lines will do. Here it is necessary to take into account that the horizontal stripes make the room of the wider and vertical bars more.

    The objects in the picture look closer if their colors are white, red or orange. Gray, black and blue objects will lead to the opposite effect.

    Idea for interior 2018: three-dimensional wallpaper

    Photo backgrounds with light blue color will make the room light and airy atmosphere. Furniture items, supplemented by past legs, complement only this style.

    For the living room, it is recommended to have a shade of shades. Suitably rich in green. His beneficial effect on the nervous system has long been known. This color relaxes, discourages everyday problems, leads the body to the tone. This room is suitable for lunch with guests and a family look at your favorite movies.

    Expansion of the space on the wall: something about the texture

    The image and textures of this kind of decoration play an important role. There are three types of textures that are used for background photos, designed to visually increase the square footage. Fine finishing material with “canvas” – texture, suitable for landscapes.

    An idea for an interior with photo wallpapers

    The texture of the “dust” gives the picture a brightness, and the “canvas” architecture and flowers look great, especially when combined with the image of a road that avoids distance, the sea, the mountains or the ocean.

    In the room is visually enlarged, you have to combine background with background wallpapers. If the “decoration” of the walls of bright colors, and on the ceiling – dark, the room will look wide, but low. If hosts are satisfied, then this option is easy to implement.

    Expand the room

    3D wallpapers in skillful use will make the apartment spacious visually. They are used in any room, it is important to choose the right image, so it looks vivid and corresponds to the style of this room.

    Wallpaper, visually enlarging the room

    Bamboo trees – background

    Rectangular rooms are corrected by sending a background image on a narrow wall. Space will visually expand, but if you do the opposite – it will narrow down and you will get an extended corridor. The rectangular room should look square, it will make it more spacious.

    Photo decoration is suitable even in the kitchen: due to its expansion, moisture resistance and durability. Do not be afraid of changing the temperature, humidity, it does not need special attention.

    If the kitchen is large, then you can use this finishing on the entire wall, but it is not recommended to cover it with furniture. If it’s small, you can expand the space with a small photo. For a visual deception to increase the kitchen, it is necessary to esthetically arrange the apron. This will show that the built-in furniture is somewhat deeper than it actually is.

    Wallpaper for a kitchen extension

    A colored background in the living room

    Photo wallpapers in a small studio will expand the space. Even with small dimensions, this room looks great.

    The photo background will fit even in the hallway, visually it will make it wider. Here are the tips presented above.

    With the large surface of the room, you can choose the background more brilliantly, but only if the rest of the color range is silent. Then only the background will attract attention.

    Effective black and white images. They look harmoniously into the interior, these photos attract an eye.

    In any case, we should not lose sight of the plot. The most important thing is that they are neutral and brought within the usual limits. According to your taste, choose the sunset or the narrow street of the ancient city. It is important that this story draws attention from everyday life and relax.

    Photo background with a story

    How to Choose a Background with a Perspective

    Backgrounds with 3D-formatted images with a look, in addition to their main task – to expand space, will give a space of uniqueness. But choosing such a final material Approach with great care, it is important to compare the objects displayed with the present, which are in this room.

    Urban landscapes, in addition to originality, have a strong growing effect. To do this, use the open door, where is the road to the garden, as well as the open terrace, the shores of the lake or the sea. It is only necessary to connect the imagination, and in addition, you can expand the space.

    The picture itself is important. High and narrow poles on the wallpaper will make the room higher. The long and narrow bridge over the river will shorten the walls.

    Photo background with colonies to increase space

    Extend the space of the balcony and verandas that open the view of the big city, the sea or any natural landscape. The room will be lighter with wallpapers that imitate windows. They can go anywhere – in the yard, on the shore or in the garden. The main thing is the illusion of the window.

    Where to buy a background to expand the space

    Finishing materials with photo order in printing companies specialized in the production of such wallpapers. In retail stores, such products are rare, as each consumer strives for uniqueness and uniqueness. You can find such a proposal on the Internet. Here are the images that change at the client’s request.

    Expansion of space

    Pictures and photos are combined with objects in the interior of the room. The classic statues of antique paintings will bring pictures of ancient palaces closer.

    Designers-designers offer to realize one tricky, that the interior looks harmonious. If the background shows the trees, then next to the plant, if the flowers, then it is sealed in flower pots, if it is a sea or river, then an aquarium. An additional effect of increasing the space can be obtained by placing the mirrors next to the background images.

    Decisions require decisive decisions. For a powerful boy, a racing car that is “broken” from the wall by a 3D technology is a suitable car. At the dreamy young woman came a fairytale castle on the wall of her room, floating in the clouds. All fantasies and dreams about a child can be reflected in the background for photos.

    Photo background for small princesses

    Photo-wall paper for children’s room

    It is better to choose neutral images that fit the design. The owner can transform the renovation, buy new furniture, it is important that this painting harmonically fits into another interior. It’s hard to do, but efforts will not be futile, because the wallpapers are expensive and changing them every year – that’s expensive. There are many ideas about expanding the space with photo wallpapers, which the owner decides to choose.

    Before you start, you need to buy glue and necessary tools. Before you stick a room with wallpapers, you must completely free the wall from foreign objects that will interfere with your work. It is necessary to remove everything that overlaps the image. If you do everything carefully and correctly, you can get a score that goes beyond all expectations.

    Surely every apartment or house has a room that depresses its miniature. In this case, everyone can not go to increase the space by demolishing the walls. But today you do not have to resort to such radical changes as you can correct a small room using a background that visually enlarges space. How? We will share some design tricks to help you pick up the lining for your room and show in the photo how best in the modest rooms can look right.

    Color and texture of the background

    Ideal for small rooms – light palette, warm and cold. Here you have, from where you will choose: cream, white, blue, light pink, peach, light yellow, gray, ivory, light power. And, of course, visually expand the space will help all the variations of the white one.

    Choosing a color palette, keep the room brightness level. So, if it is full of natural or natural light, you can safely use cold shades, and if lighting is not enough, give priority to warm tones. For dark rooms, all the soft shades of yellow are perfect. Such a background will be even more effective if you cover not only the walls but also the ceiling.

    The compact furniture and visual tricks gave in this article will help you visually enhance the interior of any room in the house. You will learn how to save space, visually expand the surface, lift the ceiling and make a small and bright room as much as possible. We will draw your attention to 7 secrets to visually enlarge the room!

    1. How to save space in a small room: smart furniture

    When buying furniture for a small room, you can save a lot of space by choosing the smaller depth of the cabinet (especially for the kitchen, bathroom, and hallway), narrow armrests and thin legs. The latter will not only visually increase the space but will simplify the cleaning process, while the furniture without legs will look much more massive and accumulate dust.

    *Sliding or folding table, which can be expanded when visiting the guests. Just upgrade the folding chairs, which can be hidden near the wall or in the closet. Select the model of the wheel table on wheels to facilitate movement.
    *The desk, which can also act as a narrow dining table, kitchen island, window sill or even a barrier between the kitchen and the living room.
    *Sofa with lifting mechanism and storage place. It is convenient to hide bedding, bedding, and various old things. Armrests can be equipped with additional shelves for decor and accessories.
    *Folding bedding that solves the problem of decorating small single or two-room apartments.
    *Bancets and Ottomans with a hinged lid and a cavity inside.

    Finally, the built-in and corner furniture allow the maximum use of the available space. Corner corridors, a reading room in the living room, built-in wardrobe above the head of the bed and similar solutions will make the interior of the house more comfortable and more interesting.

    2. Obstruction: transparent and internal objects of the mirror
    3. How to visually expand the space: horizontal lines

    Choose a horizontal line or wall cover with wooden panels to visually expand the room. The striped track will play the same role in the hallway or corridor. In general, in small rooms, it is better to leave the use of carpets because they visually disassemble the space and they are already doing it.

    4. Increase the room by lighting

    Illumination of every dark corner and the rejection of massive lamps are another way to visually enlarge the small room. Use huge ceiling lights, behind the sofa and armchairs, the built-in table above the tables, built-in spotlights and led lights that will not steal your space.

    5. Which colors extend the room’s room: choose wallpaper for the walls

    Which color is best for a small room? And how to visually increase the space with wallpapers? We offer several ideas with photos!

    For a free and fresh atmosphere, choose the bright, natural and pastel shades of beige, gray, green and blue. The perfect choice will be trendy tones of grease and henna. Combine them with white and different textures, which will make the design more pronounced. Keep in mind that the wall wallpaper is better to choose a medium and large but not small pattern that can make the small room look crowded.

    A good option is to decorate walls and furniture in one color. The interior will look holistic and spacious and can be introduced to colorful accents with vases, indoor plants, couch and other accessories.

    High shelves, shelves, and cabinets on the ceiling will help you to get the most out of space, but also make it visually larger. As horizontal strips extend the space, so vertical accents help to “lift” the ceiling. Therefore, instead of one wide cabinet in the living room, it is better to put two narrow, but high. Two high deck cabinets, kitchen cabinets under the ceiling and shelves with open shelves are also suitable for this role.

    6. How to visually enlarge the curtain room

    A small room needs a good natural light. Accordingly, the curtains should emphasize the windows, leaving them open. For this purpose, the usual long curtains, which can make a higher room if they are decorated with bright colors (like vertical stripes), are good. On the other hand, for a small room, you can safely choose curtains for wallpaper, ribbons and transparent simple cut-off plates. Felt French curtains will be better off, as well as from any decor on the windows.


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