Minimalist Apartment Design that You Will See how It’s Easy to Clean

    How did we arrange an apartment in which to maintain order and cleanliness?

    In a nutshell – cleaning has become much easier and hassle-free since:

    • We do not have too many things standing on top
    • We do not have too many things at all – because even if they are buried, they like to go out and control all horizontal surfaces.
    • Each of the possessed items has its own assigned place (here is a reasonable organization of space, which I wrote many times)
    • Finishing materials and furnishings are made of materials that are easy to keep clean and have simple forms.

    However, we are not in a vacuum, we do not sit in empty apartments, we mess, we dirty, we live. Fortunately, there are some solutions that have helped me to subdue chaos and make cleaning easier. I have collected for you the principle that I was guided myself in the arrangement of our apartment, the solution I have introduced myself and the tricks I use.

    1. Trays / boxes / baskets in strategic locations.

    minimalist-apartment 01

    I mean, where in such a natural way there are various trinkets – it may be a cabinet at the entrance, a kitchen counter, a desk, a bedside cabinet, a sill. I often use small trays, pads or boxes because they introduce a visual order that I really like. One of them is located on the shoe cabinet at the entrance door to the apartment. All keys are found on it, loose coins found, screws (oh, it’s a non-stop device) and other small items. Everything lies on one stand, so to wipe the whole board is enough to lift it. I do not know if you have one, but I personally feel a great reluctance to wipe dust from the surface, which I have to first take off a lot of items to do so.

    minimalist-apartment 02

    The second stand hit the kitchen counter. Usually, there are remote controls for the lighting of the kitchen and living room, some snack in the bowl, leaflets, shopping list, etc.

    minimalist-apartment 03

    Nice solution for any keys in the hallway my parents: not hanging somewhere in the “view”, hooks hooked to the side wall of the cabinet. All you have to do is learn to always put your keys in one place, and find them in the panic before you leave. In a similar way, umbrellas are arranged (my mom has weakness for umbrellas, it has different colors, but she does not know anything about it)

    2. On the top stands/lies only what for convenience there must be?

    This applies to both the kitchen and other rooms. As I already mentioned – I do not like too much when there are too many items in cabinets or worktops because it makes it difficult for me to keep them clean.

    minimalist-apartment 04

    For example – in the kitchen, I prefer to have most of the equipment hidden inside the furniture, and on the countertop is just what it needs. For this reason, I am currently only present: coffee maker, cordless kettle, filtered water jug. There are also some items that delight my eyes, and how much! – It’s a pot with a succulent standing on a cork pad (it’s always at hand, I use it under warm jugs or pots) and picture with a coffee quote from My Pink Plum. All the rest of the equipment is hidden in the lockers.

    minimalist-apartment 05

    For example, from the blender, I do not use so often, then from the toaster already. And that his daily hiding and pulling was terribly embarrassing, so earlier he usually stood on top. In addition, these ubiquitous crumbs in the cupboard and on the countertop! How did I deal with this? He found a place in a small heat-resistant pan, which I did not pull at all at the table. Hiding him now in the locker is 3 seconds. And zero crumbs!

    minimalist-apartment 06

    3. Kitchen equipment.

    minimalist-apartment 07

    Another element in our new apartment, which I cannot enjoy – also in terms of keeping it clean – is an induction hob. The person who invented such completely flat cooking surfaces is a real genius! It is known that this solution is best introduced already at the stage of designing and decorating the kitchen – but if you stand before choosing a new heating plate, personally I would highly recommend your induction. If you prefer gas – pay attention to the fact that on the plate there are as few recesses and recesses.

    4. Wall in the kitchen, which is never sprinkled from frying.

    Since we are already on the topic of the kitchen – I sell you my mother’s way (used by her emergency and provisional – once, but so effective that he “adopted”), which I also use. I showed it to Instant Story and got your approval πŸ™‚ We all know how awkward it is sometimes to mess up the wall by the stove. Fat is difficult to clean and bright joints are irreversibly discolored. How to always have clean plates on the stove?

    minimalist-apartment 08

    Option one is not to cook. Second – always use a cover! Well, actually not always – because with “normal” cooking is not needed. I pull it out only for frying time and hide it immediately after it. Nothing to wash, and such a cardboard screen after some time I throw out and do a new one. I just used a piece of cardboard box, and my mom has a bigger and taller, up to the bottom of the hanging cabinets and the whole width of the oven. Less cleaning? Less. That’s it! The method with the screen is perfect for me and it is safe for the induction plate and for that I just cook. If I had a gas cooker, however, I would have given up all those white tiles between the cabinets for a tempered glass panel. Such a solution would also make it easier to keep the area clean.

    And what about those white, irregular tiles and white joints that you often ask me to keep clean? If you have a lot of cooking and you do not have the desire to cook the walls while you are cooking and wash the sinks in the kitchen – you do not have to do it. The girls on Instagram repeatedly complained that the white fugue after the time became yellow. I do not care – if I find that dirty I will treat them with a special renovator (something like that in the company Mapei), but it will not be earlier than 2-3 years.

    5. Choice of kitchen equipment.

    Virtually all I wash in the dishwasher. This involves the use of kitchen equipment such as hand-painted mugs, gold-plated plates, or some food containers. That is why I rarely use wooden chopping boards (although I like them a lot and I like them very much). Never put a wooden board in the dishwasher – my friend did so and after a wash cycle, he removed … two! And that’s not the point that it has multiplied.

    minimalist-apartment 09

    6. Cleaning during cooking.

    It is extremely useful to implement certain habits – eg cleaning during cooking rather than after. If you are doing this really well, I just had to learn it. Instead of standing over the pan or pot and waiting for the cake to be moved to the other side, or scrolling Instagram while waiting for the water to boil, those seconds can be better utilized. Dirty dishes I try to put in a dishwasher, and what is enough to rinse under the water – rinse, wipe and put into the cabinet. This required me, a beginner host, a lot of self-discipline, but now it has come into my blood.

    7. Maintenance-free equipment.

    By writing this post I came to the conclusion that I have a terrible dislike, even repulsion for certain activities. I hate to grind dust from furniture where there are too many things (so then the cabinets are dusty, which annoys me, but not enough to do it) or … I do not want to iron the curtains after washing (so in a rented apartment earlier I did not wash them for a year and a half to avoid ironing. I could, of course, give up having curtains, but I found another exit. I picked up, a little unconsciously, curtain/curtains of material I do not have to iron! I hang them wet immediately after pulling out of the washing machine and nothing more do with them do not have to! Well, maybe just flush and stretch a little. And that’s it! It turned out that this fabric just looks better pressed. I know because I checked πŸ™‚

    minimalist-apartment 010

    8. Hooks on the door / behind the door.

    There is no need to explain to anyone that a great deal of influence on the ordering of the home takes our daily habits and puts everything in order. But … let’s be realists. Hooks on the door are again one of the solutions that help create just a visual order. Sometimes removing the mess from the field is sometimes helpful.

    minimalist-apartment 011

    9. Limit of possession.

    Maintaining order and cleanliness is easier when you do not have these things too much. The more items we have, the harder it is to find all of them. For this reason, I try to get rid of what is unnecessary on a regular basis. I strongly recommend moving, they are the most effective!

    minimalist-apartment 012

    10. What about the collections?

    Which, however, on top, we want to have and do not come into the game hiding them in the lockers? Here they will check any glazed or glazed sites. Personally, I can not imagine wiping the shelves under dozens of set vases? And you still have to wipe each one of them. Ouch!

    But there are also collections that you can simply … use every day, if possible. This is the double pleasure of having them. Then they will not be dusty, they are always clean πŸ™‚

    11. Crib drawers – but only one for each room.

    There are things that your own place just to be attributed to can not. Or is it in this drawer. However, it is important to be careful that one drawer does not take up more space and does not change into two or even a whole cupboard drawer.

    minimalist-apartment 013

    12. Open and Flat Surfaces.

    Nothing so good does make it easier for us to clean than … as least open, flat surfaces. For this reason, we decided to build a wall in the light showroom, closed cupboards almost entirely. Still, two segments are open, but they did not snap to the picture. I have been very careful about the number of open shelves and it really makes life easier for us. In general, the amount of storage space is critical, so there are so many closets at our disposal. However, they are not pushed to the brim, because not in this thing.

    minimalist-apartment 014

    13. Instead of hanging lamps – lighting into the ceiling.

    I do not encourage anyone to get rid of all the elements on top. However, when I looked around at the apartment preparing this entry, I could see that in fact, in those rooms where we have exposed to the ceiling lighting off one of the activities during general cleaning.

    minimalist-apartment 015

    14. What about the bathroom?

    Here you will definitely need the open shelves, recesses and other recesses where dust and dirt accumulate. Personally, I just choose more furniture and hide all cosmetics and chemistry in the cabinets. For this reason, I decided to have a mirror cabinet hanging over the washbasin, where all our toiletries are located.

    minimalist-apartment 016

    * I honestly admit that the mirrored cabinet is painstaking to clean in, but that was a conscious decision and I absolutely do not regret this choice. The mirror inside the cabinet is very useful.

    15. Bathroom Renovation.

    In the bathroom, I particularly appreciate the dark joints that were my little drama during the renovation. There was a fatal mistake in the shop, and instead of shining gray, we bought a neighboring number on a tester in titanium. The builders did not pay any attention to this, and I discovered only when the fugue was completely located.

    minimalist-apartment 017

    Now I see that in the area of washbasins and tubs fugue often flooded with water … and I do not have to worry about it.

    16. Organizing cables and connections is another way to facilitate our ordering.

    You will read more about this in the post. Vacuuming and wiping floors will be a lot less embarrassing when we do not have to bypass the tangle of cables.

    minimalist-apartment 018 minimalist-apartment 019

    17. Cleaning equipment and cleaning chemicals.

    In addition, it is important to ensure that all cleaning equipment and cleaning chemicals are as easy to access as possible (but not on the outside!). Now we have a separate wardrobe section in the hallway for cleaning accessories and it really reduces the unwillingness of the whole operation πŸ™‚

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