How to Combine the Flooring with a Type of Wall

    How to Combine the Flooring with a Type of Wall

    The combination of floor surfaces with walls is crucial for the home interior because these are the areas that are dominant in the home. Floor surfaces can be parquet, laminates, tiles, and in relation to them, you can choose the color and style of the walls, but also the large furniture.

    Learn how to ideally combine flooring with a type of wall, or type of house, whether it’s a coastal house, a mountain house, or an apartment in the city.

    City Dwellings

    Parquet floors and laminates are the most common choice for flooring when it comes to apartments and houses. Parquet has long been used as a quality wooden flooring for flooring. There are different types of parks that you can make your home more specific and give it a luxurious look.

    Cities are most grateful for the choice of the floor because the average annual temperature in cities is the most favorable, that is, it is rare for ice winters to appear and boil summer days like at sea. Parquet requires regular maintenance, so people in the city more often prefer laminate flooring, as it is much more convenient but easier to maintain.

    Lately, in our market, very high-quality laminates appear, which are aesthetically very attractive, and one of the best quality is the swiss chrome laminate. The laminates can be found in various colors from white, light gray to dark brown. Of course, you can also choose laminates in colors that are not wooden and neutral, but in strong colors. To complete the pleasant atmosphere in the apartment, parquet and laminate are ideal for combining with carpets.

    With a bright laminate, you can be much more creative when it comes to walls because the neutral color on the floor allows creativity with paint on the walls. One wall can always be in a different color if the laminate is brighter. However, if you choose darker laminates, make sure to shade the dark tones to the bright shades of the walls.

    Mountain Huts

    Mountain huts should be designed in such a way that they are always warm, especially in winter when the temperatures are extremely low. Old huts were mostly covered with wood materials, such as parquet flooring because the wood allowed additional thermal insulation.

    New houses on the mountains today use this style only in decoration because the insulation on the mountain houses is mostly done in a modern way, that is, with the help of styrofoam. Today, additional heat during the winter is provided by underfloor heating systems.

    Many of this additional thermal insulation is installed in the bathroom and hallway, but in the mountain houses, it is increasingly possible to find underfloor heating throughout the house. Authentic mountain lodges usually have a dark laminate or parquet and bright walls, decorated with certain wooden elements.

    On the other hand, there are also modern mountain houses, which are usually kept in a simple style, while in the older hotels there is still a Spanish wall with dark wooden elements.

    Maritime House

    Unlike mountain houses, the coastal house should provide cooling during the summer, because during these days the coast is very warm. The most common choice of floor coverings in coastal houses is tiled, which are often found throughout the room.

    Tips for combining tiles with walls can be applied in other types of houses (urban, mountain), but they can only be related to the bathroom and kitchen.

    If you choose floor tiles, which are darker colors, or staggering colors, like geometric patterns, then the right choice is to continue – a neutral wall. When bathing, the neutral wall can also be made of tiles, while in the case of a living room in a seaside house, it is good to go with bright shades of pastel green, dirty white or light colored sand on the wall.

    If you choose geometric shapes on tiles on the walls, then the floor surfaces should be neutral tiles.

    The tiles are ideal for seafront houses, because they provide cooling during the summer, and they are very easy to clean from the dirt that comes from the beach, like sand and similar particles. Neutral tiles are a safe choice for interior decoration, but they are not too attractive. If you want to modernly decorate porcelain tiles, use tiles that stand out with a geometric design, and the gray color is one of the most commendable for combining.

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