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House party game walkthrough uncensored

There are two paths you can go down with Madison with different endings, one ends with you being able to strip and pose her, the other ends with clothed BJs. Put Paper first, then Pencil on the book in the Master Bedroom, then pick it back up to get safe code. The blackmail path as of 0.

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Every decision changes your story and every character has something to reveal.

Grab the mysterious key it is sitting on the left corner of the fire place beside a white vase. Bathroom key is sitting on the left shelf once you enter the garage. Go upstairs take the first door on your right master bedroom and go into the bathroom first door on your left in the bedroom.

Grab the yellow pencil that is on the desk.

House party uncensored

Enter the room beside it here you will find Brittney, introduce yourself and grab the piece of paper sitting beside the laptop. Return to the master bedroom there is a bedside table in the corner of the room with a mirror, on the desk is a gastronomy book use it with the paper then use the paper with the pencil.

Stay in the master bedroom go to the bedroom closet and you will see the safe. Return to Madison and give her back her phone. Talk to her about Brittney then give her back her phone. Go to Ashley and offer to help her she will need something to dry off.

Compliment Ashley about her being cute even though she is wet. Go to the downstairs bathroom behind the fridge and grab the towel. Then give the towel to Ashley. Offer to wash her clothes. Now Ashley will agree for you to wash her clothes. Follow her to the room with the bunk bed and accept her clothes.

House party game walkthrough and endings guide

Go back to the master bedroom and go into the closet there will be a white bottle of eye drops sitting on one of the bottom shelves right beside the closet doorway grab it. Go downstairs and grab the soda from the fridge you may need to use the hand with CTRL to move items in the fridge around. Open your inventory and use the soda with the eye drops.

Stay in the kitchen and grab the bathroom skeleton key. It is sitting beside the stove between a green and blue plate opposite a white socket. Lock the downstairs bathroom, go upstairs and lock the bathroom in the master bedroom or lock the door to the master bedroom.

I found locking the master bedroom can sometimes glitch the quest for me. Finally lock the bathroom beside the room Ashley is waiting in. Another glitch in the latest update is Madison not acknowledging the prank through trial and error the only way to fix it is to get Madison to go talk to Ashley before Ashley runs downstairs to the bathroom.

Weirdly enough sometimes staying upstairs fixes the glitch. Give Ashley the tampered soda and she will start to feel sick. She will now be forced to run downstairs and will be exposed nude to the party guests. Wait for the washing machine to finish. In the meantime go downstairs open the fridge and grab a soda. Return to Ashley and give it to her. When the washing machine has finally stopped open it and put the wet clothes into the dryer.

Wait for the dryer to finish. Agree with Ashley to prank Madison. Click images look through them then click the s icon to send the pictures to yourself. Ask him about guarding the alcohol all night then ask him about Katherine. Talk to Katherine ask her what drinks she likes then say Frank is guarding the alcohol. Then say Frank fancies her.

House party walkthrough

Open your inventory and use the camera with the SD card. Go downstairs and go to the garage which can be accessed from the kitchen. Behind an orange tub of bolts is a cell phone jammer. You may or may not need this. Either open your inventory to turn on the cell phone jammer to get Katherine to move or keep walking into her to make her move to a room with no people in it.

Tell Katherine that Frank wants a nude pic. Get her to pose. He will agree to give it to you and you can now take it from the cabinet. Give Frank the camera and he will let you take one alcoholic item from the cabinet. Take the rum. She will now want you to strip nude in front of everyone to get on her good side.

Press y then remove all your clothes and walk around the house to get a reaction from everyone including Katherine.

Once you have exposed yourself to everyone return to Katherine and talk to her. Katherine will now agree to sleep with you, grab the salami sausage from the fridge and fill up the empty vodka bottle with water from the sink faucet. Introduce yourself to Frank then ask him about stealing from Rachel. Open the pantry closet beside the fridge and you will see a kettle. Open the hand option with CTRL grab the kettle and place it on the largest ring on top of the stove.

Grab the coffee which is sitting next to Frank on a small table. Use coffee with the kettle and turn on the stove. In the same room with Frank there is one natty lite behind a single chair beside the window. Grab it.

Go to the room Stephanie is in. On shelves on top of the fireplace there are speakers either side, look behind the speaker on the right side. A natty lite will be hidden behind it, grab it. Go to the garage accessed from the kitchen a natty lite will be on a shelf beside a blue box, grab it. Go upstairs, if you see Patrick on the way upstairs talk to him and ask what you can do to help.

In the master bedroom there is a high shelf beside the bathroom door with a natty lite sitting on it. Go into the master bedroom bathroom and close the bathroom door behind you, on a shelf behind the door you will see painkillers sitting on a shelf. Above a basket.

Go to the upstairs bathroom opposite the laundry room. You will see a basket beside the sink, pull it down with the hand option CTRL.

You will see another natty lite grab it. Go to the room Brittney is in, underneath the desk with the laptop you will see a natty lite sitting on the floor grab it. Go downstairs turn off the stove and use the empty cup with the kettle to get hot coffee.

You get the empty cup automatically for putting the coffee into the kettle. Find Patrick and give him the painkillers. Ask him about returning the favour and ask him for his phone, he left his phone with Brittney in the upstairs laptop room.

Talk to Patrick about Frank and his bottle wine. Tell Frank about Patrick and Frank will beat him up.

Patrick will drop his bottle of wine. Sniff the silver thermos sitting in the cabinet with the alcohol then talk to Frank again say it has water inside it. Frank will now let you take the thermos.

Ask Rachel for her phone. Patrick should return to you soon about being sober ask him to get his phone from Brittney again. Now Patrick will give you his phone. If Ashley is naked then you will need to clean and dry her clothes then give them back to her. Stand behind Ashley and untie her top when Madison is in the room You can say to Madison that, Ashley wants to talk to you if you introduced yourself to Ashley. Talk to Katherine about hacking phones and sending spoofed text messages. Select the spoofed messages in this order: 1. The internet will go down. The router is on the top left shelf of the cupboard in the Study.

Turn it off and on again. Katherine will then say the internet is back up.

Spoof text again: 1. Choose the option to get Vickie to come to the party. Now the redemption quest with Ashley is available you undid her top.