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Hot n juicy between two buns

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naughty woman Kataleya

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What is my age: I am 27
Where am I from: Syrian
Sexual preference: I'm hetero
What is my gender: Fem
Languages: Italian
What is my Sign of the zodiac: Aquarius
What is my body features: I'm quite plump
In my spare time I love: My hobbies blogging

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Hot ā€™nā€™ juicy: between two buns [] [uncen] [adv, animation] [eng] h-game

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Forums Adult Games Games. Thread starter bas Start date Jun 28, 2dcg animated creampie handjob male protagonist oral sex vaginal sex. Discussion Reviews 3. Respected User. Former Staff.

Sex simulator - sex with the heroes of popular games!

May 6, 3, 29, Spoiler You don't have permission to view the spoiler content. Log in or register now. Last edited by a moderator: Feb 13, Reactions: KimutosplazerJohnaster and 87 others.

Just a few notes: v0. About minutes of gameplay in all depending on how fast you read, and since it's a demo, it's a bit grindy. Reactions: dealdaAl. Mar 29, 21 6. Catwashere Futa lover! Jan 28, 2, 2, The artwork looks nice and animated is a plus, i'll add this to my list of games to try!

Hot &#;n&#; juicy - between two buns

Thank you for adding it! Reactions: King Monkey Mon. May 7, This looks really interesting, I'll definitely keep an eye on this game. I really do hope that this project will go well, I love the art style.

Ignatz What's the airspeed velocity of an unladen swallow Donor. Feb 17, 3, 9, I see the name "klx" in the game and a shiver of fear runs through me Reactions: OverlordDantalianClitouristbas and 2 others. May 16, 5, 17, Catwashere said:. Reactions: Daxter and Catwashere. Demon Jhim Well-Known Member. Aug 5, 1, The art looks awesome, got to watch this for more content.

Jul 19, 3, 24, Traps and goth babies can't resist the allure, what can I say. Reactions: bas. Apr 9, 86 RobJoy said:. The art style is simply too simplistic and unprofessional.

One is unable to fap to this shit. Reactions: 1LoveLolis and OverlordDantalian. Jun 10, 3 0.

Hot 'n' juicy: between two buns (v)

The time it takes to switch scenes is really long, you should be able to skip those. The 0. This is just a demo, so these will hopefully be added as the game is updated. Would be nice with optimization also.

Eusdregesilo New Member. Jul 13, 2 1. It is great! Really liked it. Oct 26, Reactions: johnconnor and bas. Jan 17, 75 This game can use a lot of polish but so far I enjoy it. Really digging the art style and the premise it just needs a few tweeks to make it more playable. Long pan shots are nice but they slow down the progress a lot. The fact that there is only one choice per day is annoying but since it goes right back to the burger spot after a few slides it isn't too bad.

I look forward to this growing. Apr 25, A good start. Loved the artwork.

I hope this comes about well as I think it has some great promise. A little grindy for a demo but fun none the less. Jul 24, There's definitely a lot of potential here. I like the different style of artwork, and it's cool to see an Indian girl and a punk in a game like this.

The transitions between days are really almost a game-breaker. After the first "ugh, mornings" you can simply show a black slide that says "next day" and cut out the repetition. As you add more story and grow the game, you should consider actions that impact the restaurant's performance- customers, service, tasks Keep up the good work! I look forward to playing this again in a few versions.

Aug 30, 2 Titled "Between Two Buns", but has no anal sex flag Shinshon New Member. Apr 6, 11 5. I'd Eat there if you catch my 'drift'. Well-endowed you say? So this is a trap game? Reactions: Shadow Fiend. Updated OP with v0.

3 mad triangles software - hot ā€˜nā€™ juicy: between two buns [v]

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