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Hometown story walkthrough

If you've discovered a cheat you'd like to add to theor have a correction, please click EDIT and add it. In your room, head to the bookshelf and choose the "Passwords" option, then select the mobile icon.

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While the game was still in production, the game was referred to as "Project Happiness", Wada explained that the player would be questioned at the end of the game what is happiness to them and they would have a choice of 7 wishes that they could choose from, though this was later changed. Wada explained that the original concept is still there, 6 of wishes can be used to bring happiness to others and the 7th is for your own happiness, but you can only choose from those 2 paths. He continued to explain that he changed this idea in hopes that it make the player question whether it was better to bring happiness to others or to have their own happiness and abandon the other wishes. Once the choice is made, the story would change from there. Hometown Story Wiki Explore. Locations Events Items.

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Your post is very helpful! This game is really overcute but has some weakness.

The fact that there is no "quest journal" is the main in my opinion. Well, thank you! That was the purpose of that post, after all! Players that didn't want to use it could have simply ignored it, and it would certainly have made the game more comfortable for many. Unfortunately, I don't think Toybox Inc. It's a pity, for there was a lot of potential there!

I tried the scarecrow arc and it didn't work, ive been walking around every night and have the pendant but nothings happened and scarecrow still won't talk. Please help.

Hello and welcome! Normally, Scarecrow stops talking entirely after his last cutscene in the town entrance, during which he fights Devil Jack to protect Aisha and the villagers and his true identity is revealed. Did you see this one? If yes, you're done with the Scarecrow arc. The only way to get him to talk again is to use a Blue Feather.

I hope this helped! I may have messed things up a little bit, which is not so surprising with that game Just to be sure, I will remove that section for the time being. Oh okay thank youthat made me a bit confused because i did all the others but i still don't have the feather.

You're welcome!

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Now, if you saw all the cutscenes and own all the Key Items I mentioned in my "7th Piece" section but still didn't get the Blue Feather, you may be missing other cutscenes belonging to other narrative arcs. Did all the potential sweethearts have several dates with you in their favourite spots? Do you have all inhabitants in your village? These are also important factors. Keep looking, you'll get to it! A belief heavily supported by some internet research which confirmed that I was far from being the only one struggling with them. I will edit my post to make this point a trifle clearer.

Your input was actually quite helpful, so thank you for commenting!

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Thank you for your invaluable posts on Hometown Story: I love the game but I'm currenting stuck on finding the 6th blue feather. Any special scenes I have to view by meeting a character? Currently: I have all villagers, the 2pm-merchant no longer sell any new key items, I have max cash yes, I cheated but hey I'm glad these posts are helpful. The three I mention in my post are the hardest ones to trigger, but they are not the only ones necessary to get the 7th feather. However, if you've already witnessed these three cutscenes, the remaining ones should be easy to uncover!

Here's my advice: drop your shop for a while, cruise the village and talk to everyone in sight. Don't forget remote areas and the inside of houses.

Hometown story

Do that at different hours of the day and under different weathers, since these factors play a part in the triggering of cutscenes. If you go hard at it and leave no stone unturned, you should soon obtain the missing cutscenes and the 7th feather in their wake! Good luck! I just realized that you wrote "6th blue feather" instead of "7th" If this is not a typo and if you really meant the 6th, my advice still stands!

I'm currently have only 5 pcs of blue feather :p Ur post is very very useful- I've seen walkthroughs on the game and I find yours hometown story walkthrough most helpful for a veteran player : By the way, it's been ages since ur post, you still remember all the tips and tricks?

Thank you for the kind words! If I ever replay the game, I'll keep track of cutscenes and post a more detailed walkthrough! There was very likely an awful lot of work behind it, and that's something I respect and admire. I wish it had been available at the time I played the game; I would certainly have struggled less to get the 7th piece of feather!

Hometown story

Hi again : I finally got the final piece! I got mine after the devil jack event. Better late than never. Your perseverance was well-rewarded! I know this is an old Post, but please help if you can! The blue dragon keeps coming to my shop. I read that I need to get the fruit from the harvest God.

I have never seen him before; I keep going to the shrine in the rain in the evening, because that's what I read to find him, but he never appears! Welcome, unknown visitor! I can only encourage you to keep running around at different times of the day and in different weathers, talking to people and selling lots of stuff, and it should eventually fall into place. I will try to keep spoilers to a minimum, but there will obviously be some, which I will al as such. If you want to ask hometown story walkthrough regarding a specific matter, you're very welcome! During the early stages, I was absolutely engrossed by the management of my freshly inherited shop, and I spent most of my time foraging, buying and selling intensively.

Cutscenes were scarce at that point, but I was so busy buying, selling, exploring the surroundings and assessing my new hometown story walkthrough that I hardly noticed it. After a stimulating bit of grinding, I managed to obtain the required materials and sum of money for that purchase and my shop suddenly expanded to gigantic proportions. It was quite a shock at first sight, shall I say. This brand-new vastness allowed me to put many more items on display and to offer a much larger variety of wares.

Suddenly, I could afford to buy everything I wanted in greater quantities than ever before, and I luxuriated in that new pecuniary leverage, selling frantically and ringing up impossibly long lines of patrons. At that point, I stopped foraging and instead adopted a comfortable routine of visiting my suppliers every other day to buy wares literally by the dozen, often triggering a flurry of cutscenes in my wake.

Life was good, indeed. Then I hit the Wall. Here we go! The Cutscenes. Ah, those fabled, much infamous cutscenes. They had many a reviewer seething about their apparent elusiveness and randomness; and truth must be said, understanding what triggers them can be somewhat challenging.

However, these cutscenes do indeed have triggers, and very well-defined ones at that. There are four different types of triggers and thus four different types of cutscenes, and here they are, exposed for your comfort:. They unroll most often within a few second of waking up or opening your shop in the morning, but can also sometimes happen at other hours. Romance cutscenes fall under that category, as well as the retrieving of requested objects by villagers.

The only thing you can do is create the necessary conditions for their unfolding and then wait until they do so. To put it simply, those are cutscenes that unroll if you go to a specific place in the village.

These cutscenes introduce an extra layer in the triggering process: instead of seeing the cutscene unroll when you walk into a specific area under the right conditions, you will specifically need to talk to a present NPC to launch it. This talking requirement is so at odds with the usual ways of triggering cutscenes that one could seriously wonder if this is not a left-over from development.

At any rate, these cutscenes can be quite confusing because of their rarity: why would anyone in their right mind assume that talking to an NPC will trigger a cutscene in one particular case when babbling with NPCs usually never triggers anything? They unfold when you put the required Key Item see below on display in your shop—or, more rarely, a regular item.

As you may expect, such cutscenes are much easier to trigger once your shop has been expanded enough to allow you to have lots of Key Items permanently on display. Just like in the case of the Automatic Cutscenes, there is an element of timing at work here: putting a Key Item on display will not necessarily trigger a cutscene on the spot, but it will do so sooner or later. The last arcane cutscenes that are mandatory to complete the Blue Feather indeed show perfect narrative continuity with the rest of their respective arcs, and can be much easier to uncover if one keeps that continuity in mind and tailor their triggering efforts accordingly.

The Key Items. They all have a price tag of that cannot be altered and they can be accessed directly in your inventory by tapping the Key icon on the bottom left corner of the touch screen.

I wish Wada and his team had added another icon to group these personal belongings of sorts; that would certainly have made things clearer. Oh, well. The most important question regarding these Key Items is obviously where to find them.

The said Key Items always appear at the very bottom of his selection, one or two at a time. The smartest move is to buy them systematically and store them until their true purpose is revealed. On the next day, the merchant will have new Key Items for you to purchase and so on, until his stock of Key Items finally runs dry. Not just any fellow villager, mind you: the ones to display such convenient generosity will always be the villagers with a name, the ones you get to know through cutscenes.

Another precious key Item pocketed and added to your inventory for further good use.