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Harem collector walkthrough

Log in with itch. I recently visited westcastle and talked to the real estate and said there was a place I could buy for 20k sil it was on a deserted island and I need to find someone to take me there I've been looking through the walkthrough and I couldn't find anything that could clue me in does anyone know help would be much appreciated. After trying a dozen tactics to kill the damn thing and searching up and down the island it's on, still haven't been able to kill the???

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Harem collector walkthrough Harem Collector, you are a young male initiate to the Adventurer's Guild with dreams of owning your very own harem! The game begins in the guild tavern with the members of the adventuring guild celebrating your induction. Walk around and speak to all of the people in order to progress.

Most of them will offer you a drink; eventually, you will get drunk and pass out. Gargan offers to take you home, but instead he robs you and throws you into the sewer. You wake up in the sewers with no gear and your hard-saved cash gone. Make your way out of the sewer, stopping to search the skeleton near the grate for a sword it will automatically be equipped.

A little further ahead, you'll encounter a rat. Kill him. As you exit the sewers, you'll encounter the guild alchemist searching for the rat you just killed. Give him the tail and receive yourSil as a reward. When you exit the sewer, you'll receive the quest Lord of the Manor I automatically. Go west and turn south until you see the house with a House-Icon and enter it.

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Talk to the estate agent about the manor for sale. He will quote you a price of one million Sil, but since you don't have the cash he'll work out a deal to reduce the price. Accept his quest, Lord of the Manor II. Now you'll have to locate the loan shark. Head back to the slums.

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When you enter the area, you'll have an idea to ask Shally of the tavern about local gambling dens, Lord of the Manor III. The Tin Dog Tavern is on the south side of town. You will have to square up your tab before she'll speak with you. Visit the Bakery on eastern side and get Sister's Love Lunch from your sister. To the east of it is another Hovel which has the Strange Note 1.

Head to the north road and follow it until you find a path south that isn't blocked by a dwarf romancing a sheep. Speak to her and she'll your party.

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Continue east and enter the pub. Speak to the barkeep to get the password to the back room and piss off Therese in the process. Speak to the orc to gain entry to the back room. Upon gaining entry, Therese will flip her shit and start yelling about mercy and justice, Lord of the Manor V.

This, of course, alerts all the thugs to your presence so you'll have to fight through waves of them to make your way back to the cells. The fights are relatively easy, but if your health gets low don't forget you can use Therese's Lay on Hands ability outside of combat. There are some pieces of loot scattered about the area. Remember to loot chests and check any conspicuous areas for secrets. The key to the cells is on the table in the bedroom.

Go back to the cells and unlock them. The slaver will give you six slave collars as a reward for freeing him. You'll also meet Alinawho will receive your first collar. The scene jumps back to the estate agent's office. He will take all your Sil in exchange for the manor, and you'll keep his daughter as your house steward.

Head to the north side of town and new home for a scene with Alina. And with that Lord of the Manor VI is done. Now you're free to roam the world and do whichever quests suit your fancy. Quest titles will now have a recommended level, and you can choose to complete or ignore them as you see fit.

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Before leaving the manor, use the red book on the desk in your bedroom. This is the diary, where you can exchange any satisfaction you gain for new skills, useful items or helpful upgrades.

Starting off, you should get the "Mysterious Package" for 5 Satisfaction. The item will be delivered in a box in the study, which is the northmost room on the same floor as your bedroom -- open it, then use the item to obtain the Seeker Stone, which helps locate hidden things in the game.

When you leave the manor, you'll meet your apprentice Felix who you promptly rename to "Healbot" and he'll the party. Before you get to do anything you start out as a poor guy as you gave everything to the broker. I highly recommend doing the quest One Is The Loneliest Party to get Elaiya as the bartender in the Tin Dog Tavern will give you sil which you can use to get a shovel for 50 sil from the tool shop in Northmarket slums.

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Now that you have Sil and a shovel you are ready to get Florine now go to the adventurer's guild in the slums to get the quest Na Na Why Don't You Get A Job and before you fight the final orc you might want to use your shovel in those graves on the left side of the map and get a scroll of dark bolt and a Dark Seed after that fight the orc and finish to get a scene with Florine. The next day you should sell all the vendor trash you get to her.

She'll be located at the store in front of your manor. The shovel will be very important in digging up other buried treasures as well. I also recommend getting the seekers stone ASAP to help you search for such buried treasures. If you want to get better equipment via crafting items such as the Refurbished Sword for the MC, Semiautomatic Slingshot for Felix and many more, I'd recommend doing the A Forge Too Far quest as it gives you Kevin who allows you to craft such things.

After that you can also get Chimei from south part of Northmarket-Wealthy District if you have 60, Sil. In my opinion it is worth it as she is the first mage you can get your hands on. The game gives you four quests to start with, each representing a different aspect of the game you can progress: Money, Famecollecting more girls for your Harem in general or your Party in specific all party members become part of your harem as well at some point and exploring the world to find upgrades for your belongings weapons, manor, equipment, etc.

Most of those things tie together, as you need money to buy some harem girls or you get rewarded both money and fame for doing certain quests, but for each aspect there are certain tresholds that progress the story or trigger an event. Since these aspects are important, let's talk over each of them quickly before you decide what to do first. Straightforward, you get money for completing quests and tasks, from selling items or as a loot drop from enemies. In classic RPG-style, there are some items that have no other use than to be sold as vendor trash for high prices.

You get the money from quests straight away and only once you finish the quest. The second form of income harem collector walkthrough can obtain is a regular, daily harem collector walkthrough through Investments. At certain shops, inns or vendors, you can choose to invest some money for a share of their profit. Talk with Alina about Income for a quick tutorial on that. Investing into shops will also increase their inventory and offer your more useful items to purchase. Money is used to buy items and equipment for your party in combat and buy some of the harem girls, but also for Gifts, new estates and cosmetic items like Furnitures later in the game.

Fame is gained by completing quests for the Adventure Guild and by specific events you'll come across later in the game. Fame is tracked on your guild card and once you gather enough fame, you will reach a higher rank within the guild, which unlocks new quests. Fame is your main source of progression in the game. Collecting Harem girls is the self-proclaimed main goal of the Hero. New Harem Girls and male followers as well can be obtained by doing certain quests, by buying them from the slave traders or by investing money at certain points.

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Some Harem girls stay at your manor and others can be added to your party and will assist you in combat. In classic RPG-style, each party member has a unique set of skills and stats and can be equipped with weapons and armor. Every Harem Girl and male follower has a special stat called Relationship, represented by five hearts.

Relationship increases passively at the beginning of each new day. If it increases or decreases and to which amount is decided on their Happiness.

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Happiness can be affected by giving gifts or completing certain tasks. Each time you reach a new relationship level with a Harem Girl, you will unlock a special bonus. Once you reach the highest level, you can also unlock a special Love Quest with a unique reward at the end.

The world has many different towns, locations and characters to explore and investigate. Scattered all over the world are hidden items, collectibles and even optional Harem collector walkthrough Girls. The seeker stone was already mentioned and will help you find hidden treasures. Some treasures are buried, so obtaining a Shovel will be a good investment early in the game, as you can find useful equipment that will help you out at lot. From Bad Kitty Games Wiki. menu Personal tools Create Log in. Namespaces Discussion. Views Read View source View history.

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