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Going home walkthrough

First up, we'll start off with four of the miscellaneous achievements at once. Start up a new game with the 'all lights on' modifier enabled.

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Taking some notes, it occurred to me that it would be nice if there was a guide to it online. Not just a guide to picking up all of the items that give you achievements, or something like that—there are plenty of those online, already. Rather, a guide to the stories Gone Home tells, and where exactly you can find the environmental elements that move those stories forward, and flesh it out. This is a bit more, as I have specifically deed it to aid in things like class prep and analysis.

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Gone home walkthrough part 1: the 1st floor

Keep going, until you find a staircase going back up to the first floor. Follow the hallway until there is a dead end. Enter the door to the left and keep going to end up in the Greenhouse. There is a note on the table at the end that shows another secret passage, in the foyer.

Gohome full walkthrough guide and secrets

Gone Home Wiki Guide. Last Edited: 10 Dec pm. Front of your house.

You've arrived at the front of your house. Open the little cabinet on the left side of the porch and find the key underneath the duck. Use the key to open the door.

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Foyer Go up the stairs to the second floor and go right. Keep going it until you find the attic. You can not go in yet, but there is a room to the right of it, connected with another room, which is the Sewing Room. There you will find a folder on the table with a map.

Part 1: the 1st floor

If you look at it, a secret passage will be added on your map. Go back towards the stairs, there is the bedroom of your parents. In the closet you will find the secret passage. Enter it and look around for another map. Read it for three more hidden compartments inside the house.

Gone home walkthrough text only version

You need to access two of them to get a code to a locker in Sam's Room. Either follow the hidden passage to get to the Library and Dad's Office to end up back in the Foyer, or walk back down. In the west hall is one of the hidden compartments. Inside you will find a scrap.

2. gone home: console edition story walkthrough

This is the first part of the locker code. Head back upstairs towards the Attic.

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Take the first hallway to the right to find the other hidden compartment. Take the other scrap to get the combination to the locker. Sam's Room Enter Sam's Room.

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Use the combination on the locker and grab the key for the Basement. Head back downstairs, follow the western hallway to find the door leading to it.

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Greenhouse Keep going, until you find a staircase going back up to the first floor. The End. Go back to the foyer and open the secret passage to find the key for the attic.

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Head back to the second floor and enter the Attic. Find the letters to finish the gane.

Gone home walkthrough part 1: the 1st floor

Was this guide helpful? YES NO. In This Wiki Guide. Summary: Gone Home is a conceptual simulation game about exploring a modern, residential locale, and discovering the story of what happened there by investigating a deeply interactive gameworld. Genres: Simulation. Developers: The Fullbright Company.

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Release Date: August 15, Presented by Kuro Game. Table of Contents.