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I'm just flat out delighted to see what happens next.

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Hi, I play on classic and am really just looking to make some extra money, not dedicate the game to it. I'm getting into bulk vendor shuffling and at the moment the thing that takes the most time is opening the mail and getting the items into my bags. Is there an add-on that allows you to speed up the mail opening process?

As title. I have my mailing operation set but it only sends what i have in my inventory but i want it to get what is on my mail and send them too. How do i do it?

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Hot New Top. Posted by 3 years ago. Posted by 7 months ago.

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Quick Questions Weekly Sticky - - Posted by 6 days ago. Seeking Advice.


Classic easy auctioning? Comments are locked.

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ChaseApp - One Search. Any App. View Comments. Posted by 2 months ago.

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Add on for mail opening. Quick Question.

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Tsm mailing only sends items in inv. How do i make it get what is in mail and send them too?

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About Community. World of Warcraft goldmakers goblins gathering to share information on the WoW economy.

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Created Aug 28, Keep posts relevant and informative. Keep quick questions in the right place.

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