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Back by popular demand!

Now that the Mermen of Ea Series is complete both in book and audiobook formats, I thought it would be fun to revisit one of the most popular posts on my blog. You got it. The merman sex blog post. Because at its core, the Mermen of Ea Series is a love story and, well, people in love do have sex. In all of my books, I write explicit sex, in large part because I see it as a way to develop the emotional relationship between my characters.

Rarely will I write a sex scene just for the titillation factor. It needed to have a visceral connection to the characters and to the ocean they inhabit when in their shifted forms.

Broader and more muscled than when in their human forms, they are also highly sexual when they transform. For the two main characters in the Mermen of Ea Series, Ian and Taren, the sex comes out of their deep, enduring connection they are reincarnated lovers who find each other again.

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How does merman sex work? So the sexy bits are really the same, regardless of their form. The difference is that, in their mermen forms, Taren and Ian have sheathed penises, rather than external ones. But the fun part in my opinioncomes in the way mermen have sex. Mermen, much like dolphins, have a mating dance or ritual.

Yes, I studied dolphin sex videos on the web! Back to the dance, though…. Mermen, like their dolphin cousins, swim in circles around each other in a mating dance.

And, my favorite part, borrowing a bit from whales: mermen sing. Yes, sing. One last bit to share about merman sex? And added benefit of this? When one merman climaxes, his partner experiences the orgasm as if he himself is climaxing.

Double the fun. In this scene, Taren and his soul mate, Ian, play underneath the water in a moment of calm before the storm. The Mermen of Ea books are high fantasy and high romance set on the high seas and beneath them! Excerpt from Into the Wind Mermen of Ea 2.

Taren flicked his tail to propel him around so that he and Ian swam toward each other, arms extended, then moved upward as they laced their fingers together and floated perpendicular to the sea floor. They kissed and their tongues entwined. Their former incarnations, Treande and Owyn, had been equals in everything. Partners, friends, lovers.

Taren both relished and feared the power of his connection to Ian and the unexpected turn of fate that had brought them together, as well as the revelations of their past.

He rotated his arm so that the sharp tines that ran from his fingers to his wrist grazed the slick surface. He might not be able to best Ian with his physical prowess, but he knew he held a stronger power over Ian. Ian moaned as Taren slipped a finger inside the opening at the base of his tail to coax forth his member. Gay merman sex it emerged, hard and proud, Taren took it in his mouth, ran his tongue over its veined surface, then swallowed it until his lips met the base. Taren knew Ian loved it when he directed their lovemaking, although Taren preferred to take a less aggressive role.

It sometimes surprised Taren, though, how Ian was able to cede control to him. For Taren, the balance of power between them felt familiar. Taren guessed that he and Ian had tangled like this before, shifted in and out of dominance in their relationship as well as in their mating. Taren knew his prior life guided him, but much of what he shared with Ian still felt new and exciting.

As he often did, Taren gave himself over to the memory and allowed his body to dictate his movements. He reached around Ian and clasped the place where his buttocks would have been had he been in his human form.

The skin there was smooth and slippery, so Taren dug in his nails just deeply enough to maintain his grip. He sucked harder and slipped a third finger inside Ian. Taren caught his breath and pinned Ian against the sand by his wrists. Save my name,and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

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