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The Anthony Bourdain Mystery. F or several years, conservatives have debated whether legislative policy should be structured for the common good or for the defense of liberty. The debate turns on the questions of whether pornography should be completely banned, or whether we should allow the industry to behave as it pleases. But there is a middle ground, one that gives parents greater control over how they choose to raise their children and protects the mental and psychological health of those children: banning free online porn.

Our culture is awash in pornography.

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The New York Times notes that the first time boys are exposed to porn is just under the age of 14, while girls are exposed on average before they turn This should not be written off as some lewd but mostly harmless coming-of-age ritual.

In the case of Dalton School, which is private, it is not a simple issue of defunding a public institution. The root cause of the problem — namely, the overexposure to pornography — would be addressed by banning free online porn.

To understand how this might be done, and why it should be, it is necessary to understand how the porn industry in the U. In the s, young men often bought tickets to watch a pornographic film or, alternatively, an issue or a subscription to Playboy or Penthouse magazines. According to the New York Timeseach of those brands at that time sold 5 million or more copies each month. They were the primary means of accessing pornography. But if parents found said magazines under the beds of their young boys, they could free pornography online seize the explicit reading material and admonish the.

Meanwhile, adults could continue purchasing the magazines if they so pleased. Think about a Porn Commission in the Justice Department. But as the Internet grew in the s and beyond, those seeking pornography increasingly looked elsewhere. ByPlayboy sold only about 1 million copies of its magazine per month; Penthouse sales plummeted tocopies.

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InPlayboy shut down its print magazine. The coronavirus pandemic may have accelerated its demise, but porn-industry trends suggest it was likely going to happen regardless. Pornhub and other sites like it are now overwhelmingly the source of pornography for young men and women. According to the Visual Capitalisttwo of the top ten most-trafficked websites are MindGeek-owned XVideos and Pornhub, which together bring in about 6.

But a ificant proportion of their content is free. On a foundational level, our country enacts laws that protect the least of us, particularly children, from becoming victims. Neither federal law nor the Constitution permits obscenity or child pornography.

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But a proactive, commonsense porn law, like banning free online porn, can and should be enacted to protect them. The first ificant First Amendment porn precedent, which protected the porn industry, was established nearly a quarter of a century ago. Inthe Supreme Court eliminated portions of the Communications Decency Act intended to protect minors, in a case known as Reno v. At the time, the Court was, in part, unconvinced that requiring age certification was the least-restrictive way to prevent children from accessing online porn.

Those precedents may have accurately assessed contemporary conditions.

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But they unquestionably no longer doparticularly after the coronavirus forced nearly all American children to learn online and to attend class through the Internet. This is a mistake. As early asthe U. National Institute of Health found that up to 90 percent or more of young Americans between the ages of 12 and 18 use the Internet. As times have changed, so have the conditions that laws and cases assumed. It is possible to balance this compelling interest with existing law and liberty concerns.

Payment options could range from a set price per video to a monthly or yearly subscription comparable to that of a streaming service such as Netflix. This is quite literally how all other major movie media companies make money.

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For example, companies such as Amazon, which allows Prime users to stream some free video content, require customers to pay the fee for a Prime to watch the exclusives. Porn sites do no such thing; our children are worse off for it. It would instead be drafted to address an online porn-induced public-health epidemic.

InPornhub was forced to purge over 10 million videos from its massive, online, and free library after the New York Times published an op-ed that alleged the site monetized videos that depicted rape and sexual assault. But the financial model of porn sites still allows them to keep the rest of their content, however dubious, free and easily viewable to the eyes of American children.

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We can do better. Indeed, some state lawmakers are already trying. For example, Utah passed a law earlier this year that requires smartphones and tablets to block porn sitesbut parents can disable this feature for their children if they choose.

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However, it only goes into effect if five other states pass a comparable law. They should. But more can be done.

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The common good demands that we act in the interest and well-being of our children. Liberty demands that we be mindful not to give the government unnecessary power. A solution like banning free online porn protects what both liberty-minded and common-good-minded conservatives value. Meanwhile, we protect our children from potential irreparable mental and psychological harm and address our pornography crisis at its roots.

Unlike the debate of whether or not porn stars should be allowed to attend and mingle with students at a youth conservative conference, this is something all conservatives should support. No charge. Isaac Schorr. The one we already have is bad enough.

Ryan Ellis. We should dedicate time to fostering friendships. They provide an immediate and enduring reward.

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Daniel Cox. Lindsey Graham Is an Idiot Democrats are treating the infrastructure and reconciliation bills as linked, and so should Republicans and everybody else. Philip Klein. Nicola Williams.

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The Kids Are Not Alright: Chaos at the College Republican National Committee College Republican chapters all over the country claim they are being disenfranchised by a president seeking to consolidate power. Zachary Evans.

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White House Weighs Renewed Masking Push amid Delta Spread: Report Biden suggested that children under the age of 12 will need to continue to wear masks when they return to school in the fall. Alexander William Salter.

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