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Free adult games scam

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Therefore, we see a noticeable inclination of porn lovers to newer adult content such as porn games, virtual porn, 3D sex clips, etc. Among them, virtual and 3D sex games are certainly getting a big thumbs-up by porn lovers these days.

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Oh boy, it's been quite some time we have wanted to talk about this subject. Fake Porn Games or Porn Games Scams are one of the worse plague affecting the adult gaming industry right now. In this article we will give you couple tips to avoid those scams and how to identify them, and of course we will explain how to find real porn games that you can play for free or at least buy without getting scammed. If you are playing video games from time to time, there is a good chances that Google knows about it.

Free adult games review

And if Google knows, everyone knows! That is the beauty of your privacy on internet. Subsequently, when you visit an adult site for your daily dose of fun, you will be the perfect target for video game advertisement, which makes sense so far. Only let me tell you one thing, here at Steamy Gamer we crawl the internet to find the best adult games available out there, and trust me they do not have the budget to advertise on big websites such as PornhubYouporn and so on.

Most of adult games are created by amateurs and it is rarely their main source of income. There are some exceptions but for most cases, this is how it is.

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Sounds familiar? Well if you ever had the curiosity to free adult games scam on any of those, you would then land on a asking a bunch of questions such as "This sex simulator is so extreme that you might find it disturbing, continue? They might also tell you that the game is compatible with your browser and computer, while telling you exactly what browser or type of computer you are using. They are literally using one line of code to detect what computer and browser you are using, simply to encourage you to continue further. Note that while you answer these questions, you will usually enjoy a very explicit background video featuring the characters of very well-known video games such as Overwatch, League of Legends, Tomb Raider and so on.

Sorry to disappoint you but these are not videos taken from the potential game they're trying to lure you into. They are called SFM and they are animated by talented artists that sell them in possible shady conditions without fear of any licensing issue. At best they are stolen to make these. Now that we identified more precisely what kind of scheme we are talking about, let's get into the most important part. Once you have gone through the process of shamelessly giving out all the details of your kinks including the size of your penis or your sexual orientation.

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You should finally get to a asking for your payment details like the one below. Payment details for a free game? Well if you haven't left by now, I'm sorry to tell you that you are not among the smart ones.

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Let's jump into my favorite part, discovering the scam in the payment details. Let's read together one of those "offer conditions" written small enough so that you can barely notice them:. So the game is Free after all!

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For two days It's just long enough so that you won't hear about the client support in this delay. And that is IF you ever hear about them.

More sites similar to free adult games

I have red countless testimonials of people trying to cancel this type of subscriptions, and it is HELL. Sometimes it takes months before someone from the support actually cancels yourbecause you can't even do it yourself. But let's keep reading. You are not hallucinating, these are two additional offers that you will be charged for.

And they can easily rip you off thousands of dollars before you manage to cancel it. The short answer is yesthere usually is a game after you agreed to pay, quite a ridiculously terrible one. I didn't bother to do it myself but Samantha Cole made an article on Vice about this.

And needless to say that this is not worth a hundred dollars or even close to what they "promised" while displaying high quality background videos.

This report can help you determine if is a legitimate website

Here is an updated list of the websites you should not trust. It's important to note that those are just examples. There are many more with the same scheme. In any case if you ever come across these types ofplease refrain from going any further, like pretty much any advertising on porn tubes anyway. Most of the time, those URLs are all owned and operated by the same companies, since you mostly end up on the same type of and payment processor. If you landed on this article because you subscribed to one of those scams, here are the two ways to cancel your subscription.

Cancel the subscription via your bank directly.

Which websites are scams and how to cancel your subcription

You can cancel any recurring subscription by contacting your bank directly, that's the quickest way. Most of the time you can actually access the automated payments from your bank on your online bank if you have one.

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If you're not sure, better call your bank and ask them, they should be able to do it for you. Contact the company that is billing you.

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This is the long solution. Check on your bank statement the name of the company or the website that is billing you for the transaction and look for a way to contact them and cancel your recurring payment. It's won't be easy because these companies are deed to have a poor customer service and terrible websites so you might not get an answer before couple weeks or even months if you actually get an answer at all.

So better get in touch with your bank directly before you get billed another two or three months. If you didn't notice yet, Steamy Gamer is a database for real and trustworthy sex games. Because there are a ton of legit adult games you can play, but they are hard to find because Google and the porn sites are polluted with money making scams, while dedicated game developers are working on real games that are worth playing.

Or do I have to go to the bank? is it a scam?

Do you know where can we get real porn games for android? If you are looking for 3D animated porn games on Android it will not be easy, but you should check out our Android category and check out different games, you might find one of them appealing. If you are willing to play on PC, you can check 3DXChat which is an online roleplay porn game with tons of players and where you can do pretty much anything. I feel so stupid. I just got debited for something I don't even know about. But pls how can I cancel. Hi Bright, I'm sorry to hear that. I think the quickest way would be to contact your bank and cancel the recurring payment.

Sometimes you can do this directly from your client on your bank's website. The other solution is to find which company is billing you and contact them to cancel your subscription. Not gonna lie, it might be a very long process because the last thing they want is from you to stop paying their crap. Hope it helps! Exit Enter.

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This site displays content only suitable for people who are at least 18 years old. If you are under 18 years of age or can be offended by sexually explicit photos and videos, please leave this site.

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How to identify fake porn games and scams The perfect scam for video game enthusiasts If you are playing video games from time to time, there is a good chances that Google knows about it. You've probably seen those porn games before "Try not to cum when playing this game", "Play a free porn game that will make you cum in seconds!

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