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Foot slave tumblr

You address me as Goddess Mariah.

dirty latina Kenzie

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I'm currently looking for a mistress to worship her no matter what and make her laugh with how much of a loser I am. Make me your virtual or RL pet. Don't even think about it, just send me a message and get to know me. Show no respect to me. Reblogged 2 months ago from paradizefound Originally from socksandfeet 1, notes. Reblogged 2 months ago from toofboy Originally from cutepandafeet notes.

Age: I am 26
Ethnic: I'm nigerian
Sex: I am fem
My hair: Gray
My figure features: I'm overweight
What I like to listen: Easy listening

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And bow down to my divine feet losers! Who wants to pay for a new pair of shoes for your Goddess? I bet you are going to jerk off to this like the pathetic little bitchboys you are.

What you need to know about me is that I am cruel and merciless. I take pleasure from torturing men and making them as uncofortable and miserable as possible.

I am from scandinavia and am in my twenties. The takeover of this blog was really easy!

lovely babes Lily

The guy who run it commented on one of my footpics on another social media. So I texted him and realized within a few minutes that he was a total loser and only thought with his dick and not his brain. It was easy to make him addicted to my feet.

house mom Leilany

He paid to see them and even bought me shoes. Once he told me that he ran this I wanted to have it.

white gal Esme

After I teased him and let him edge for a few hours he finally gave in and handed me the information. He is now locked in a chastity cage and all of his earnings from tumblr are going straight into my pocket.

Femdoggie slave

By the way I will add 1 day do this poor losers chastity sentence for every reblog this post gets… So get busy and make him suffer! The first post of my feet and I already denied your orgasms for at least 10 days! I am your worst nightmare.

Text me to get humiliated even further! Posts Ask me anything Submit a post Archive.

You should kneel here and lick every bit of shit off my boots! No orgasm for a full week for all you losers!


Whatever it is… And bow down to my divine feet losers! This is all what you losers need to see of me.

My feet which turn you on hahah so pathetic and my middlefinger reminding you of what I think of guys like you… Now submit to me slaves! Here you go losers.

cute female Elisabeth

Look closely loserboys!