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Feel Comfortable in the Home with Five Main Feng Shui Principles

Feel Comfortable in the Home with Five Main Feng Shui Principles

How to correctly set up the zones in the house from the point of view of Feng Shui, how would you feel comfortable and create harmony in your home?

The Best Place to Work in the North

If you plan to work at home, or you only need a place to concentrate, organize such an area in the north. This is the best place for such things.

In the West, There is a Creative Zone

A children’s playroom, piano and other facilities in the home that are relevant to creativity should be placed right in the western zone of your house.

In the East – Family Area

Family photos, gifts from your children and parents, and other things related to your family should be placed in the eastern zone. Thanks to that, relations with the family will always be controlled by warmth and harmony.

In the Southeastern Region – Love

Perfect place for the bedroom! In addition, you can put pictures with a loved one as well as souvenirs related to love – hearts, red candles and more.

The Center of the House is a Place for Gathering Relatives

In the center of the house, there is a living room. It’s best to put a sofa on which you can sit comfortably and a tea or coffee table. Decorate this area with stylish images, as well as happy souvenirs for you.