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Fairy tail adventure walkthrough

Your character is Julian, who has the highest bravery score of three brothers.

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A true one-click emulation experience! Landscape options Sticky header: Off Bubbles: Off. Search Games. I never used it ROSE: ditto.

WRIT: Used to get one of the gold statues. There were other miscellaneous items I didn't get, such as a fruit, a herb, and a book. Obviously, you don't really need them to solve this one. This is how to get going without getting killed times, and having to use that wimp Kevin to finish your game. The first thing you should do is search every building in Tambry. Use the 'LOOK' option to find all hidden objects. Then, save your game as A. This ends your session, you will have to reboot, but hey, it takes less time than finding all that junk again after you die.

Now, follow the road southeast from the east exit of Tambry to the Graveyard. If anyone tries to jump you along the way, use the Skull on 'em. Especially if one of them has a sword.

Make sure you 'TAKE' from every corpse you make. Now, when you are in the Graveyard, you can swing through the fence to kill and search skeletons, ogres and goblins what a cheapie. Do this until you build some real stats around bravery. It seems dull but it will help a lot down the road. Here's a few other cheapies I found.

When punks are attacking you, try 'GIVE' gold - it'll jack up your kindness. In fact, give gold to everybody. Use the sword as your primary weapon; as the game progresses, your killing range increases.

Don't bother searching dead guys with bows, all you find is arrows. Of course, you'll want to explore a lot of the castles yourself. Let me first say that the only places to get food most important are the inns small squares on mapTambry, and in the two bottom-left-most buildings in Marheim, besides the castle. First thing you want to do, after tooling around the graveyard, is head to either the Watchtower or Turtle Point.

At either place you can get the seashell. Once you do, you're set for water travel for the rest of the game. Next, you want to start accumulating gold statues. An easy one is on the Isle Of Sorcery. Find the Crystal Palace, use a blue key to get in and talk to the Fairy tail adventure walkthrough. After you get the statue, keep 'TALKing' to her - she will increase your luck to about Call your turtle and sail north - the next easy statue is in the castle at Seahold. Remember your white key! Your next visit should be the cave in the Mountains Of Frost. Follow the tunnel north from the 1st forked intersection, use a gold ring you should have plenty by now to immobilize the dragon, and proceed to the stone corridors.

Map these out! Get it and get out.

Faery tale adventure 2 - halls of the dead (e)

Next, you will need to kill the witch. She is in Grimwood. You must use many Bird Totems to map Grimwood. You will find 3 distinct sections - a southwesterly section uselessa main section, and an inaccessible section up north surrounding the witch's castle.

Enter the main section with the most northwesterly of 3 entrances to Grimwood it's on the West edge. While in the main section, follow the trail up north past the small keep in the southeast corner of Grimwood.

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It will lead to a dead end in which you will find a gold statue. Then, go back and get as close to the witch's section of Grimwood. With a bird totem, you will see a cave entrance gray spot on map in the witch's section. Almost due south, in your section at a dead end, you will see a black gap in the woods leading underground shows as a very small black rectangle when you use totem. Go in. You will be underground. Follow trail north through large chamber, then take the west branch of forked intersection.

You will find another forked intersection, this time go south. You will exit into the witch's section. Follow maze to her castle, 'USE' magic wand before entering. Zap her a few times and she's history. Pick up the golden lasso she dropped. Get out of Grimwood. Next, get set for air travel. Head for Swan Island. Just touch the swan to mount it and fly.

By the way, if you save your game, and the swan isn't where you left it, don't worry, just walk off for a few screens, then come back, it'll reappear buggy pgm, huh? Just for fun, you can go to a temple that's about yards due northwest of the tower and get a Sun Stone I'm not sure that you need it. Anyway, land on top the tower, take the stairs, touch princess to rescue her. You will appear in Marheim, when you exit the Kings Castle, go straight to the priest due east of the castle entrance.

Use grey key to enter building.

Faery tale adventure, the - hints

Take your 4th gold statue. Next stop, the Tombs Of Hemsath. To get to the good stuff, take the first two right turns down the corridors. You should come to a loooong path heading south. Take the first turn to the east, you will come to a stone maze with tons of gold doors. Even I didn't bother mapping the whole thing, but I offer these hints. Take the first gold door north, and use your ORB to find secret doors!

Faery tale adventure, the - hints

The 5th gold statue is in an octagonal room to the northeast, while to the southeast you will come to another stone corridor leading eventually to an alter which has a bone on it. If you took the bone, go the the crypt in the graveyard at midnight and give it to the wraith-lord. He will give you a crystal shard. If you got all 5 statues, go to the hidden city of Azal. In one of the rooms you will find a rose. Don't worry about the lava, you'll probably be able to walk over it I was.

Enter the Citadel. Once in, enter the astral plane.

Faery tale adventure, the - hints

This will probably freak you out. Careful of the silvery tiles - they're slippery. Don't fall off.

Once in, you will go north, then the path turns east. There will be a south turn off, ignore it. You will go south a while, then turn east into a large slippery square surface. The path continues from the northeast corner of it. Follow it east, north, then west. Ignore another south turn-off.

Follow path west, south, west, north, west. You will come to a large area of 'negative energy' - you'll know it because it blocks off the stars. Walk right up as close as you can, then try to walk backwards out of it. Since it is negative energy, you will continue forward into the void.

Within this void, you will find a large square of red tiles. Get out your wand - this is the home of the evil Necromancer! Kick his ass and he drops the talisman. Pick it up and you win, and feel like kicking someone's teeth in after you spend 2 weeks of your life to solve another huge adventure only to get a lame title screen at the end