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Fainting fetish

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I have always fainted very easily, sometimes just standing up to quickly will cause me to have a fainting spell. My secret is that i secretly really enjoy fainting, especially in a sexual context. This is just another dumb chick moaning "ugh i wanna be raped" with extra steps.

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Watching a scene in the film The Piano Teacherdirected by Michael Haneke, I suddenly felt hot and clammy, dizzy, nauseous. A cold sweat set my skin tingling.


I knew I was going to faint. The scene which caused me to faint involved the depiction of female genital self-mutilation.

The eponymous piano teacher, played by Isabelle Hupert, is a cold and controlling middle-aged woman living in a claustrophobic love-hate relationship with her querulous mother. In contrast to the probity of her professional life, teaching at the conservatory, she has a secret life of solitary sexual perversion which she conducts with the same precise control that she applies to her teaching.

Fainting fetish

In the scene in question she is in the bathroom at home. Her mother is about to call her for dinner. Naked, she unwraps a razor blade from a cloth, steps into the bath and sits on the rim of the bathtub.

The image is shot in profile so the audience do not actually see anything gruesome apart from the small trickle of blood. Why should this cause me such alarm? It cannot be the blood — anyone who watches hospital dramas on T. Similarly we are regularly shown lurid images of scalpels cutting into naked flesh.

For : fainting fetish

Neither of these images make me feel giddy and nauseous. Someone said that my reaction was like that of a torture victim.

Some small incident in the present triggers a violent physical reaction because it is reinforced from the past experience. Freud would go along with this idea to a certain extent — it was the basis for his early theory of hysteria — but he would add that the past experience may be completely forgotten and unconscious. So something about this scene reanimated a frightening experience from the past. What might that be?

Given the theme of genital mutilation you will not fainting fetish surprised if I say that it is the experience of castration anxiety that must have risen from the unconscious to overwhelm me that day. I pointed out that the penis was an object of intense interest for little boys, and it accrued meanings and cathexes from many sources as development proceeds; as an object of pleasure, of self esteem, of potential sexual congress, and future potency.

Add to that the function of the phallus as a cultural symbol and is it any wonder that the way a boy deals with castration anxiety — the threat to that part of himself which seems so important — may have a determining effect on the direction of his development?

Fetishistic disorder

However the castration complex is also a constellation of beliefs; a theory about sexual difference and how it came about. Freud assumed that the awareness of sexual difference was not inborn but was acquired in the course of development. These are beliefs that carry an intense emotional charge for the. One of these beliefs is the idea that the mother has a penis.

Most people find this idea so unbelievable that they forego the simple expedient of asking children themselves. He sees it, for instance, in the widespread phenomenon of fetishism:. Now we see why this scene was so powerful.

It was not what it showed but what was hidden that effected the trauma. But out of nothing is conjured up the archaic memory of the mother-with-a-penis, and the horrifying castration that she was once thought to have suffered.

For : fainting fetish

This is the horror of the castration complex in all its unbelievable absurdity lying deep in the unconscious. Subscribe to comments Leave a Comment Trackback. Your is never published nor shared. .

Fainting fetish

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Recently I fainted at the cinema. SE 21 Now we see why this scene was so powerful. Then out of the blue it stirs from its slumber. Share This.

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Post-modern fainting fetish

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