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Discussion Reviews What can I say that has not been said before, the game is ass, the story is copy and paste, the English is as bad if not worse then that of a phone scammer, and the renders could be made on a gameboy. The game sucks ass. I've played some good Sandbox games before and I've played adult games on engines other than Ren'Py, but this game is both an unenjoyable Sandbox game that is on a different engine.

Bad combination.

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The very beginning shows a father that looks younger than the MC. Go figure. I used cheats to get all my stats, money, skills, female stats, and other stuff up and I still couldn't interact with other members of the house in a sexual manner.

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The game wanted me to talk to them first. So I went through a dozen "talk" menu choices that were boring and pointless, and I still couldn't do anything. It wasn't until later that I sat in my bed masturbating that I was able to unlock BJ scenes which sucked so bad that my dick remained limp even though my dick gets raging hard for most other games on the F95 website and I have a mountain pile of discarded tissues next to my bed.

The sandbox aspect of the game is bad. You pretty much wake up in the morning, go to the Kitchen and click "Talk to everyone" and then there is no dialogue it just says you talked to them.

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Then you click on random rooms and hope it causes a scene to take affect. Then it's bed time again.

Rinse and repeat. The game was so utterly boring and too f95zone ways of life grinding. I mean I don't mind some grinding, but I want adequate rewards. At the begin, you really think that the game has a story, a main plot. Renders are good, actually very good. But that's all, a extremely very slow advance, no more history content, the "game" consist to do exactly the same things over and over and over again with no logic, you will be boring. How is it possible for a game to be this bad?

I've been following this game pretty much since it was released onto this site, back before even the engine change. Back then it had potential, now its just a mess. Not to mention it barely makes sense most of the time. However the shitty animations plus engine problems make it way too hard to appreciate what does look good in this game. Speaking of, there are barely any animations to speak of, and most scenes that have sexual content are 3 image slideshows that you can repeat over and over again.

No clue why you would want to anyway, they are terrible to look at. Oh boy, here we go Absolute the worst engine I've ever played on, skip unity, skip rpg maker, this takes the cake. I don't know how they've done it, but they managed to take the worst aspect of an engine like Unity and turned the notch up to I don't even know what engine this is, but I do know I never wanna touch it ever again.

I remember at one point this engine would just crash, randomly, with seemingly no reason for why. Please, whatever you do, never use this engine. Its awful Now, that potential has been squandered with piss poor management of time and effort.

I haven't even talked about the devs scummy practices, but this game is so bad on its own that you don't need to. Don't play this game unless you want to give yourself a headache on purpose. Despite the batshit crazy stuff which is going on here, I'll mainly rate the game. The wording and language is really bad.

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Stopped after 30 minutes due to brainfreeze. So CG was seen by me more than enough. The quality is bad. So many times just blurry and mushy. Faces are just boring. No details added. Lighting and angles are meh as well.

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Devs are claiming, that they worked in a big gaming company and decided to part ways and get into adult gaming stuff. What have you done at the big game company? Coffee in the mornings? I saw some pretty solid VNM games, this one is a mess. UI is utter garbage. Some menus doesn't even have a back button. So if you just wanted to check what the menu is listing and don't want to change anything, the chances are high that you need to close the game.

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Game is also pretty slow and demanding. For 2d stuff ith still asks for GPU power.

Sometimes a menu is appearing at the pool are the circles which were introduced in BB and in other areas it is missing. Money is shown as energy, can buy stuff online but can't gamble due to insufficient funds?

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That's just a really bad BB clone with some additional scenes. Everything wrong with this thing. Not a game, just a mess. Engine is a resource hog. Game is very grindy for the small amount of content vs the game's download size. That's a chunk of my limited download cap wasted. Having to block the game from interwebz access makes me feel uneasy about computer security with this one Story 4. Well, that's because the game has so many faults The story: No humor, No intrigue nothing. For some reason I feel like I'm reading a short story wrote in year 7 because they wanted to be an author To conclude: In words I would rate the story as "Worse than J.

The renders are horrific! They even give the deformed girl from "Family Man" a run for their money! To conclude: In words I would rate the renders as: "Shit" Animations 3. There is just nothing to them!