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Erotic monster stories

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Mel tore out of the back door of the cabin, across the small overgrown lawn, and into the woods after her Labrador. He was barking furiously and running at full speed, deeper and deeper into the forest. She crossed her arms over her swollen, bouncing globes and stumbled on, calling out to the Labrador over and over. She ran for what felt like a very long time before she had to admit to herself that the dog was gone. Mel turned around in defeat, ready to head back to the cabin before it got dark. Roddy would come home, he always did, but she hated when he ran away like this.

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This is a relatively new but very popular niche in the world of adult literature. This category deals with erotic fiction featuring sexual encounters between humans and 'monsters'. From the traditionally Japanese sub-genre fetish of tentacle sex, to more contemporary styles involving dinosaurs, mermen, Bigfoot, werewolves, and so on, let your imagination fly and share your weirdest most quirky monster stories.

Jessica My alarm woke me up from a deep and peaceful sleep. Interrupting my dream about swimming through clouds that were water. I turned off my alarm and saw that my husband was not in bed. He must have woken up early and couldn't fall back asleep.

On days like that he would just get into work early.

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I get out of bed and stretch my back and arms by reaching to the sky and curving Read On. She hadn't been dating Philip long, just a couple of months. He was one of those typical jock types, the kind she usually loathed but something about him seemed different. The following are excerpts from crew journals, mission logs, audio and video transcripts.

Short monster sex stories – milked by bigfoot

An expedited rescue mission has been scheduled. Ashley The light shining in from my window finally pulled me from my slumber as I groggily rolled over to avoid the harsh light. I glanced at my clock through barely open eyes and saw that it was already am. I was so late for work it wasn't even funny, but for some reason, I wasn't too concerned.

I reached for where my phone should be charging on my nightstand but it was not there. Parent groups demanded it be banned for its excessive gore and sexuality. People online said it was an extremely good homage to eighties horror.

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The eighteen-year-old Tyra Bird was dying to watch it. Tyra was five feet tall, had cobalt eyes, shoulder-length caramel hair The fleshy and phallic appendages had ripped open the door easily enough.

Monster sex

Ruby saw with her own eyes the petite blonde chained naked to the floor, the hybrid's mind now controlling the cocks fucking every hole. My heels tapped under the desk, fidgeting uncomfortably, my pussy squirming with desire as I waited for the creature to begin our morning routine.

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I could barely look at the girl, pale and jittering, like a lost baby-faced lamb as she filled out the forms with trembling hands. The tentacle pushed up inside of me, twirling around, bringing me right unto the cusp of climax before bringing me back down, slowing and easing, all so that the pain could start again. It had been days… Already I hated how much I wanted We are these entities, slipping, grinding, groveling, each dominated by the other, down and down until the lowest worships at the feet of everything that might be called existence.

‘monster’ stories

We drain, suck, and savor, punishing and pushing each other into greatness, into the one. Dagoth the Defiler. Incarnate and eternal.

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The strongest perched atop a pyramid extending across The opaque waters were calm, so still that they reflected the Milky Way back upon itself. Millions and millions of stars conspiring to shape the twinkling Emu that sparkled on the surface of this remote desert billabong. The creator spirit soared overhead, her image rendered small enough to catch my downcast eyes. Through the night air, just heard, came the haunting notes of a The steam was getting to me, the hot water rising up through every pore, as though the mushrooms were cooking inside of my mind.

Beneath the water in the whirlpool, I thought I sensed something.

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It curled around my leg, jolting me up and away from its hard and glassy The sphere slid inside of me, gyrating and whirring, pounding against my pussy as Kent spoke, oblivious to what had happened. That purple imitation, just a little larger than a real grape, had traveled down my thumb, following down my skin as though attached magnetically.

Short monster sex stories – milked by bigfoot

It tickled, ridged, yet glass-like, astonishing me with how All of my girlfriends, Meredith, Sarah, and Kinsey were waiting expectantly for me to take off my sundress. They were already naked, laying out towels on the large standing rocks before Lake Travis. The thing was inside of her head.

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And around her legs. It never spoke.

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The physic commands were nothing like the movies, where an ominous voice whispers suggestively in the back of her head. Images and ideas came through the alien-like unsummoned, unwanted thoughts. But it Stan starts to lose control of himself while he takes the most expensive shower of his life! The growing beast inside him took more hold of him with every shock of pleasure, driving him to higher and higher heights of ecstasy and need.

The lust, the desire, flooded his mind. It pushed away all concern for his changing body or how he had come Her freshman year of college had sucked in about every way possible with the exception of she had passed all of her classes, and gotten the of credit hours she needed for both semesters. She was heading for a girl's weekend with Sherry and Janice. Jessica My alarm's piercing mechanical ring pulled me from my sleep with a startle. I sat up in bed, hitting the alarm clock to silence the intruder into my dreams and sleep.

I could feel my husband, Thomas, roll slightly muttering 'Jessica' before likely falling right back asleep. I never understood how he could just sleep through my alarms, but he always seemed to manage. I sat for Debbie dried dishes while singing, Onward Christian Soldiers, acapella with her mother.

‘monster’ stories

This filled her mother with pride and elicited a rare smile on a face which typically depicted lips that were pursed as if she had just been sucking on a lemon. Debbie's mother had been ever so proud when Debbie had ed the pledge committing herself to abstinence and chastity.

Even more so when she I remember waking up feeling refreshed.

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I listened intently through a groggy stupor. It was the birds, or rather, the lack thereof.

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They had stopped chirping abruptly. Something was nearby. I thought I could hear a conversation in the distance. Do you play with dolls? You want to see an example? Here, look, read, listen. Just visualize silly me in my upstairs bedroom playing with myself.

Monster erotica books

Here I go, talking to my dolls, my girls. How many times do I have to tell you, call me officer, not guard. Now, wash By all s it seemed like a normal day, if not a lazy one.

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I was up on the balcony with Enko and Helasia enjoying good times and conversation. The park was doing well, Helasia was off, and even Enko had found some time to take a break. Thinking back, it was a damn near perfect afternoon.