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Emmy trials in tainted space

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An energy weapons merchant working at a KihaCorp -affiliated shop at the D. Emmy dislikes the social stigma of people who choose to undergo heavy cosmetic gene-modding that she refuses to own up to any evidence that may clue into her past life, the life before she decided to mod herself to the way she appears now. Due to a weapons embargo set by the truce on the planet, Emmy will be very reluctant to interact with natives of Myrellion or anyone who looks like the natives.

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Took me a day longer than originally planned to finish up the sex scene I needed. I started putting text to code last night, but it might wind up being Monday before we see the build with her, it being the weekend and all. It all depends on how much time I spend coding instead of hanging out with my girlfriend in the evenings and how tired I am from getting up at 6am to do family stuff. I miss having weekends with no responsibilities. It seems to run fine on chrome or decently up to date flash players.

At least to have the minimum conclusion to her sexy-stuff path. Expect a patch tomorrow with the Crystal Goo stuff. A patch where you can proper fuck Emmy should hit around the end of the week assuming i can write one more sex scene.

Fenoxo's blog

I just have to write a scene where Emmy fucks the PC for vags and butts, and blammo. Finally got her blowjob finished. Obviously flash players are being scoured from internet browsers across the world. What about linux bros? What about people that want to use the image pack? Geddy just dropped a big commit a few days ago with this:.

Some of the de decisions that make the game so wide-open for adding content and changing characters make for a LOT to rework. Now we have the intro back, and early indicators are promising that we will see Tavros and Mhenga soon. The creative wing of our little studio has hardly been idle. The new introduction dungeon is almost ready. All the rooms have their descriptions and interactive events written. And Adjatha? What are my plans for the week?

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Writing a sit-down dinner with Big T where you have to convince him to let you take his android daughter off-planet is going to be fun! Oh, and Anno?

Fenoxo's blog

Savin did give me permission to write a futanari expack. New Years Success! I meant to have this out to you guys at the start of the weekend, but circumstances and drama flare-ups at that pretty well. Still, progress is progress! Some of the typos and italic bleeds are ones I caught personally.

Po has a lucrative side business helping get off hyper-sized wangs! Lines by MrPinkcolors by Waru-Geli!

Emmy trials in tainted space comics

Imagepack version of the game available on Patreon and Subscribestar! CoC2 posted a backer update that I buried with this post! Check it out! As promised, another public update tonight with two fairly involved scenes. Builds this month will continue to be simultaneous and free, however, I am not forgetting my loyal Patreon supporters. Image Pack Here!

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Other image packs this month may remain backers-only. Anno petplay by Aspid Art. I guess this gives away which of my other characters I intend to make recruitable in time, but I have a lot of other things to tackle before jumping on Emmy or Gianna.

Emmy trials in tainted space hentai

Public patch coming Thursday. The milk bar completion will probably land in the backer patch following it. Kiyoko Post-Freedom content should be on the docket for next patch.

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The floofening continues apace! As always, you can back us at…. Good news, friendos!

First off, we had a two hour meeting last night to hammer on some of the details for the next story planet. Without giving too much away, the planet will be a tidally-locked cyberpunk dystopia with tech largely on-par with the rest of the UGC aside from lacking warp gate tech.

Both the rodent-eared thieves and Bianca were tremendous projects with a lot going on under the hood, yet here we are with both! What does all this mean?

The CoC2 one will be around mid-month. Proudly powered by WordPress. Blackoot de by Iceable Themes. I am at least 18 years old.

Trials in tainted space [v ]

Remember me. Search for:. Fenoxo's Blog.

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Art TiTS. Changelog TiTS. Cyclic dependencies makes pp very sad. A lot of energy is going in to keeping build times low enough to not get in the way of iteration of the UI and a lot of this revolves around careful isolation of different elements of the games code. The rebuild process is trying to start at the beginning of the game and work forward, using planets as a natural kind of border point between what should be converted and updated now and what can wait for another day — but this means dealing with some of the oldest and least organised code, back before we had a solid handle on a lot of the features we have today.

Squeaky hackjobs to get something working quickly, that we only later built proper systems around. A lot of the time spent so far has been focused on cleaning up the back of the house and make sure all of the individual little components that the content relies upon are ready to go so that work on the bigger components, like and combat can focus exclusively on those, and not needing to go rooting around in the guts to convert yet another character that some specific emmy trials in tainted space of a unique fight element relies upon.

A word on scale though; before the conversion process started, TiTS consisted of over a million lines of code and content. Rest assured, more is coming! Did you think the thirst was over? This presents three randomized blowjob scenes out of the total available which is only three for right now….

Fixed the milk bar status tooltips.

Trials in tainted space [v ]

Lots of typos fixed and tweaked. The combat tail can no longer strike flying targets. Art Changelog TiTS. I certainly want to work there….

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By Tobs. You can choose to take them back to Gwyn and the nursery or leave them with their mother. Sugo has a small quest you can do for him to unlock a new scene and some pretty princess pony dressup. Thanks to BubbleLord as always.

You can now rewind scenes, just like in TiTS. The current buffer is 5 s. Edit : Also another Sugo scene. Also questlog history. Art of Kinu swallowing some balls by Alder. Posts.