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I don't know exactly what she's squirting out of her pussy but the man on the receiving end is loving it. No matter how many people are spectating this shit.

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If that isn't the look of a girl that's said "i use dijon mustard as lubricant with neighbor's mailbox" at Thanksgiving dinner, you can slap my bag and call me Sally. Now flip her over - I don't think Lorenzo got enough syphilis during his first pump. Just what in the fucking Doogie Howser, M. I'd give him the big W for going the distance I'm all for testing boundaries, but caution should be advised if you want to attempt any of these yourself. Tip: When testing those Special Team plays you saw online, it's best to practice first.

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Not all porn sites are deed for the sole reason of getting you off.

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Wait, what? Well then, you are likely wondering, what other reason could there possibly be to create a porn site, if not to make people cum? Well, there are many reasons to make a porn site, not all of them have to do with you filling box after box of Kleenexes with your would-be baby batter.

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Some porn sites exist solely for shock and awe. You might have accidentally stumbled upon sites like these on one of your many solo thirst quests. I suppose there are probably people out there who do get off to this kind of shit. Gotta draw the line somewhere. So, at least as far as quasi-normal, mostly psychologically intact people are concerned, these sites exist to gross us the fuck out. Then there are porn sites that function mainly as a community hub.

These come in the form of forum sites. These sorts of sites are more for people to share their content with one another and to discuss it. There are also sites that function outside of the realms of shock or community. These sites are meant more to entertain. Often comical, the content on these sites are efukd com a mixed bag. Take a break from your very serious business of fapping to enjoy some of the rarer corners of the online porn world.

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Laugh Until You Cum. Cum Until You Efukd com Not 'haha-ridiculous' like a slab of society identifying as non-binary lesbian toaster strudel. Dude has zero reaction to strangers stuffing his girl like a Walmart ham, and here I am just waiting for David Attenborough's explanation as to why. Second of all, this should give you a good taste of the kind of stuff you will find on Efukt. Efukt is different. Although the main mission of Efukt seems to be to share and curate comical content, it is one of the rare porn humor sites that also actually has some pretty hot videos, even if they are funny.

So maybe it is unfair to say that Efukt is one of those sites that exist solely just to make you laugh.

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With a little bit of luck and some impeccable timingyou might even be able to cum and laugh at the same time on Efukt. Something Different Entirely From the moment you land on the homeyou can immediately tell that Efukt is not going to be your typical porn site. For starters, the banner features a drawing of an owl with a very realistic looking flaccid human penis over the crotch. Below the banner, you have something like a newsfeed.

Each post features a thumbnail of the content on the left, the title, description, of views it has received, the date it was posted, the username of the contributor who did the posting, and a tag. Click on a post and be brought to a new efukd com you can view the video, read the full description, and find other similar posts as nondescript thumbnails underneath. This is a really cool feature if you just want to find some random funny shit to share with your porn-addicted friends without actually having to do the work of digging for it.

A Fuck Ton of Content The site also has a menu bar that follows you around the entire site. Efukt is a huge fucking site with tons of entertaining shit to keep you occupied for hours.

If, however, on the off chance you do find yourself bored with Efukt, they provide a convenient list of links at the bottom of the home for you to check out. Looks efukd com they link to a bunch of different tube and aggregator sites and, again, theporndude. Another thing that I respect about Efukt is that, other than the links, I did not see a single ad the entire time I was on the site. Do you have any idea how rare it is to find a porn site that is not plastered corner to corner in ?

Needless to say, this is nearly unheard of. I mean, maybe you could consider their links to bebut the links are just hyperlinks, and they are out of the way from the actual content of the site. Really, I view these more as recommendations than advertisements.

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The Man Behind the Curtain All in all, Efukt is doing something not many others dare to do: point out the absurdity and sometimes inherent humor in the world of porn. It can be really easy to forget about the behind the scenes stuff that went on to bring us the porn we so frequently take for granted.

The fourth wall is so rarely broken in porn. How many gallons of cum would you say that bitch has swallowed in her lifetime? The answer is fifteen, in one sitting at least! Personally, I think that Efukt is a welcomed break from the monotony of porn, much of which just takes itself way too fucking seriously. Before everything gets edited and blended together to look all sexy and shit? Efukt strips away the music, the storylines, and the makeup to expose the absurd reality of it all. And the result is often pretty fucking funny. I also like that they often feature videos that are simultaneously funny and hot, that they seem to be staying clear of the disgusting, and that they have managed to do all this without the use of annoying, in your face advertising.

I will be coming back from time to time for a good laugh, though. Open eFukt. Funny content Active forum Well-edited videos Site de and organization Lack of Viewers discretion is advised Lack of fappability. Reddit Porn Memes. ImageFap Captions. Hentai Memes. Top Premium Porn Sites. Free Porn Tube Sites. Live Sex Cam Sites. Best Porn Efukd com.

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