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Dirty pen pals

I dress up professionally on the outside, yet I put on sexy red lingerie and stockings underneath and I head over to your place. From here, there are two choices.

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As a matter of fact, having a pen pal can be a lot of fun. We found an online community dedicated to people who are looking for a partner for dirty text exchanges. If you have a Reddit and a way with words you can it too, just be prepared to play naughty. To take part in the community and find your own dirty pen pal you must be 18 or older, and post or reply to posts with sexually explicit content. The etiquette is pretty strict in order to ensure a climate of politeness and respect for all members, so make sure you went through their requirements listed on the right bar.

Years old: I am 22
Nationality: I'm greek
Available to: I like guy
My hair: Scraggly hair
My body type: Quite thin
My hobbies: Painting
I have piercing: I have ear lobe piercing
My tattoo: None

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I like sloppy sex cum play, spit etcinto most things, try me. Just want someone to quench my sexual desires. I'm a huge football fan and I find it so hot watching my team lose and getting humiliated either by rival teams. I also love being mocked about how terrible and pathetic my team is and how much better yours is.

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The teams I support are Manchester United and England and I'd love to be humiliated for liking them especially by rival teams fans. I'd love you to tell me what a loser me and my team are and how much better and more superior you and your team are. It was a beautiful spring day. It had rained a few days before but the ground had dried up leaving a nice, cool day filled with sun peaking through the clouds. Naturally the park was full when I pulled up and opened up the back seat of my truck. My dog came bounding out and I was able to snag her leash before she ran straight for the chain link fence.

As always the only dogs pacing the fence came running to get a look at their new playmate.

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The little bay between outside and fence was where I took off her leash and she began to lap up the water to prepare herself for a nice long play session. I nodded to an older man that always brought his little chihuahua to the bigger dog side and shook his hand. This hot weather is nice but also a bit distracting. It is difficult passing by so many young women in hot pants, showing their gorgeous legs and bodies.

I would like to chat about how you feel when you notice an older man admiring your body. Or maybe you notice you are stared at by passing drivers. I would love to chat about how that makes you feel and if it turns you on.

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If it gets you wet, bonus points and top of the list. About me? I am open minded so you wont shock me. But I prefer some maturity so please be over I'm a young innocent 18 year-old, very shy, but extremely sweet with high hopes for the future. I happen to be your little niece or whatever.

I trust you, but my parents always found you a bit sketchy. You've been off the radar for quite a while. One day, you pick me up from school, without any notice. Saying, my parents asked you to bring me to the dentist. I had no reason to doubt your words, so i happily hop in your car, though i find it weird we just drove passed the dentist, and my house and eventually we are driving out of the city.

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When we are far enough, your tone towards me change, you start getting angrier, until the point of literally punching my face. It turns out you've sold your house and changed your name, just so you could kidnap me. I will get into the details later, but this is the basics. There will be a lot of gore and toiletplay and everything will be forced and non-con.

It starts obviously with you kidnapping me, beating me, smashing me, raping me and breaking my bones, forcing me to act like I love dirty pen pals and enjoy it. Having me giggle like a dumb slut and beg for more. When you fall asleep you tie my face shut, with my mouth around your balls and ass. Just be creative with it, come up with your own twisted punishments.

The bimbofication will be gory. Making my breast, ass and even lips massive. I recently lost a person very dear to me.

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I had gotten used to someone always being there. So with her being gone and all now, I find myself feeling very lonely. As such I could use some female companionship. Personally I just like to get know a new lady in my life, even if it's just as a friend.

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I miss having a lady to share everything with. Age doesn't matter much to me, though I'd say my ultimate cap would be at the 45 - 50 mark. And obviously the lowest I'd go is I have dyslexia so please don't judge the way of my spelling. Hopefully one of you lovely ladies sends me a chat. PM's are fine too, but chat is prefered. I would be considered skinny but I want to bulk up more and be more fit overall. Interests: I enjoy playing video games, I used to be really into anime for some time now but I occasionally watch a movie or two.

I love music, and I listen to nearly every genre.

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I guess the only exceptions would be metal. What I want:. Hot New Top Rising. Hot New Top. Posted by 3 hours ago. Posted by 21 minutes ago. My kik is kyz if anyone wants to chat about this. Posted by 5 hours ago. M4F The Dog Park. Posted by 18 hours ago. Maybe you know him and that makes you embarrassed but sexy? I prefer reddit chat so hoping to see it light up orange soon. Posted by 22 hours ago.

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Turn me into your perfect Barbie. Preferably It starts obviously with you kidnapping me, beating me, smashing me, raping me and breaking my bones, forcing me to act like I love you and enjoy it. Currently craving a Mistress, but men are still welcome too. Posted by 19 hours ago. Hello ladies, I recently lost a person very dear to me.

Thank you for reading. Posted by 20 hours ago. What I want: Someone sweet, caring, and gentle Soft, curvy, and cuddly!

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