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Die 4 glory walkthrough

But wait and see, maybe that will change! When it comes to the end, go have drinks and then get up and go to the bedroom and wake Olivia up. Go to the terrace and kiss her, this should unlock the scene.

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Return to Free sexy games. Die 4 glory by lessonofpassion Complete and totally free games the author can request a non-obligatory financial contribution in thanks or to help him to create new game. Post a reply. Die 4 glory by lessonofpassion by leonizer » Wed, 15Jan07 Hello everybody, We've just released a new game called "Die 4 glory" which is a mix of adventure and RPG elements - all spiced up with alluring sex scenes with hot beauties. Let us know if this kind of gameplay is appealing to you.

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Die 4 glory

The hero of this RPG is Drake. This guy lives in the world full of gnomes, elfs, walking skeletons, mages, etc. All his life he's been dreaming to become a cool guy who kills monsters and fucks princesses.

But it happened so that he's just a villager. Today you should help him to turn his life upside down! Game loading.

Die 4 glory

Hide this guide. Name: Register Your Comment:. Jonny The way to make money needs reform, i seriously dont want to click a thousand times on a laptop.

Derp The elf 'murdered' me. Atleast that's what it looked like.

Jamsey Red mark circle over ur door Move ur mouse cursor over top of ur apartment's door outside door Flute Asanthi will visit u once u mark the red circle. MrDickson Quiet nice game. Its possible to fuck all girl princess, elf and nun.

Just seek the devil seeds in the forrest find the coin in the tavern and give erwood his soup and you have the 3 coins for the lute. The spot is about a third of the way up her leg, and this will allow you to fill up the circle near her head! Bozand How to take a cross from the monastery?


ChalupaBatman Great game. Yeah Where do you touch the elf first?

SexyBaby94 Hey guys, check out my profile. FF thief? I can not found him. Reveal yourself on the second chance, and get the treasure from dark elf after curing the zombie to get the ending. Meh How the hell do you get past the part where Victoria says, "Drake please I'm so frustrated, dammit.

Die 4 glory walkthrough

Belgian The endings don't load with the Playforceone games. Anyone knows how to fix it?

Sage You can go to the original host and in the comments there is a complete walkthrough. You can play also the game in better resolution: pla yforc eon e. Sean M steps for the endings would help.

True Hyper Sonic When arousing the princess, touch her right bicep first. Then stroke the right side of her face. Last, stroke her right thigh. The sex scene will start after that. Angela69 Check my profile for a hot video.

Glod where are the mages of the game? Dildo Baggins I can't seem to get any of the pre-sex scenes to work.


Sweta Check my profile for a new porn game. Quicksilver First?

I guess not this time.