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Daughter incest stories

The First Time With Hayley "Stop Daddy you're not supposed to touch me down there," Hayley cried, trying to fend of my advances, tugging at my hand as I was trying to pull her pajamas bottoms down. You want Daddy to be happy don't you sugar? You love me don't you?

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Punishing a Bad Girl Category: Incest. Total 0 votes. Lynette went about her cleaning, but her mind wasn't really into it. She'd had another argument with her husband about money, and it was getting old. What did he expect, she was working three jobs. The only reason they had any money at all was because of her dad.

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The First Time With Hayley "Stop Daddy you're not supposed to touch me down there," Hayley cried, trying to fend of my advances, tugging at my hand as I was trying to pull her pajamas bottoms down. You want Daddy to be happy don't you sugar? You love me don't you? Just trust me honey, can you do that? Can you do that for Daddy? She wanted her daddy to be happy and to love her. I eased her pajama bottoms down and off her legs, only her blue cotton panties remained to hide her nakedness as I had already removed her top with little resistance, her small breasts standing proud.

I trembled at the thought that I was about to see my twelve year old daughter's pussy, an act so illicit but so exciting, something I had been dreaming about since my daughter started puberty, her body developing in many exciting ways. When Hayley reached ten years of age I started to notice changes to her body, little breast buds, her bum getting a little more rounder. She was slowly losing that boyish figure and as her breasts got larger and her slim waist emphasized the flare of her hips, I started to have sexual feelings toward her that, despite my attempts, wouldn't go away.

My sexual frustration at not having the will to do anything about is was frustrating to say the least, and no amount of alternatives slaked my passion for my daughter, not even ejaculating into her soiled panties. The only thing that came close daughter incest stories looking at photos of naked pre-teen girls in provocative and very erotic poses that I managed to get from a guy I met in a chat room, risky I know but I needed another fix.

After a couple of months of jacking off as I looked at the naked girls it no longer gave me the thrill I needed so it was back to my daughter to provide my sordid incestuous relief. My wife was out of town for three days on a business trip so we wouldn't be disturbed.

I'm going to take your panties off now sweetie," I told her. I slowly slipped my daughter's panties off, she lifted her little bum to allow me to pull them down and off her legs. I gasped as I saw her plump pudendum with a smattering of blond hairs, fleshy labia, a closed slit that disappeared between her cheeks squashed together by the mattress, a small indent at the top. I opened her legs, her plump outer labia parted revealing the bright pink inside, small, still developing inner labia and a dark shadow, the tiny entrance to her vagina, alluring, drawing me in.

The first time with hayley (dad,daughter,incest,fantasies,lit)

As I touched the entrance to her silky virginal tunnel, I found wetness, was my little girl wet with arousal? I pushed my tongue past her partial hymen and into her vagina, eliciting a small gasp from her lips. My tongue wet with my baby's juices found her little clit and she moaned as I licked around it. I looked up over her plump mons, over the swells of her pubescent breasts at her closed eyes, her nostrils flaring as she breathed out, her brow furrowed from concentration on the feelings coursing through her twelve year old body.

Was my little girl going to have an orgasm, surely it wouldn't be her first.

I imagined that I was giving my Hayley, my twelve year old daughter her first orgasm and it excited me. I wanted her to cum for me, to cum for her Daddy. My cock strained inside my pants demanding relief, so I unbuckled my belt, unzipped my pants and pushed them down to my knees. I did the same with my boxers, freeing my erection to the cool air of my daughter's bedroom, letting it rest against the bed. Hayley was starting to writhe on her bed, little hands grabbing balls of linen sheets.

Sleeping daughter - incest stories(milf) - chapter 51 by addictz full book limited free

She hung on as her orgasm started to overtake her, I could feel the tremors in her body, the little spasms that caused her bum to jerk. She was close, so close and I trembled with anticipation.

What would an twelve year old girl's orgasm be like. Would it be quiet? I pushed two fingers into her moist dark tunnel, feeling her clench her pussy around them. Slowly I pushed them in and out, in and out as I licked her clitoris.

My God, I was finger fucking my baby girl, I actually had my fingers inside my daughter's tight little pussy. She started automatically bucking my hand with her pussy, getting more aggressive as she climaxed, her little body shaking uncontrollably, gripping my head with her thighs.

My baby was having an orgasm and I was giving it to her, my little girl, my Hayley. It was too much and I couldn't stop myself, as I spurted string after string of cum onto her legs, oh so much bliss I almost blacked out from the intensity of my orgasm. When I was done, spent, empty, her leg and the mattress sheet were covered with my white semen. I collapsed on her, feeling the little aftershocks of her orgasm, my hot breath on her tummy, my hand cupping her breast.

As I recovered I felt a little hand running though my hair.

I lifted my head and looked at her, her face seemed to glow with a radiance of euphoria. What happened to me? I lost control, it felt like I wanted to pee.


Is that what the mess is Daddy, did I pee? You know what an orgasm is don't you sweetie? Did you like it? Can you promise me that? Her eyes got big and her mouth fell open as she stared at it.

Will we have real sex? C'mon honey, let's get you cleaned up. sociální síť pro dospělé

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I fucked my daughter at bath-time My wife went off with another man when my daughter, Natasja, was eight years old. She was a beautiful girl with waist-length hair. Bath-time resulted in me introducing my daughter to sexual intercourse. I never had a sex session like this.

Sometimes the truth can appear very distorted Why did it have to rain today-the day of all days??? The coldness and wind was bearable but not the rain. This meant a change of clothes and shoes not to mention being late. Well if this was nature's cruel way, so be it. Just as she was contempla. My slutty secretary It happened again, I woke up naked in my bed my leg draped over my husbands leg, my juices running down my leg and onto his.

This was the second night in a row I had awoken from a dream with me being tied up, and him drilling his swollen cock into an. We are competing with peti, but we have a little concentrated peach in his mug, and it was just wine.