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Darklust tomb raider

The border of Tomb fan edit 23 min. The Capture Of Tomb Raider 14 min. Slave Confined in a Cage 9 min.

black women Alia

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My age: 22
What is my gender: I am woman
What is the color of my hair: Red
What is my body features: My figure features is quite skinny
What I like to drink: Whisky
In my spare time I love: Surfing the net
Body piercings: None

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New posts. Forums Discussion General Discussions. Darklust The Borders of the Tomb Raider fatal end. Thread starter morphisiusz Start date Dec 9, Status Not open for further replies. Dec 19, 91 Everything you can find now. Last edited: Feb 12, Reactions: blackantrusdudeTzios and 16 others.

Avaron Devoted Member. Aug 22, 17, 53, I've seen the breeder and escape endings. Reactions: Canto Forte. DrackDrap Active Member. Aug 13, 3, Where can one watch the other endings? For science of course.

Reactions: LockheartSkyrima3Deleted member and 1 other person. Dec 17, 1 0.

Is it the last ending? I suppose older ones were the two mentioned. I guess this one is too brutal but it's cool to have it so we know the extreme. I still liked when she was gangbanged by all the minions in the first version. Some nice shots. Darklust tomb raider New Member. Jul 13, 6 0. I love u man. Have been looking for this everywhere. This fatal-end version that is available is only one of 3 versions, next Part 1 will be remastered. Vasiliyyyyyyy New Member. Jan 18, 1 8. It would be cool to see the 4th part. She lives in the cave with these monsters and give birth to their ugly babies they have some human looks, and that makes them even uglier.

Every time she gets knocked up with 5 or 6 ugly bastards and she hates them, but has to pretend that she loves them in order not to make their fathers angry. Monsters fuck and hit her during the pregnancy. The viewers must see the drama - how she gives birth, feed, nurse her nasty offspring with her tits and how she suffers from it. It would be fun to see her giving birth 3 or 4 times. And after each time, the monsters gangbanged her again ang make her pregnant again, non stop.

She tries to escape, but gets cought up due to her huge belly an big tits full of milk.

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In the end we see her surrounded by 50 ugly children. I ask the developers to reflect more mental, rather than physical violence. She got to become slave monster breeder. Reactions: Zoxmunshi69Stealthkiller and 5 others. Dec 22, Mistermisteru New Member. Feb 11, 1 0. Avaron said:. John New Member.

Apr 4, 1 0. John said:. Reactions: TwisttyCutiepie3Deleted member and 1 other person. Joe Active Member. Jun 1, Now we wait for the 4th and last version.

Darkest fatal ultimate end short clips. Still in progress. The problem is darklust is so lazy. Another 5 months maybe in end of October release. You must be registered to see the links. Last edited: May 16, Reactions: Kokabiel65tbottrlinkqwerty and 4 others.

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Undercover Newbie. May 2, 55 Mormont Devoted Member. Nov 30, 11, 52, Undercover said:. Reactions: Canto Forte and DrackDrap. Jul 29, Reactions: Fighterin69SpartanAlienAnal and 4 others. Reactions: 69Spartan and Cutiepie3.

View attachment View attachment View attachment View attachment Reactions: Cutiepie3. I don't have any new things either. He's been on a three-week vacation lately. He's having trouble rendering things.

He works alone that's why it takes him so long. He is also strongly sensitized to any leaks and punishment with all severity ban patreons. Well, as far as I know, release date for patreons Fatal End of December hypothetically. The rest have to wait until May next year. Reactions: Longvo Show hidden low quality content. Top Bottom.