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College life walkthrough

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Introducton 2. Main quests 3.

Side quests 4. Kara s events 5. Jane s events 6.

Joan s events 7. Jessica s events 8.

Elisabeth s events 9. This secton provides decent understanding how the navigaton in this document wors. All hyperlins should wor at your internet browser just drag and drop the fle into empty tab in your browser if the lins doesn t wor in your regular pdf reader. Please read this secton. It will help you navigate the walkthrough. All events and quests walthroughs shows all possible optons.

Each alignment represents group of choices you have. You have to choose only the green optons when available to have the best outcome. The red optons may lead to abrupt game ending if you select the right combinaton of optons.

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The orange optons mean their outcome depends on the path you ve taen. So if you follow the green path it s lie any other green opton. Writng them in the walthrough maes the it that much harder to navigate. The non-colored optons and combinaton with the colored ones le to difrent outcomes, thus the whole grey array of optons is impossible to track correctly.

This walkthrough doesn t follow any combinaton with non-colored optons, they are writen down only to show you the optons you have. Afer that the path returns to it s tracs or is followed by another group of optons with small font size. Just tal to her - My name is - Excuse me - go to part 2 - You didn t tell me - go to part 2 - What is Part 4 in the corridor this part plays out very diferently, if you haven t followed the green path. This guide will only show you the optons that are available, if you did. This quest can be done solo or with Jane.

Follow the respectve variaton Tour with Jane of your relatonship points get too low, she ll leave you to walk alone Notce: Jane will leave you alone if Jane s friendship gets under 2 points. College life walkthrough - A litle bit - Than you headmster - Wow - Male bath too far - side quest Regular User is actvated - Use female one - don t now - No - go to Headmaster s handjob part if all green choices selected - Can leave?

What s up? Optons following one path will be highlighted by green color and second path will be highlighted by blue color. of selected green optons will efect length of the scene at the apartment - He?

Lie you!

Second massage lesson fnished you can choose, what massage to repeat at infrmary Third massage lesson, part 1 Dinner Conclusion fnished massage skill: Decent masseur -go to infrmary and as about the next lesson - You beter believe it. Confdence: Self-conscious -if confdence level is shy then the second opton is selected automatcally -Try something diferent le to completng this quest won t be fnished otherwise -Repeat twice in a row for the licing animaton -Stc with the classics if selected next tme you can choose again otherwise the frst opton is piced automatcally -Repeat twice in a row for the fucing animaton -Cum inside -Pull out more images so - Great!

Gathering items - go to your room and use PC - buy picnic set and preferred sundress -retreave bought items next day at the dormitory recepton -go to main hall bar for food -set a place for picnic spot right under the dormitory GIving the dress Kara s room; Mon-Fri -Give the dress -Don t give the dress - event college life walkthrough try another day both dressess bought -Loo at opton one -This one wins - you ofer Kara Coton Sundress -Let me thin -Loo at opton two -This one wins - you ofer Kara Sily Jute Sundress -Let me thin - Do you remember the tal - just want to give you something.

Joan s conversaton topic Part 1 -go to the glowing area at the Downtown map - Hello. Reward: mproved iss on chee - No lied it. Part 2 at Joan s room If you Joan won t accept your gif, you can go back to boutque to return it and try diferent piece, unless you fail the quest completely.

She will accept only the red variant, if this is your second atempt, also decisions are litle bit diferent. Voyeurism unloced -Loo inside instant game over -Wait a moment -Don t loo - if you gave her the pink one and you don t follow Joan s blue path, she returns it to you and event ends here.

Note 2: The best day to do this quest is Friday Note 3: Go to the locatons in the same order as they re writen in this guide Part 1 obtaining the quest -go to Joan at the bench and tal to her if you have taled to her there before she ll remind you that you ve mentoned to show her around the campus - Are you ready to see the campus?

Part 2 The library -if Kara is in the library you ll get the opton to tal to her otherwise this part ends - Hey Kara! We should move on.

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Part 2 - feel so good around you Part 5 - So what you want to do? Part 2 -now you re missing at least one relatonship points so do anything you want to get bac to 30 points. When Kara s Lessons is actve and Sunny Day is fnished 3 rd casual selfe when Kara s restng at the picnic spot event Just Reading 2 is actve 1 st sexy selfe when Kara s in her room and Rest on bed is actve. First Nudity has to be fnished 2 nd sexy selfe -same as 1 st sexy selfe 1 st nude selfe lie for the 3 rd casual but you college life walkthrough to be lovers too.

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For questions 1 5, match the correct letter A H. You do not have to pay extra. Katie Hileman Two guys are sitting in a bedroom on the floor listening to music. One guy is packing a bowl.

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The other watches patiently. They are best friends, this is a ritual. There are empty beer bottles and ashtrays with cigarettes on the table. What do you think of when you hear the word love?

There s nothing to do, as if their boredom was somehow my fault I ll respond with something. Lesson Plan for Teaching: Give Respect 1. Concept Expectation E Give Respect 2. I was lonely at first in the East. But I felt that this was the real beginning of my life.

I walked in the fresh air.

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I bought books. I worked hard. All other rights reserved.

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