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sweet women Harlee

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How old am I: 19
Ethnicity: Cambodian
What is my Zodiac sign: Sagittarius

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A big thank you to Danni! Photography: Senpai Studios. Want to learn how to cosplay? Check out the rest of my channel! New tutorial videos every Monday and Thursday with extra bonus content sprinkled throughout the week!

I would be eternally grateful for your support! Smokey Quartz Cosplay: Me - onlymeemy.

Hello and Welcome! I'm Celi!

This blog is dedicated to cosplays that I've created and inspiration. Ask Me. REBLOG Posted 4 years ago With 26 notes tags: cosplay advice i'm still here cospaly blog Cosplay Tutorial advice for life because adult hood steals your love and time for hobbies.

REBLOG Posted 4 years ago With notes tags: CNHalloweenContest cartoon network steven universe cosplay rose quartz cosplay happy halloween Rebecca Sugar gah i really love these photos and I can't wait to wear this cosplay again sometimes soon Still re-doing my wig for ultimate poof. REBLOG Posted 4 years ago With 0 notes tags: buy me a coffee sponsership ko-fi al boost cosplayer of tumblr this will go toward my printing jobs for school and buying actual coffee for those late nights and saving to buy supplies for cosplay as well and if there is enough support I'll go back to makeing tutorials and maybe video ones for those step by step if you'd like.