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Chemical subservience

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white latina Aviana

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The games follows a young student just before his first day at university.

Years old: 25
What is my ethnicity: I'm chinese
My sex: Girl
What is my hair: Auburn
I speak: I know English and Chinese
What is my Zodiac sign: Pisces
What is my favourite music: Easy listening
Other hobbies: Dancing

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Chemical subservience pc game overview

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Forums Adult Games Games. Discussion Reviews 4. Prev 1 … Go to. Go to. First Prev 8 of 19 Go to. Game Developer. Jan 31, 4, 30, Any fix on the bug? I am still getting stuck from leaving after serving table 8. SuperMaxo Active Member.

Nov 3, CulayTL said:. Start a new game maybe. Just played this one and the only bug i found was with the bus after i finished the event inside the bus.

I ll try to update the WT on future updates if we ll get ones and if the story stays cool, for now I liked it, not really a fan of futa but at least he gave the choice, kinda. There are some typos and English it's not my 1st language but I guess it's good enough for now. Jeepster Active Member.

Apr 17, I saved before changing cloths. It worked Edit -- Try his new up load i think he fixed it in that. Mar 8, 18 2. Did the 'null' width problem solved toilets at home after waitress job or not?

No reason to play it without animated scenes. Apr 29, Did the 'null' width problem solved Apr 28, I keep getting this error right after she sees Riley at the gloryhole and she is going to stick 2 fingers in her pussy: Error Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'width' of null Can i skip this event and still play through the walk through? Jun 6, BruceLee73 Active Member.

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Apr 22, I got to say I find this game brilliant and I cant wait to see the next version s! Great work there, keep it up!!! Also I had my first run without any bugs! NeonStriker New Member.

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Jan 3, 7 0. Hey i get always "cannot read property 'width' of null Error in the Gloryhole scene, is there any way to fix this? NeonStriker said:. Oct 17, Nice game! I have a question tho HOW can I hide the text?

Chemical subservience free download

Sometimes I really would like to be able to hide it because some images are nice but I don't know how to hide the text Reactions: Heisemberg. Anyone got any information on when to expect the next update? Apr 2, 1, Reactions: razielz. Oct 17, 58 Pasti Newbie.

Jan 15, 16 4. Highly expectant for new content.

Patsy Newbie. Feb 10, 59 How long till next update?

I dont have actual information but what I observed makes me think this is dead. On the patreon of this game the last response that I can find of the author was about a month ago. Since then there was nothing.

I HOPE he is just so deep into developing he cant check the but if I speak more realistic I think the man stopped or paused this project. Again, thats just my conclusion based on the little that I can "see" happening atm.

I hope I m wrong caus this was good Show hidden low quality content.

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