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I would suggest you stray from following me if you don't like: - Supernatural!

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Age: 28
My sexual identity: Male
Iris tone: I’ve got brilliant blue eyes but I use colored contact lenses
My hair: Ash-blond
My body features: I'm plump
What I like to listen: Folk
Tattoo: None
Smoker: Yes

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Take care of yourself and your body, friends! Start with hands up, fingers stretched out.

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Stretch your thumb as far as you can over your palm. Hold and repeat 4 times. Start with a fist. Open half way, hold for 2 seconds. Stretch fingers out, hold for 2 seconds.

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Repeat 4 times. Start with one arm out, palm up.

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Pull your fingers back with your other hand. Hold for 10 seconds. Do the same with your other hand. Start with arms up, palms out.

Bend wrists down until you feel the stretch, but keep your fingers loose. Hold 10 seconds. Bend wrist upwards, until you feel it in your wrist and arm. There are a lot of really dog shit things in the world of tech that can be solved with a bit of time, some stubborn googling and maybe some special hardware and piracy is only the tip of the iceberg.

Or, like, repairing your own technology. I even got a choice of matte or glossy. My point is, any walls that capitalist technology presents you with will be a false one. And one already broken by a dedicated community of interesting people working hard for free to break down that wall. Cannibal tumblr are plenty of torrent sites around, more than there were 10 years ago — although overall traffic has plummeted. Some countries, not all not north America, for examplenow mandate ISP blocking of torrent sites, but this new complication can be bypassed with one 1 step: a google duckduckgo search for proxies.

Are you shitting me? Have cannibal tumblr lot forgotten that the legal departments of MPAA and RIAA sued torrent sharers not even ers and asked for millions of dollars for damages? It was a deeply amoral and cynical scare tactic. Well they stopped doing that at some point, and focused on hunting P2P and torrent sites.

Running a site is certainly less safe today. Using one, though? Safety of course depends on the country, and in some cases piracy is the least of your concerns. IRC the sharing channels in particular, bookz and the like still exists.


Torrenting functions like it always did. All these methods are exactly as easy to use as before, i. Now, as long as someone has set up kodi or similar, grandpa can watch it on his tv and it just feels like cable. Ergo, they never did.

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To summarise, internet piracy is NOT more difficult, unreliable, and unsafe today than it was 10 or 20 years ago. For reasons why people young or otherwise seem less versed in it, please look elsewhere. ARE people less versed in piracy? Are they really? Basically everything you could ever want starting out. Crab has been around for longer. My anthro professor has three forbidden words for his essays: problematic, interesting, and large. TIL that Apple has a patent for a round pizza box and has been using these boxes in their Campus cafeteria for years.

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Let alone the refrigerator? But apple now owns the exclusive rights to anything in consumer tech as far as LM is concerned. So what does Apple use it for? Has user ratings on games.

Cons: slow download speeds. Very well organized and sorted by console region. Bonus ability to generate QR codes to scan with homebrew to begin download directly on your console.

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Fitgirl repacks : Heavily compressed PC games, and other various consoles. Small downlo and faster speeds for the size of the games. Somewhat limited game selection. Steam unlocked : Steam games with easy-to-use installers.

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Steam Underground : A user forum for piracy support, usually about installing cracked games. Does have some scattered PC game downlo. Google doc of Skyrim SE creation club content. Amiibo life: Amiibo bins, can be loaded with some homebrew to load in cannibal tumblr without any external source, or, if you buy writable NFC cards, you can make your own free amiibos. Books: Library Genesis : a good all-in-one ebook finder. Has books, magazines, scientific papers, ect.

Well organized and able to sort by Author, Genre, ect ect. Almost all books in. Good for sorting your books. Sci-Hub: Research papers, academic books, pdfs, ect.

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Helpful for collage students. IT ebook: eBooks about learning programming languages.

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Booksonic : Audiobook streaming. Books on learning various languages. Mangadex: Manga, Doujinshi. Hepace sleep audio. Various books and manuals. Streaming: ustvgo: Free streaming of live tv, has most US cable tv channels. Other: the eye: An archive of old roms, OS systems, roms non nintendocomics, books, ect, ect. Cons: No search function and slightly hard to navigate.

ThePirateBay: The classic. Recorded broadway musicals. Verying quality. October 15th Strike.